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Forget Lindsay and Megan: Our Short List For the Liz Taylor Biopic

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With recent news that Megan Fox may now be in contention for the coveted lead role in the Liz Taylor biopic (look out Lindsay!), our brains have gone into overdrive imagining what other starlets could play ol' Violet Eyes.  And as you'll see below, don't count the redheads and blondies out!


1. Emma Stone -- She's smart and sassy just like Liz but, unlike the icon, who had a well-known love of baubles, Stone prefers a simpler sartorial look (check out Mr. Mickey's review of her refined Golden Globes ensemble for a good example). Perhaps that might all  change with time.


2. Anna Kendrick -- She's Taylor's nose twin!


3. Jessica Biel -- The soon-to-be Mrs. Timberlake has yet to take on any Oscar-worthy roles but maybe as Liz she can prove her acting career didn't peak at Mary Camden.

4. Michelle Williams -- She's already nailed it portraying one glamorous icon -- who says she can't handle another?


5. Natalie Portman -- She's got the look, has the acting chops and can play crazy.  Besides, Taylor was a Member of the Tribe too (she converted, if you want to be technical about it).


6. Lizzie Olsen -- Yes she's blonde but that's nothing a fabulous wig can't change (or a Method-style dye job). She's also the right mix of demure and seductive -- a combination that made the young Taylor a star (though by hubby #4, it was clear Liz's seductive side had won out).


7. Evan Rachel Wood -- From dating Marilyn Manson to going full-frontal (and talking about her merkin) in Mildred Pierce, this chick is ballsy. We'd like to see her playing Liz playing Martha in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


8. Olivia Thirlby -- If studio execs decide they'd rather find an indie-ier version of Lindsay or Megan, perhaps they should consider this raven-haired looker.  We're still obsessed with her as the teenage vixen in The Wackness and she's proven she can rock short hair.


9. Kristen Stewart -- Okay, she's pouty and doesn't exude any of Liz's charisma but like others on this list, Stewart's edge could be an asset when it comes to portraying the darker side to the famous Hollywood star.


10. Emmy Rossum -- Though she burst onto the scene glittering and princess-like in Phantom of the Opera, after one marriage, one divorce and the unleashing of an inner wild-child in Shameless, we're pretty sure Rossum's good girl persona had a shelf life as short as Ms. Taylor's first marriage.  Now she should channel her newfound chutzpah into portraying this Grand Dame.

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