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Morning Funnies: Clint Eastwood, Clint Eastwood, Clint Eastwood


First, in case you missed it, here is the full text and a video of Clint Eastwood's cringe-y, confusing RNC speech in which he talked to a chair that was supposed to be an imaginary Barack Obama while we kept waiting for a devoted middle-aged child to walk out and gently tell dad it was time for bed. Even Tom Brokaw was like, 'Wut. Just. Happened.' Romney's campaign says Eastwood, former mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, is merely an entertainer who was doing some light-hearted ad-libbing and that judging his speech through a political lens "doesn't make sense." Oy. [WaPo; Buzzfeed]

eastwoodobamatwitter.pngWithin minutes of Eastwood taking the stage, someone had already made the Twitter account @InvisibleObama. It has over 45,000 followers.

A1l9D9nCUAAUrXu.jpgFever dream team. [@ZDRoberts]
tumblr_m9loksyOx11qarn3jo1_400.jpgA tremendous Simpsons photoshop job. (The headline was originally "Old Man Yells At Cloud.") [Urbaniak via BobbyFinger]

obamaeastwoodtweet.pngBarack Obama tweeted this response. [DailyIntel]

eastwooding.pngAnd now "Eastwooding" is a thing. [TheAtlantic]

OK, on to our usual Funnies...

tumblr_m9cr34S1bb1qksrnho1_500.gifHappier times. [LaughterKey]

coffeedad.pngHow are we just now finding out about perfect Twitter account @Coffee_Dad? He's just a dad who loves his coffee. [Coinfarts]

tumblr_m9hnw1yCyr1qgkoejo1_500.jpgOK fine. [RatsOff]

seafoodface.pngGet that tentacle out of your mouth, woman! [LaughingSquid]

tumblr_m9hhyhjiLP1rez8cto1_500.gifNoooo! Deep sleep puppy leg twitch. [BunnyFood]

sdxH0.jpgRihanna wants to star in a remake of Scarface. [via MTV]

tumblr_m9jwt2gYMc1qhwli1o1_500.pngTouching butt tribute. [MadeleineFlores]

tumblr_m9flj5Mq691rqy5jqo1_500.jpgSpeaking of butts. [via Penis Police]

Aaaaaand.... plop. [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

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