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Azealia Banks, Andrew WK + More Share Their Halloween Costumes

Over the last month we polled some of our favorite celebrities/movers and shakers to find out what they were dressing up as for Halloween this year. Read on to see who's wearing a speedo, who's going to let their body be devoured by beetles and who's going to be a party pooper and not dress up at all.

azealiaheader.jpegAzealia Banks, Rapper
"Me and my boyfriend are going as Popeye and Olive Oyl"

IMG_4661.jpgMichael Musto, Gossip columnist
"I dress up every night and feel that on Halloween I should dress up extra hard. I'm going with one of my regular choices, which is a human gift box. It's light and portable (you just slip it over your head) and everyone knows what you're supposed to be, so it reads really well. I chose that over other possibilities like Angelina's leg, the chair Clint Eastwood talked to, or an angry Chick-fil-A sandwich." [Costume pictured]

ctMOT3Vnhb8l.jpgDita Von Teese, Burlesque Performer
"I usually wear a tan, blue jeans and a blonde wig. It's called my "normal girl look." People ask me what I'm dressed up as and I say, 'I'm dressed up as you.'" (Photo PacficCoastNews)

emma-straub-head.jpgEmma Straub, Writer
"I am most often a cat for Halloween, because I have enough leopard-print clothes to make a good go of it, and plus I enjoy licking milk out of a dish on the floor. Do you think this will frighten the trick or treaters?" (Photo by Jacqueline Di Milia)

adriangrenierhalloween1.jpgAdrian Grenier, Actor
"I might be an Olympic swimmer and wear a little speedo and a nose thing...and the six pack -- the eight pack!"

rettahalloween1.jpgRetta, Actress
"I am not [dressing up]. Whenever people ask me what I'm gonna be for Halloween I say 'a minority.' If someone were to take care of planning a great costume for me I might dress up. But alas, I've got nothing."

sarahsophieflickerhalloween1.jpgSarah Sophie Flicker, Performer/Director
"My daughter is going to be the Vampire of Versailles, whatever that means. And whatever I am, I have to be a vampire. My son is going to be a train conductor and [my daughter] is making him wear fangs. All aboard, muahaha!"

andrew-wkhalloween1.jpgAndrew WK, Musician/Party Expert
"I am going as Andrew WK"

skrillexhalloween1.jpgSkrillex, DJ
"I never have a costume, it always just happens in the dressing room. If you have toilet paper lying around, mummy time. If you got some extra paint, I'm a vampire or a zombie. If you've got nothing, we have to figure out something else."

Screen shot 2012-10-26 at 3.25.36 PM.png@NotTildaSwinton, Twitter sage who is not Tilda Swinton
"I simply fill myself with beetles and become THEIR costume. It is important to let your limbs go slack, give the beetles full power. When you are finished, lay with all your orifices gaping and let the beetles pour out of you. EXCEPT FOR ONE. Keep him inside you forever."

franchescahalloween1.jpgFranchesca Ramsey, Designer/Blogger/Comedian
"I looove Halloween. If this crazy hurricane doesn't happen, we're planning on going to the parade and hitting up a few house parties. I'm going as Medusa and my fiance is going to be one of my statue victims. I actually did a hairstyle tutorial for my costume since I decided to make my dreads into snakes!" [Costume pictured]

gabeliedmanhalloween1.jpgGabe Liedman, Comedian/Writer
"I'm going as a straight guy. The look consists of a varsity letterman style jacket, a dumb baseball cap, a Batman t-shirt, non-skinny jeans, Converse all-stars and no glasses. I debuted it last week at Julie Klausner's live podcast, and I think it was a hit? Or people were laughing at something else about me."

Screen shot 2012-10-26 at 3.37.17 PM.pngAlex Karpovsky, Actor
"I need to start thinking about it. One year I was the burning bush...I tried to speak in aphorisms and wisdom. Half-way through, my flame on my head broke and I became just a bush. Then someone had a picture of John McCain so I became Vietnam holding him as a POW."

Screen shot 2012-10-26 at 3.42.27 PM.pngAndrewAndrew, DJs
"We used to just dress up as each other, until we hit on Mormons! The plan is to do variations on the theme every year forever: Zombie Mormons, Slutty Mormons, Doctor Mormons...you get the idea."

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