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F. Virtue Brings A Hypnotic, Vogue-Drenched Video For "As of Forever"

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 6.27.20 PM.png
F. Virtue has quite the eye -- and he proves his aesthetic prowess once again with the hypnotizing video for his vogue-drenched single "As of Forever."

Featuring an absolutely enrapturing performance by London-based artist IMMA/MESS, the song itself is a daunting ode to persistence that sees F. Virtue rapping "We put in the work, doesn't mean it'll work. Started at the bottom, now we're under the dirt. This is so deep, deep beneath the earth. This is dance music sung for the worms" atop beats that pay ample homage to ballroom classic, "The Ha Dance." 

Directed by Georgia Hudson, what makes these visuals even more incredible is the fact that it was all done in one take -- though you wouldn't be able to tell judging by how seamless it is. Or maybe that's just because we're completely hypnotized. Prepare to get sucked in.

Wigstock Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary with Wigstock: The Cruise

One late night in 1985, a bunch of drag queens and downtown hipsters spilled out of the Pyramid Club on Avenue A and ended up in Tompkins Square Park. Kiki'ing and carrying-on ensued about starting a a festival for drag culture and before they knew it they had hatched a plan for Wigstock, the drag performance answer to Woodstock. Eventually Wigstock, which happened annually on Labor Day weekend became one of the biggest hootenannies in New York City, with 30,000 attendees and performers like Rupaul, Deee-Lite, Debbie Harry and a parade of dragoons from gorgeous to guffaw-worthy.

After 20 years Wigstock founders Lady Bunny (who also emcee'd the event) and artist Scott Lifshutz, decided to take a break from being the Billy Rose and Fanny Brice of the gender illusionist set and ended the festival in 2005.

This Sunday, just in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Wigstock's birth (and 10 years since the last installment) Bunny and Lifshutz are throwing Wigstock: The Cruise. Yes, Wigstock is hitting the high seas of the East River and will be featuring some Wigstock classics like Linda Simpson, Sweetie, Duelling Bankheads, HRH Princess Diandra and more. Even better? A buffet supper will be served. For more info and tickets go here. Below, enjoy some of Lifshutz and Bunny's favorite Wigstock photos from over the years.

Chicago Drill Supergroup W.W.A. Run Circles Around The OGs In "Straight Outta Chicago"


Right on the heels of the Straight Outta Compton-prompted discussion regarding N.W.A.'s not-so-savory depictions of women, it's heartening to see a female-centric supergroup not letting them get away with that shit.

Dubbed W.W.A. (Women With Attitude), the Chicago-based quartet consists of drill queens Katie Got Bandz, Sasha Go Hard, Chella H and Lucci Vee, and have just released the official video for their badass "Straight Outta Chicago" -- which is probably the coldest fucking way to kick off your weekend. Listen to them run circles around the OGs below.

Chicago Drill Supergroup W.W.A. Run Circles Around The OGs In "Straight Outta Chicago"


Right on the heels of the Straight Outta Compton-prompted discussion regarding N.W.A.'s not-so-savory depictions of women, it's heartening to see a female-centric supergroup not letting them get away with that shit.

Dubbed W.W.A. (Women With Attitude), the Chicago-based quartet consists of drill queens Katie Got Bandz, Sasha Go Hard, Chella H and Lucci Vee, and have just released the official video for their badass "Straight Outta Chicago" -- which is probably the coldest fucking way to kick off your weekend. Listen to them run circles around the OGs below.

