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15 Halloween Costumes Inspired By The Runway

Stumped about what to be for Halloween? Look no further than the 2012 fall and winter runway shows! Though high fashion can be mad expensive, and we could maybe afford like the tiniest 1/4 inch scrap of fabric from the runway numbers we've rounded up below, these designer looks serve as great costume inspiration. Whether you're going for a spooky, funny or downright cuckoo-crazy look, these ensembles would all make awesome costumes!

An Emoticon
Everyone uses emoticons, so why not dress up as a bunch for Hallows Eve? Grab a Jeremy Scott jumper and let everyone know how you really feel. So many emoti emotions.

A Geek

There's always that one jock in high school who dresses up like a "geek" for Halloween and they usually do it all wrong. If you're going to go for this look, base your costume off one of Balenciaga's geeky sci-fi sweat shirts paired with high wasted baggy pants. Doesn't this ensemble seem like something Dwight Schrute would wear to the office on casual Fridays?

Crazy-Chic Mental Patient Who Has Just Escaped The Insane Asylum

The straightjacket-esque outfits in the beginning of Proenza Schouler's collection would be perfect for looking like the "ready-to-wear escaped mental patient" you're always hearing about in scary tales and urban legends. Add a Hannibal Lector mask for extra-creepiness.

A Lion

Is this Moschino headpiece/hood supposed to look like a lion's mane? We don't really know, but that's what it reminds us of, and it's making us think we might want to be lions for Halloween. Black jumpsuit-donning, leather glove-wearing, lions.

The Mad Hatter

Get mad and mis-matchy all over the place with this Creature of the Wind ensemble (which you might recognize from our Ezra Miller spread in September). That hat definitely isn't mad enough though, so try on one of the furry head-toppers from the Marc Jacobs show:

A Pencil

Being a pencil for Halloween might seem boring, but with these pencil pants by Mary Katrantzou you'll have the coolest costume ever.

A Cenobite

Was it just us, or did Rick Owens' take a little bit of style inspiration from the monstrous Cenobites of the 1987 horror flick Hellraiser for his fall collection? Just add blood!

A Pink and Purple Cloud

You can be a cloud with this Commes des Garcons outfit because it's Halloween and there are NO rules. This outfit would also make an awesome Lumpy Space Princess costume, if you feel like being especially sassy that night.

A Feather Duster

Giles knows how it's done. 

A 15th Century Renaissance Painting

Something like this Carven frock printed with Hieronymous Bosch's painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights" and you'll instantly look like a work of art.

A Super-Stylish Babysitter With Jewel-Encrusted Eyebrows

Seriously, just get a kid to walk around with you. This will probably bum all your friends out on Halloween and you definitely won't be able to get into any clubs, but at least you'll have a completely original costume. Besides, everyone knows babysitters are popular horror film victims. Thanks for the tip, Chanel!

Clothing Frankenstein

This Jean Paul Gaultier ensemble is the Frankenstein of high fashion. Ripped leather jackets, spray-painted silk, general hairiness...we're not sure what this is, but it's awesome.

Punk Rock Victorian Royalty

Yeah, you could dress up as Marie Antoinette, but wouldn't you rather be a Vivienne Westwood PUNK Marie Antoinette? Adam Ant would approve!

Any Look From The Meadham Kirchoff Collection

Literally pick any look from the Meadham Kirchhoff show and you've got yourself one hell of a costume. It's got witch vibes, monster vibes, zombie vibes, alien vibes, it's all there!

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