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Julie Klausner, The Fug Girls, Tracy Morgan + More Tweet About Hurricane Sandy

A roundup of Tweets from some of our favorites Tweeters in the past 24 hours.

juileklausner-tweets.pngLike so many New Yokers, Julie Klausner is without water or power ... and somehow made it funny. We'd be crying in the corner.

icetsandy.pngNo power nor zombies at Ice T 's.

vinnysandy.pngVinny from Jersey Shore is using his nana's Internet.

alecsandy2.pngAlec Baldwin was in the dark and not in the mood for jokes.

Big Ang.png Big Ang was there for all of her fellow Staten Islanders in need.

theonionsandy.pngOf course, The Onion was in the mood for so many jokes. They've really been on fire the past 24 hours.

fuggirlssandy.pngThe Fug Girls schooled Piers Morgan about putting CNN reporters outside, in harm's way yesterday afternoon.

DKNY PR Girl.pngOne of the upsides to Sandy? DKNY PR Girl hits the nail on the head.

johnjtwittersandy.pngLucky magazine's John Januzzi was doing what the rest of us were doing yesterday.
David Carr.pngOthers, like the NY Times David Carr, made it their mission to head to the office (and charge their phones).

Not Tilda Swinton.pngThe hurricane gave NotTildaSwinton an opportunity to let her skeleton breathe.

Kayvon Zand.pngSandy's wind's may have crippled New York City, but they didn't mess with Kayvon Zand's aerodynamic coif.

retta-sandy.pngRetta gave us and HuffPostStyle some Netflix recommendations. 

WHITELIsandy.pngWish we were hanging in the Chill Zone with Elizabeth Spiridakis last night...

andrewwksandy.pngAndrewWK was so mad at Sandy for cancelling his Halloween party tomorrow night that he called her by her Christian name.

newtanlinessandy.pngTanlines don't have great hunkering instincts.

tracymorgantwitter.pngSomebody should check on Tracy Morgan.

nphsandy.pngWe saw this Tweet from Neil Patrick Harris last night after drinking wine for like 7 hours and got a little misty. (Don't judge us.)

klausbsandy.pngMoMA PS1's Klaus Biesenbach wondered why Prometheus got such nasty reviews (we liked it too).

bevysmithtwitter.pngBevvy Smith took comfort in the NBC peacock.

Ruth Bourdain (parody account).pngRuth Bourdain crossed her fingers for an artisanal olive oil uprising. And the streets shall run with Gorgonzola!

caseyseansandy.pngSean Avery and Casey Neistat were storm chasing.

Don't ask Ladyfag if she's alive.

Ramona Singer.pngEveryone can rest easy, Ramona Singer got in a relaxing yoga sesh this morning.

Ryan Lochte.pngOh, Ryan.

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