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Chloë Sevigny on the Beatrice Inn...

1. Chloe Sevigny reminisces about the Beatrice Inn circa 2008: "I do remember being annoyed at the bathroom line and running across the street to the lesbian bar." Read New York magazine's oral history of the legendary nightclub here.

2. Philosophy, neuroscience and rock 'n' roll collide tonight, December 10, at Qualia Fest at The Bowery Electric (327 Bowery). The New York Consciousness Collective hosts this third edition of music by scientists who moonlight as musicians (and vice-versa). Bands include The Zombie Blues Band, Space Clamps, The Whims, Mary's Roommate, Kit Fine Trio and more. Admission is FREE and the fun starts around 7:00 p.m. [New York Times]

3. Watch New York nightlife guru Eric Goode (Area, MK, Bowery Bar etc.) and his passion for Testudines (turtles) from last night's edition of 60 Minutes. (Check out PAPER's feature on Eric's frequent business partner Sean MacPherson here.)

4. Bleecker Bob's (118 West 3rd Street) is closing for good! After 40 years, the iconic Village record store will shut down in early 2013. Stop in and buy a souvenir. [Bowery Boogie]

5. Meteorite caught on camera exploding over Texas.

6. Style.com anoints 2012 "The Year of the Pop-Up" with their best-of's including: Pop-Up Celeb: Rita Ora, Pop-Up Couple: Marc Jacobs & Harry Louis and Night of Many Pop-Ups: Opening Ceremony's Tenth Anniversary Bash.

7. Beyoncé has lent her face to a limited-edition Pepsi can. [New York Times]

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