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Watch a College Bro Punk Fox News


In our latest installment of our "Regular Guys Doing Awesome Things" series (see 'Call Me Maybe Business Card Guy' HERE and 'Snackman' HERE), we present a young man by the name of Max Rice who, for reasons unknown, was booked by Fox News to appear in a segment on Fox & Friends about "Boomerang Kids" (that would be young adults who move back home with their parents after graduating college) that once supported Obama but are now planning to vote for Romney. Now, as you'll see, this was a weird choice by the Fox Booking department -- and vetting department -- for a few reasons:

1) Some digging shows that Rice is a current student at University of Texas-Austin (or maybe Columbia College in Chicago) and not a graduate, which means he's not technically a "Boomerang kid"...yet
2) And, after concluding that it's the same Rice who gave this 2010 high school graduation speech in a suburb of Chicago, we assume he's around 20 or so now, which means he was probably 16 in 2008 and, not being of legal voting age, could not have voted for Obama in the election

and finally

3) The budding comedian just straight-up trolled Gretchen Carlson during the segment.

After Rice greets the Callista Gingrich-coiffed anchor with a "sup," it becomes more cringe-inducing by the second. Watch him explain to Carlson that he's switching political allegiances after losing a bet on a basketball game, tell the anchor he met Obama "in third grade," and just generally derail the whole thing.

Daily Intel spoke to Rice -- read what he has to say about his experience and, shockingly, Fox News' supposed disinterest in actually verifying his story before putting him on air, here.

And, Max, we'd also  like to say "sup" to you so please get in touch at wordup@papermag.com.


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[Via Uproxx and Gawker]

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