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Pippa Plays Ping-Pong With Andre + Katy Perry's Little Brother Releases Music Video = Today's Eight Items or Less

11514512-large.jpg1. Love this tidbit from D.T. Max's forthcoming biography of David Foster Wallace about words his mom invented: "If there was no word for a thing, Sally Wallace would invent it: 'greebles' meant little bits of lint, especially those that feet brought into bed; 'twanger' was the word for something whose name you didn't know or couldn't remember. She loved the word 'fantods,' meaning a feeling of deep fear or repulsion, and talked of 'the howling fantods,' this fear intensified. These words, like much of his childhood, would wind up in Wallace's work." [via Brain Pickings]

pippa-middleton-600.jpg2. We are fully obsessed with the possibility of Pippa Middleton and Andre Balazs maybe being a couple. Here they are playing ping-pong at Sunset Beach on Shelter Island over the weekend. [via People]

3. Katy Perry's little brother David Hudson is a budding pop star and has released a music video for his new song, "To You." We give it a big "eh" -- but he's cute! [via Spin

090412booker.jpg4. Cory Booker sprained his ankle on the way to the Charlotte Convention Center while at the DNC. The massively swolen ankle hasn't slowed him down too much -- he will still deliver four speeches today. [via Gothamist]

Flashdance_300x300.jpg5. This could actually be fun... Flashdance is headed to Broadway. [via Vulture]

ronmcdjn7.jpg6. Hey Mr. Mickey, this item's for you: McDonald's is opening up its first vegetarian outpost in Amritsar, India. [via Grub Street]

betty-white-240.jpg7. There's a petition making the rounds urging Betty White to introduce President Obama at the DNC. "Governor Romney can have Clint Eastwood and his improvisational skills because President Obama has the one and only Betty White!" it reads. [via Pop Watch]

8. Watch the cast of Mad Men get Rick Rolled. [via Laughing Squid]

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