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Morning Funnies: Bar-Mitzvah Voguing + Fight Club, the Rom-Com


In honor of Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone's 54th today, here is a 1992 video of a young man named Shaun Sperling voguing at his Madonna-themed Bar Mitzvah. We love that his mom (we're assuming) gives him a big kiss at the end and hands him his blazer. That's good Mom-ing. [Gawker]

tumblr_m8s1gbNuM71r3vccgo1_250.pngtumblr_m8s1gbNuM71r3vccgo2_250.pngmarsrover-tweet.pngThe delightful Twitter rapport between Britney Spears and the Mars Curiosity Rover. These two should host a morning show together. [BritneySpears;ParisHiltonSexSlave]

asilayfrying.pngBehold: As I Lay Frying, a Tumblr that pairs literary quotes with photos of donuts. [Via HuffPo]

Here's Fight Club re-cut to look like a '90s rom-com trailer. Sometimes a gentleman's love is far from gentle. [Vulture]

A super-cut of iconic sunglasses in 50 years of movies. Can someone please make one of these for sunglasses on TV so this can be included? [GorillaMask]

mm-s5-john-slattery-590.jpgYayesssss: John Slattery is going to appear on multiple episodes of the now-filming resurrection of Arrested Development. [PopCultureBrain]

And speaking of Mad Men stars making cameos on our favorite shows, Jon Hamm will be playing a talking toilet on the upcoming season of Bob's Burgers. [EW]

jonhamm-nala.pngJon Hamm, Nala; Nala, Jon Hamm. ... [AfternoonSnoozeButton]
cress-keyboard.pngA Redditor planted watercress in their co-worker's dirty keyboard (while that person was away on vacation) and posted a bunch of photos of the growth process. [HyperVocal]

IMG_1326_640.jpg"Public Beach" felt collage by artist Jacopo Rosati. [LaughingSquid]
tumblr_m87o2nWrK21qa629po1_500.jpgGahh! A baby Pudu, the world's smallest deer, at Bristol Zoo Gardens in the U.K. [RatsOff]

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