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Morning Funnies: Lena Dunham's Obama Ad + the Emergency Compliment Generator


Lena Dunham
made this suggestive "'Your First Time' video for Barack Obama targeted to first-time college-age voters. And don't even try to pretend like equating voting to losing your virginity here is totally inappropriate, since we have all thought about having sex with Barack Obama. Bottom line, per Dunham, "Your wanna do it with a great guy." [TheNation]

Michelle Obama was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and showed him what she'd do if he forgot to vote. [Towleroad]

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog went to the final presidential debate and it was of course, amazing. "They're telling the crowd to turn off their cell phones, because it might interfere with Mitt Romney's circuitry." (P.S. Conan has corn rows and a spray tan because his fans raised over $60,000 for autism research.) [Gawker]
  complimentemergency.pngOur new favorite website = the Emergency Compliment generator. [ThisIsntHappiness]

enhanced-buzz-23203-1351172552-5.jpgenhanced-buzz-2061-1351172584-3.jpgPhotos of Jessica Pare and Jon Hamm filming Mad Men in Hawaii! Love that Don's beach read is The Inferno and that underpants-phobic Jon Hamm apparently will wear underpants under a swimsuit. What a complicated, beautiful man. [Photo: FameFlynet via Buzzfeed]

ddlabraham.png Presented without comment from Time magazine: "I'd hear that twinkle-twinkle on my phone, and he would have sent me some ridiculous limerick," says Field, who plays the 16th President's wife Mary Todd in the new film Lincoln. "He'd sign it, 'Yours, A.' I would text back as Mary, criticizing him for the waste of his time when he might have been pursuing something more productive."  [via AfternoonSnoozeButton]

TurkeyCake.jpgAs if you don't already hate yourself enough after eating giant holiday meals, Baskin Robbins is selling seasonal ice cream cakes that look like roasted turkeys. [LaughingSquid]

tumblr_mc9ohw8BBK1rggrn8o1_400.gifTurn, turn, turn. [TheRumblr]

tumblr_mce9rmg7IT1qzk2upo1_500.jpgYou're such a disease, Kevin. [FYeah1990s]

tumblr_mc7hvye07F1rubozqo1_500.jpgAlbert Einstein with an Albert Einstein puppet. [Buttoween]

beyoncemic.jpgWhen Beyonce tells you to sing, YOU SING, DAMMIT. [RoboShark]

Farm Sanctuary rescue pigs eating pumpkins while festive banjo music plays in the background is too, too much. [Jezebel]

tumblr_mch5kl9il01qg39ewo1_500.gifHow we feel about having to come up with a Halloween costume by tomorrow. [GIFMovie]

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