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Doyle New York Holds a Street Art Auction (But It's Not the First)

What is being billed as the "first U.S. auction of street art and graffiti" is actually the second. The New York auction house that's making that claim, Doyle (175 East 87th Street), is offering 46 works by artists including KAWS, Invader, Faile, Neckface and Banksy on Tuesday, October 16, 2012. The first auction of street art actually took place on June 14 and 15, 2000, in New York City's Puck Building and it was a big flop. Three-fourths of the items in Guernsey's "Graffiti Art: The Auction" passed with no bids. Obviously the market has changed in the last twelve years -- a piece by KAWS sold for $88,900 at Phillips de Pury in September -- and we're not predicting what will happen next week. Check out some of the pieces being offered below and, for more details on the show, go here.

896808.jpgMargaret Kilgallen, Natadora

895375.jpgStephen Powers (ESPO), Baby I'm Counting On You, 2003

895393.jpg Banksy, Stop and Search


904399.jpgAnthony Lister, In Transit #5, 2005
897611.jpgInvader, Alias LA-060

David Choe, Untitled, 2010

tkidbronx.pngTKid, Bronx Legend!!!

lovetoplay.pngDate Farmers, Untitled (Homeboy Took Off His Shirt, Then Took Out His Knife

895934.jpgNeckface, Untitled (Your Problem)


904946.jpgCope2, Bubble Throw Up, 2011

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