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Morning Funnies: I Am Legend Sh*t Up In Here

tumblr_mcteo31TN81qzn2wgo1_1280.jpgSpot on. [Achilles Stamatelaky]

A6qCzFLCUAEyw14.jpg_large.jpeg Envision the rustic charms of no hot water, or any water, no electricity, no gas, closed parks, closed shops and no transit with the modern luxury of eating cold Chef Boyardee from a can in a quaint Chase bank lobby. No test scores because no schools. [Keerthik Sasidharan]

darknessclock.pngIt's true. Everyone is going to bed at 6:30. [VisitorDesign via AndrewAndrew]

tumblr_mctdf0eL5N1qa9siqo1_1280.jpgSo there you have it. (Also, Gumelection.com has more photos/videos.) [BobbyFinger]

tumblr_mcubxv9bdG1qiavcao1_r1_400.gifEverything's coming up Barry. [DailyDot

Mr. Burns endorses Mitt Romney. [Fox]

Just a Russian cat watching cartoons on a laptop. [Buzzfeed]
IGLJe.jpg Netflix just laughs. [Reddit]

tumblr_mcs9isj5Dm1ql9avno1_500.jpgThree grumpy cat moon. [LaugherKey]

tumblr_m0jjbggdJM1qzsdhco1_r1_1280.jpgIt's cake, but s'not cake. [PizzzaTime]

tumblr_mcsbfgPvOW1qzqoygo1_500.jpgOne tall skinny quad shot braaains latte with whip, coming right up. [Flavorpill]
billmurraywesanderson.pngFrom artist Casey Weldon's Murray Time series, which envisions Bill Murray as every Wes Anderson character. [LaughingSquid]

A supercut of of misheard song lyrics. Our favorite is 'Hit me with your pet shark.' [Gawker]

 N.W.A. X Faulkner. [TheLibraryJournal]

tumblr_m67ne5N1y01rsjysto1_500.jpgHey weekend, let's do this. [Bunnyfood]

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