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10 Awesome Postcards from the the Wildlife Conservation Society + New York Botanical Garden's Bronx Park Postcard Collection

We love a roundup of old images and spent a long time today perusing the Wildlife Conservation Society and New York Botanical Garden's new postcard collection, which follows the history of Bronx Park (built in the 1880s and home to the Bronx Zoo and the Botanical Garden). There's a lot of fascinating old photos of architecture and animals, and, below, we've chosen some of our favorite images. Bring back the guinea pig castle! 

Screen shot 2012-08-23 at 5.27.12 PM.pngImage based on a 1904 brochure, New York Central's Four Track Series, No. 14.

attraction-bronx-zoo-postcards.png"A case of mutual attraction in the Children's Zoo / New York Zoological Park." 1944.

toodle-bronx-zoo.png"'Toodle' the baby Llama from the Andes, in the Children's Zoo in the Bronx Zoo, New York. Toodle has soft, silky hair and likes to be petted." Ca. 1940

muskox-bronx-zoo .png"Musk ox. New York Zoological Park." Ca. 1903. 

sealions-swimming-bronx-zoo.png"Where the sealions swim and dive in the New York Zoological Park." Ca. 1940s

toucan-bronx-zoo .png
"Toco toucan, New York Zoological Park." Ca. 1940s.

"Children's Zoo, New York Zoological Park." Ca. 1940s.

"Two Real "Dragon Lizards." Ca. 1959.
2016-pc-349.jpg"Babies in the Bronx Zoo" Ca. 1949.

"Boat House on Bronx Lake." Ca. 1911.

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