10 Kick-Ass Girl Gang Movies

Bad girl films have always inspired me. And in exploitation movies there's nothing more fun than girl gang flicks. There, the filmmakers could push all the sex, violence and hard-boiled dialogue and disguise it as feminism while actually titillating drive-in audiences. Here are 10 kick-ass examples of the genre.

tumblr_mg1ltrXwel1qk74y3o1_500.gifFaster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965)

In my church of cinema, there aren't many directors I pray to like Russ Meyers. With his big-busted babes, mock violence and nasty dialogue, his movies make your head explode. This is one of his greatest. Starring the fabulous Tura Satana as Varla, the vicious lesbian leader of a hot rod-driving girl posse with a preference for skin-tight black (and plenty of cleavage), the film features she and her two stripper friends (Lori Williams & Haji) holed up in the desert trying to find an old hermit's cache of gold. Full of frugging, karate fighting, and dazzling double entendres, it never ceases to amaze.

tumblr_mwh7t5fLWa1rpduwho1_500.gifThe Violent Years (1956)
Paula Parkins (Jean Morehead) is the innocent-looking teen daughter of a prominent newspaperman, but secretly the leader of a group of pistol-whipping gals who rob filling stations, abduct and rape men, and smash up schoolrooms for a Communist organization.  "These aren't kids, these are morons!" says the sheriff. This riotous black and white wonder written by bad movie master Edward D. Wood Jr. (Plan 9 From Outer Space) ends with the dying Jean giving illegitimate birth in a prison hospital ward croaking out her final words, and, philosophy of life: "So what!"

tumblr_ml5wfeQXcg1rt9mwro1_1280.jpgStray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter (1970)
The third of an enjoyable Japanese delinquent bad girl trilogy stars Meiko Kaji as Mako, the black hatted, surly, leader of a group of ruthless schoolgirls "The Alleycats," who get their kicks fighting, mugging men and dancing to rock and roll. They get in a beef with a racist rival gang "The Eagles" (run by an impotent, mustached, sunglass-wearing, creep called The Baron) when one of the girls starts dating a "half breed." It all ends in a violent confrontation with Molotov cocktails in Coca Cola bottles and a shotgun finale. With psychedelic colors, great fashion, and entertaining interludes of an all-girl pop band called Golden Half, this film by Yasuharu Hasebe really rocks.

tumblr_n9o70chEcY1tdo66yo1_r1_500.gifSwitchblade Sisters (1975)
Director Jack Hill was the king of female action flicks -- especially his work with the legendary Pam Grier in Coffy, Foxy Brown and The Big Bird Cage. But this is a trash masterpiece. Joanne Nail plays Maggie, the new member of "The Dagger Debs" led by the badass Lace (played by Robbie Lee, who snarls through her teeth throughout the whole film). But jealous Patch (Monica Gayle) is out to frame Maggie, which leads to an all out war with a rival gang. Customized tanks, the Black Panthers, and machine guns all play a part of the insane finale of this grindhouse great.

tumblr_nhf0g7a3P91rs1xsxo1_500.jpgThe Female Bunch (1971)
Schlock filmmaker Al Adamson has forever fascinated me -- and not just because the director was killed by his contractor and buried in cement in his Jacuzzi. His movies were bad in fabulously entertaining ways. From the inadvertently hilarious Dracula vs. Frankenstein to Satan's Sadists, his movies frequently defy description. And he often starred his leading lady in real life, the buxom and glamorous Regina Carrol. In this movie Carrol (sporting big blonde hair) plays a go-go dancer who is part of a secret man-hating society in Utah. They all look like showgirls and are involved in the drug trade. They also ride horseback to trap, brand and execute their male enemies. A few sequences were shot at Spahn Ranch in California while Charles Manson and his merry band were there. "They treat their horses better than their men!" screamed the ads.

f04a7530be8b7066837acf24f64f6404.jpgOlga's House Of Shame (1964)
The best of the notorious "Olga" films, directed by Joseph P. Mawra in the early 60s. Olga (the wonderful Audrey Campbell) is the sadistic leader of a crime syndicate involved in prostitution, narcotics and jewel smuggling. She recruits girls and brings them to what looks like an abandoned sawmill to punish them mercilessly until they shape up. Lots of whipping, electrocution and a hilarious voice-over describing the action with deadpan weirdness.

