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Kim Hastreiter: 10 Things That Inspired Me in 2012

1) Mission Chinese kung pao pastrami [Image via Yelp]

2) My H&M Margiela silver candy-wrapper bag [Image via High Snobette]

3) Playing "White Christmas" on the glockenspiel at Carnegie Hall this month with Pink Martini.

4) My three-year-old Dandie Dinmont terrier "Sweetie," whom I rescued last April.

5) Andy Cohen and his Bravo TV insanity especially Reza on Shahs of Sunset, Phaedra on Real Housewives of Atlanta and Martyn on Million-Dollar Decorators. [photo by Kevin Tachman]

6) The hi-tech L.E.D. flickering "candle" called "My New Flame" that designer Ingo Maurer gave me for my birthday (a colab by Maurer and Moritz Waldmeyer)

7) Joe Biden's balls when he spoke his mind and shamed the president into supporting marriage equality. I wish he'd do the same thing now to the president about addressing gun regulation.

8) The incredible Louis Vuitton escalator finale in Paris last Fall. [Photo © Catwalkpictures.com]

9) The extraordinary Barry McGee retrospective installation at the Berkeley Art Museum. [Photo by Sibila Savage]

10) The Humphry Slocombe ice cream booth at the crazy PAPER Super(Duper)Market I curated this past summer. My favorite flavors: Jesus Juice (red wine and Coca-Cola) and Secret Breakfast (corn flakes and rum).

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