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Skrillex, Rory Culkin, RuPaul's All-Stars Drag Race Gals + More Share Their NYC Party Spots

We asked some of the bold facers at our Nightlife Awards last night where they like to go out when they hit the town. Take some notes.

elliegouldingnightlife1.jpgEllie Goulding

"I am always in a hotel, in a bar in a hotel. I love the Ace Hotel -- I love the food there, I love hanging out there. Hotel Rivington is one of my favorite places."


"I think for a big party, like a BIG party, if you want the see the greatest DJs, from the biggest to the-up- and-coming, whoever is happening, Webster Hall is one of the greatest venues. I played here with Bad Religion, my old band. I was sixteen years old, then it was still a great place to have an event. People are trying to get in."

AndrewWKCherieLilynightlife.jpgAndrew W.K.

"Manhattan. Santos Party House, of course."

Rory Culkinnightlife.jpgRory Culkin

"There's this place called 9th Ward, on Second Avenue that I am really into. It's like the basement of a pirate ship or something."

neonhitchnightlife.jpgNeon Hitch

"I like to eat a lot of food, so Cafe Habana. When I party, I like a place with a view, so I go to Le Bain. You see amazing things up there."

dragracegalsnightlife.jpgPandora Boxx, Jiggly Caliente and Phi Phi O'Hara from RuPaul's All-Stars Drag Race

Pandora: "Any back alley"

Jiggly: "Shake Shack!"

Phi Phi: "Phi Phi O'Hara's Bedroom!"

alexkarpovskynightlife.pngAlex Karpovsky

"The waterfront in Greenpoint."

citizens bandnightlife.jpgCitizens Band

Jeff Palmiotti: "I tend the bar at Ten Degrees in the East Village. I'm there Mondays and Thursdays..."

Michael Cavadias: "I've only been once, but I really liked the Westgay party. It seemed like old-fashion New York without the hierarchy and attitudes, it was great. And I do DJ a really fun party at Hotel Chantelle on Thursdays. You know what else is good? Murray Hill and Linda Simpson's Bingo Night on Monday nights!"

melaniefionanightlife.jpgMelanie Fiona

"There is this really great place called Bembe, which is this small old brownstone turned into a bar. They play Afro-Cuban music with light drums, and it smells like nag champa and there's alcohol. It's awesome. Just a free party for people to dance in the dark, nothing pretentious, nothing superficial. Completely free, flats, kicks, barefoot, whatever you like."

Photos by Rebecca Smeyne

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