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Yes, Lady Gaga Gets Eaten By a Lion in the New Die Antwoord Video


You can always depend on a Die Antwoord video for trippy visuals and some sort of   controversial and/or NSFW content (see here), and oh, does the group's newest clip for the thumping "Fatty Boom Boom" deliver. The group lets loose with their signature mixtures of style, "zef" antics, and general sense of hooliganism, with full body makeup, vibrant costuming and quick cuts. Between the rhythmic explosions of color, sound, and dance, there are so many insane moments to cover that it's hard to pick where to begin. Fist, there's the blatant mocking of Western misconceptions of South Africa, sent up in a tour through the streets that indulges a store keeper's panther in lieu of a pitbull, and a ruler named "The Lion King" (whose literally a lion). And then there's a Lady Gaga male impersonator, meat dress and all, who humorously comments on the group's "freaky fashion" and wonders if she could get them to open for her (referencing Antwood's rejection of Gaga's invitation to join her tour), before being carjacked by a street gang, giving birth to a cockroach, and getting devoured by the aforementioned lion. In that order. Even without throwing in Yo-landi in full black face (black body?) and you already have enough fodder for a big bang likely to piss off a bunch of people, which the group always seems more than happy to do. 

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