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Morning Funnies: Julian Castro's Awesome Daughter + Puppets Go to Church

muggin.gifHow cute was San Antonio Mayor/DNC keynote speaker Julian Castro's daughter last night? She started mugging as soon as she realized she was on camera and is our new fabulous-hair-flip inspiration. [TheAtlantic]

tumblr_m2hwpdjjEz1rrfjw7o1_500.jpgTa-da! [Coinfarts]

tumblr_m9u6qr0rh01qd3jsao1_500.jpgThis absolutely terrifying book is currently on display at Powell's books in Portland, Oregon. Please don't go to church, puppets! [LaughterKey]

tumblr_m26myrTlgb1qhwfc2o1_400.gifTruth be told. [PenisPolice]

earlysimpsonsa_560x0.jpgMatt Groening sketched these early images of Bart and Maggie Simpson on some napkins at a Bennigan's in 1990. [Vulture via Reddit]

Get your day started with a little giggling, ticklish meerkat! Oh my gahhhhh. [Jezebel]
tumblr_m9qx4wvnkY1r55nfno1_500.jpgTo go with your way-harsh candles, Tai. [RatsOff!]

enhanced-buzz-27657-1346766387-5.jpgBuzzfeed has a roundup of young people on Twitter asking what Obama's last name is. Son of a liquorice bitch, that is so depressing. [via TheClearlyDope]
tumblr_m9qf1vHGOw1ryvq99o1_500.gifAnimated Banksy! [Made By ABVH via TheDailyDot]

hugme01.jpgHere's a "Hug Me" jacket by designer Si Chan. On one hand, this would be sort of funny just to own. On the other hand, it would definitely, definitely come to life and kill you for favoring your more subtle outerwear. Your choice.  [MyModernMet]

Tropicalpaca. [ParisHiltonSexSlave]

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