tumblr_n5ntjsDHL31txz4fro1_1280.jpgThe Doll Squad(1973)
Director Ted. V. Mikels is a real character. A burly Ernest Hemingway type, he lived in a castle in L.A. with seven "castle ladies" and directed some memorably loony films like The Corpse Grinders, The Worm Eaters and Astro-Zombies. This film, a definite model for Charlie's Angels, is about an all-girl team of bodacious assassins hired by the CIA to combat rocket saboteurs. Tura Satana (of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! fame) stars as one of the gun-toting dames.

tumblr_n3h69aTFEY1skwl5to1_500.jpgTeenage Doll (1957)

Teenage Doll is a bizarre, little-known 1957 Roger Corman film starring June Kenney as a pretty blonde teen who accidentally pushes a member of the "Black Widows" off a roof and spends the night trying to escape from the vengeful girl gang. It includes surreal touches like the heroine's weird mom (Dorothy Neumann), a birdlike elderly woman who wears little-girl dresses and pigtails, and a scene where the heroine finds her sister sitting in the dark eating a cardboard box.

Andy Warhol's Bad (1977)

A wildly underrated pitch-black comedy from the Andy Warhol gang, directed by long-time Factory associate Jed Johnson. The divine Carroll Baker ("Baby Doll") stars as Hazel, running a beauty salon out of her Queens house but making extra cash from sending out a group of morally bankrupt women to commit paid "hits" like throwing an unwanted baby out of a window, crushing the legs of a man in his auto shop, setting a fire in a movie theater and even stabbing a dog. Perry King is the dim but hot drifter and new member of the household. Susan Tyrrell is pitifully hilarious as the dowdy daughter-in-law living there. Standouts include the deadpan, sardonically funny, Geraldine and Maria Smith and the unforgettable Brigid Berlin. This warped wonder seriously needs to be re-discovered.

tumblr_nnembpDCLu1uofa8co1_500.gifSpring Breakers (2012)
We've come a long way from Where the Boys Are with this demented, fabulous, Harmony Korine film about a bunch of female college students who commit armed robbery to fund their Spring Break vacation.  Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Faith (Selena Gomez), Brit (Ashley Benson) and Cotty (Rachel Korine) keep up their string of lawless terror when they get to Florida, hooking up with a colorful drug dealer named Alien (a funny James Franco) who has cornrows and gold-plated teeth. It's Girls Gone Wild with string bikinis and machine guns and Korine's hallucinatory use of color creates a wild head-trip of a film.

Premiere: Palehound Battles The Burden Of Beauty In "Healthier Folk"

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 6.52.12 PM.png
Sweet with a lick of acid, Palehound has been astonishing us since her Bent Nail EP with the kind of acerbic lyricism, gritty vigor and arpeggiated hooks that make her one of the most exciting new voices in indie rock -- and "Healthier Folk" is no exception. Tackling the strange burden of beauty, the accompanying visuals are equally as accomplished as Fvckthemedia's Faye Orlove crafts an intriguing candy-colored world that leaves us absolutely breathless. Trust us, it's well worth a watch.

Friday Superlatives: The Best, Worst And Weirdest Of The Week


Best analogy in a porn ad: Pornhub just released a commercial comparing its premium subscription service to Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, which the "king of cheese"'s consortium called "offensive for our producers and their work." So much for trying to give a compliment. -- Suzannah Weiss

Most depressing chart: Donald Trump's "blood coming out of her wherever" debacle wasn't the only B.S. Megyn Kelly faced for calling out the GOP candidate's history of sexism. Watch mentions of Kelly alongside words like "bitch" and "slut" spike in this chart created by Izzy Galvez using Twitter data. -- S.W.

Fox News viewers had no issue w/ Megyn Kelly for at least 12 months until she asked Trump tough questions. #GOPDebate pic.twitter.com/cm8GzaYgkC

-- Izzy Galvez (@iglvzx) August 7, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 5.25.01 PM.png

Best Fast-Food Creation Myth: One punctuation-less tweet from One Direction's Liam Payne was apparently all it took to bring back Burger King's cult Chicken Fries, seeing as how he allegedly caused a surge in social media mentions by (most likely) forgetting to specify he ate both chicken and fries. -- Sandra Song
Worst Medical Advice: Apparently the "esteemed" Dr. Ric Gordon condoned a "concentration camp-style diet" this week on the Today show, reasoning that, "there were no overweight people in the concentration camps." Um, what...? -- S.S.

