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The Morning Funnies: The Standard Hotel's Amazing New Ad + Coloring For Grown-Ups


enhanced-buzz-25050-1347411442-9.jpgFurther proof that the folks at The Standard Hotel are geniuses = this new ad. [via BuzzFeed]

Our new favorite band, Black Simon and Garfunkel, sing One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful." [via Top5Funniest]

tumblr_m9wv2q3EtY1qa1kjgo1_500.pngAl and Bill with McDonald's sodas, pasty thighs. [via Pizzza Time]

tumblr_ma9mr68Tgr1qcbo9lo1_1280.jpgHave you seen this burrito unicorn? [via Laughter Key]

tumblr_ma5shk4y8t1qmns9zo1_r2_500.jpgClearly some of the teachers on strike in Chicago have visited the Internet... [via Butty Holly]

tumblr_m8vxi4Qh101qzg8x9o1_1280.pngNot Andrew Garfield's best angle... [via Paris Hilton Sex Slave]

tumblr_ma785xkuBF1r1ujmfo1_r1_500.jpgFun new single-purpose-Tumblr alert! Coloring for Grown-Ups. [via HuffPo]

Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 8.54.34 AM.pngFun new single-purpose Twitter alert! Your Away Message. [via Dose Of Words]

tumblr_ma9tcauNEx1qaphrco1_500.gifRun, guy, run. [via Victory Boat]

Bille-l-sx.gifLevi Johnston named his new daughter, Breeze Beretta, after a gun. [via E!]

Alison-Pill-Nude-Photo.jpgAlison Pill accidentally tweeted a topless photo of herself. We have two things to say about this: 1) She looks hot, and 2) Um, plot-twist for Maggie on season 2 of The Newsoom? [via VH1]

tumblr_ma41dkGYXg1rn7bzro1_500.jpgFun with name tags. [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

tumblr_ma97k3Cpj61qlmz8co1_500.jpgThis tomato looks like a butt. [via dar3ialist]

tumblr_m9xebaL9Wc1qc1sduo1_500.jpgWhy yes, yes it is. [via Marianne is Totally Awesome]

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