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Grammy Host LL Cool J Gets Grilled By George Wayne: From the PAPER Archives

Earlier today it was announced that LL Cool J would be hosting the Grammys (the award show's first host in seven years). So we decided to revisit his 1993 cover of PAPER magazine (looking fresh-faced) and the amazing interview he did with Vanity Fair's legendary question-asker George Wayne. Below an excerpt from the Q&A, where they talked about everything from his ego to why he'd never ever do a Coca Cola commercial (he ended up doing one five years later -- oops!) to his testicle-size.

George Wayne: People say that you have matured, that you are not as arrogant as you used to be. I don't believe that's true. What do you think?

LL Cool J: I don't want to condemn myself and ever have to say that i was arrogant. i think that there is a very fine line between pride and arrogance. I'm just proud and confident of what I do.

GW: The press release for your new album prides your "cocksure attitude" and "oral acrobatics." Can you tell me what this means?

LL: Well, that was someone else's interpretation. I just tried to put together an album so a person could experience some spirituality, some sensuality, some humor, in the essence of rap music.

GW: Have you ever fucked a Hollywood star?
LL: [Long pause] No.

GW: Never?
LL: [Nods his head in the negative]

GW: Are you dating anyone now?
LL: Yeah

GW: Who?
LL: I have a girlfriend. Her name is Kidada. [Ed: Kidada Jones, Rashida's older sis!]

GW: When are you going to get married?
LL: It's a thought, but it's not something I want to do right away.

GW: How long have you been going out with her?
LL: About two years.

GW: Give me some of your vital statistics -- height, weight, the size of your feet.
LL: Six-foot two-inches, 216 pounds -- and I wear a size thirteen.

GW: What kind of food gives your orgasms?
LL: I've never eaten any food that did that.

GW: Would you do an underwear campaign like Marky Mark did?
LL: No.

GW: Why not?
LL: Because I don't see a reason to. I don't see what it has to do with my music.

GW: But couldn't it be seen as an extension, just like the movies you do?
LL: It is an extension, but you know what it is? I'm not interested in doing endorsements. I don't want to dance for chicken. I don't want to rap about soda or beer. And I don't want to wear nobody's underwear.

GW: You don't wear underwear?
LL: Yeah, I wear underwear.

GW: So you mean if Coca Cola came to you with five million dollars to do a commercial, you'd say no?
LL: I wouldn't do it. I understand that everybody has a price. It all sounds beautiful, but the reality is, I wouldn't. For me personally, I would lose some of my integrity. I would feel jiggabooish dancing for chicken or rapping about somebody's soda. [Ed. he has since appeared in commercials for the Gap, Old Spice, and yes, Coca Cola.]

GW: Do you mind being considered a sex symbol?
LL: I don't think I'm a sex symbol. Just because I comment on something sexual, it doesn't mean I want to be a sex symbol.

GW: Are you testicle laden?
LL: In terms of what? Like what? Big balls? I don't know? I'm happy with them. They are O.K. I am a healthy young man.

GW: If someone asked me how big LL Cool J's swagger was, I'd say it was very, very big. Would you agree?
LL: I would say I feel comfortable.

GG: What do you think of battymen?
LL: Batmen?

GG: Battymen....homosexuals.
LL: To each his own. I'm not homophobic, but I like women.

GG: Suppose a Hollywood producer came to with an idea of starring in a movie with Madonna, which would require you to fuck her, sometimes doggy style, in every room of her house. Would you do it?
LL: I'm not into that. I'm not into whips and chains and Madonna and that kind of vibe. I'm not into that.

GG: What do you do in your spare time?
LL: Check out a movie. Go to the mall, get a milk shake....

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