Most Polarizing Food Mash-Up: Japan has beat us to it once again with ramen-flavored ice cream. After all, that "sweet and salty" combo is still a trend, right? --S.S.

Best Tribute on a Speedboat: The death of beloved veteran Brooklyn rapper Sean Price has prompted an outpouring of support and remembrance, but none quite like this video posted by the elusive MF DOOM, in which the rapper appears to be almost literally sailing off into the sunset. -- Eric Thurm

Best New Activity for NYC Stoners
: Riding the adorable, otherworldly new SeaGlass Carousel that opens to the public August 20th at Battery Park. So many colors, so many shimmering rays of light.....so many huge 12-foot-fish fish to loom over you while you're tripping the undersea light fantastic. Actually, maybe this is a bad idea. Watch the Times'rhapsodic video above.--Elizabeth Thompson

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 5.43.06 PM.pngBest Writing on Kim Kardashian and Contouring, Ever:Arabelle Sicardi's Racked.com piece"I Attended a 50-Step Contouring Class With Kim Kardashan West." Sicardi sat-in on a dizzying, $300 Kardashian "makeup masterclass" with longtime KKW makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, who practiced his technique on our favorite cover girl in front of a room of eager pupils. Per Sicardi, Kardashian-West's multi-mascara, multi-concealer, multi-multi-multi-step beauty process is born not from mere vanity but, "out of necessity from the lack of chill around her, and in desire to be the best at what she does: being a celebrity version of Any (Beautiful) Girl, a sweet woman of the cellulose. A living, celebrity, cyborg ghost -- her video game self is as real and as malleable as her human body, she curates both selves with a certain amount of freedom and control." Read the whole excellent thing here. --Elizabeth Thompson

Worst Political Attempt at "Getting" the Internet: Hillary Clinton's campaign attempted to use "cool" things like "emojis" to talk about a very serious issue -- student loan debt, asking people on social media to respond by describing their feelins in "3 emojis or less." It was pretty tone-deaf on multiple levels, but especially because the campaign didn't ask respondents to use based emoji, which is maybe why Clinton lost Lil B's crucial endorsement. -- E.T.

Least Bad Response to the Sesame Street-HBO News: Most of the jokes about Sesame Street moving to HBO are bad, but generally good Twitter account @Seinfeld2000's was great because it managed to both mock the hackiness of the other jokes while conjuring up gross imagery about Grover. Congrats, everyone. -- E.T.

Sweetest Reaction to Obama's Vacation Playlist: Will Sheff of Okkervil River, whose "Down Down the Deep River" appears on Obama's playlist, is really excited about the whole thing. He told Paper:

"The news about the President's playlist has made for a crazy day. Back when I was a broke video store employee trying to pressure my friends into coming out to my Monday night bar gig, I certainly never dreamed that the President of the United States would have my song in his ears at some point later in my life. Not only because that wasn't on my radar at all but because the world was different then -- there was still money in CDs, streaming services didn't exist, "indie rock" still felt like a mostly invisible micro-genre, and the President was supposed to stay at semi-remove from pop culture. We live in a different world now, of course. I have no idea how "Down Down the Deep River" found its way to the President. If I were being cynical I'd suspect there's someone whose job it is to shoot some jams his way. If I wanted to pay myself on the back about it I'd suspect that he likes the groove and the keyboard hook and he appreciates that there's a more complicated narrative on top. The fact that he chose that particular song has been kind of personally validating because it's one of my favorites - so much so that I've spent the last two years writing and directing an elaborate, expensive movie version of the film that we're just now setting up some screenings for. Maybe I should send him a DVD?"
That's really sweet. Congrats, Will. -- E.T.

