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Psy's "Right Now" Is Our Oldie But Goodie Friday Music Video of the Day


Like many, we've been mildly obsessed with the viral Internet sensation that is K-pop singer Psy's music video, "Gangnam Style" (we've blogged about it HERE, HERE and HERE), which could also be the influence of working in NYC's Korea Town -- we literally saw people re-creating Psy's "pony dance" on the street one day after work.  That said, we were drinking the Psy kool-aid as far back as 2010 (PAPER's old motto used to be "Where Things Start" after all) and, in honor of that fun fact, we're dedicating our Oldie But Goodie Friday music video to the singer's clip "Right Now." As PAPERMAG's Gary Pini wrote almost two years ago:

[T]he video belongs in the  "blast out your song in public place and draw a crowd" genre.  Because he's stuck in traffic, Psy (?) is mad as hell, but he jumps out of his Mini and starts dancing like a maniac.  Soon he's joined by some breakdancers at a train station, shoppers in a grocery store and a guy (Psy again?) in a "Situation" costume who's stuck in his office.
Watch it above.

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