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Morning Funnies: Louis C.K. as Lincoln + Cher & Kathy Griffin For Obama


Louis C.K.
hosted SNL over the weekend and, in case you missed it, here's a hilarious and perfect spoof of C.K.'s FX show Louie, if it were about Abraham Lincoln. [Hulu]

Though we all have major get out the vote video fatigue by now, this clip of Cher and Kathy Griffin urging voters not to let Mitt Romney 'turn back time' on women's rights is pretty excellent. [Flavorwire]

Like last year, Jimmy Kimmel asked his viewers to film themselves telling their kids they ate all of their Halloween candy. It's cruel and so, so funny. [Gawker]

G8wuV.jpgAll business. [Reddit]

enhanced-buzz-23222-1351993709-1.jpgSurprise, the 50 Shades of Grey clothing for kids on Etsy is just horrendous. [Buzzfeed]

tumblr_mczl6l5pvh1qewacoo1_500.jpgYe Olde over-sharing. [TastefullyOffensive]

glutenfreepancake.pngServe with sawdust hash. [TheOnion]

PETA made this ad about the sexual benefits of going vegan, featuring giant swinging around giant dongs made out of vegetables in slow motion. Totally enticing, right ladies?? NSFW. [Buzzfeed]

tumblr_mcmve4dGGJ1qbxi45o1_500.gifGood morning. [Bunnyfood]

tumblr_mcms6j67111qkkbd4o1_500.giftumblr_mcms6j67111qkkbd4o2_500.gifKatherine Hepburn giving us the Awesome Bitch Chills. [BridieQuilty]
brNWf.jpgOmnomnomnivore. [Reddit]

tumblr_mcxcvcMtEP1qz6f9yo1_500.jpgElvis' house of beauty. [ThisIsntHappiness]

tumblr_mcybpeRjl11qg4f82o1_500.gifHomer Simps-za. [Coinfarts]
tumblr_mczwx9UW321qzc6ego1_1280.jpgNever change, Law & Order: SVU. [Interweber]

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