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Morning Funnies: Joe "Malarkey" Biden + Michael Bolton's New ABC Comedy

MALARKEY.jpgGood ol' Pappy Joe. [ModernPrimate]
tumblr_mbrd8xS2OH1rg2rf7o1_500.gifThe only, only thing the Ryans have in common with Kurt and Courtney.. [GIFWich]

Was Joe Biden at the vice presidential debate last night or taking in a fresh young comedian at the Danville Laff Lounge? More important, is Paul Ryan available for office holiday parties or team-building corporate retreats? [Buzzfeed]

A4-CmQRCQAAMvDq.jpgPaul Biden v. Joe Ryan. [Reddit]

pringlesholiday.jpgPringles are releasing these three flavors for the holidays. So their gift to you this year is barf?  [Gawker]

michael-bolton-mullet.xlarge.jpgMichael Bolton is going to star in a new ABC comedy series titled Michael Bolton's Daughter Is Destroying My Life. It's about a young female writer who is hired to handle Bolton's social media presence. We are absolutely 100% making none of this up. Holy shit. [Vulture]

tumblr_mbnf10RIqn1qzdj7mo1_500.jpgThis dog is just going through a phase. He's going to be fine. You know how dogs can be -- you were one once!  [BrothManBeef]

tumblr_mbfeb6pxsx1qfrvbmo1_1280.jpgFor the ladies... Sly Stalone eating soup, wearing your mother's favorite sweater from Pennys circa 1985. [FYouNoFMe]

YRDzn.pngJessica Biel, FTW. [Reddit]

tumblr_mbqzk5A5821qzigjno1_1280.jpgRapper Fat Joe has a new song out called "Instagram That Ho." This song, however, is more our jam. [RyanHatesThis]

dc33ef7d3475d6e410969223339bbe5a.jpgCheers, Future Biebs! [Noisey]

fritorsmonsters.pngFrito's Mini-Monsters we'd like to hang out with, in order or preference.
1) Slew Foot
2) Gay Blade
3) Cool Ghoul


71a7f6b7a4f904c53566ac8a639f8b7a.jpgStay Puft. [BunnyFood]

tumblr_mblb6hgHWi1r7zdgio1_500.jpgShh, it's a dollar! [TheClearlyDope]

Speaking of ... God, we miss that show. It's left a boo-boo shaped hole the size of a chicken nugget in our hearts. [RealityTVGIFs]

s9ZGO.jpgHere's lookin' at you, weekend. [Reddit]

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