Azealia Banks Is Right; That Wax Figure Of Nicki Minaj Is Peak Shade


Madame Tussaud's recently unveiled their new wax figure of Nicki Minaj based on her record-breaking, "dick-negative" Anaconda" video -- and Azealia Banks took to Twitter to rightfully express her frustration.

Calling it "underhanded shade," Banks has an incredibly legitimate point -- why is (arguably) the most powerful, influential woman in hip-hop portrayed in the most submissive, non-threatening position she can be in? 

And while you may cry, "Stop nit-picking, it's just a wax figure," remember that this will be the permanent representation of one of the strongest black females in pop culture to millions of Tussaud tourists for, uh, forever. This was the pose they determined "represented her best" -- the one "iconic" moment they chose to highlight out of millions of others. Not her in any of the other scenes in the video, and not her standing up with a mic, spitting bars and killing it -- but her crawling on her hands and knees; the ultimate stance of deference.

It's just ironic that her "Anaconda" video, as an incredible anthem to female sexuality, is being used in this way -- and will be, as Banks aptly notes, something people will just use to stick their crotch in for funny photos.

There's a long artistic history of utilizing the image of someone on all fours to depict submission and deference -- from medieval imagery's reliance on the all-fours "hybrid beast" to Keith Haring's Baby/Dog image. If you want to get into some deep art theory, our evolution to stand vertically is a visual representation of human superiority, and by taking away her verticality, you take away her power. You equate her to something way less than what she is. Wanna try this again, Madame Tussauds?


Disclosure Drops The Video For Their Silky-Smooth Kwabs-Aided Single "Willing & Able"

Even though Disclosure's highly-anticipated Caracal release has a number of high-profile collaborators, the one I was most excited for was this Kwabs track -- and it does not disappoint.

Because while Disclosure's subdued, souled-out production is spot on, the real stand-out here is Kwabs' addictive, silky-smooth voice, which glides in between the brothers' signature house groove and kind of makes me want to melt into a little puddle of goo. For the record we bloody love this song too.

Get your glass of red ready and listen below.

Check Out "Slumlord," the New Single From Neon Indian

neon indian album.jpgIt's been a couple of months since Alan Palomo, a.k.a. Neon Indian, released "Annie," his first piece of new music in a couple of years, and an extremely fun summer song for anyone spending considerable amounts of time driving around in the sun. As the summer heads toward its inevitable, depressing end, he's put out a new single, "Slumlord," and announced the title of his new album -- VEGA INTL. Night School, set for an October 16 release. "Annie" is practically bursting with bright, carefree, fun, but "Slumlord," while equally driving, has a touch of late-night menace. It suggests that VEGA INTL. will adhere to the sound we've come to expect from Neon Indian (and the dead-undead "chillwave" subgenre), but with a dash of maturity. Check out the cover art for the album above, and "Slumlord" below. [via Consequence of Sound]

Openings and Closing and Overused Metaphors: Everything We Saw and Heard at Last Night's Art Events


Saying a (temporary) goodbye to @cornerdeliellie's legendary #55Gansevoort--with whiskey and free 🍦.

A photo posted by mollygottschalk (@mollygottschalk) on

Closing party at 55 Gansevoort

With the end of August comes that sudden need for change. We urge to turn that hot air into breeze, get back to work or class, exchange the crop top for a blazer and use a bunch of trite metaphors to express our feelings of endings and beginnings. This week the art world welcomed a new gallery, bid farewell to a quirky staple of the scene, and let the changing of seasons stand for a whole lot more.

Three flights up in a studio building in the strangely barron neighborhood on the cusp of Soho and Tribeca, a Chicago gallery known for it's plucky curation and eccentric artists celebrated its move to New York City. Queer Thoughts gallery, or QT, used to reside in the apartment of directors Luis Miguel Bendaña and Sam Lipp, is used to packing punch into a small space. Their first show, titled The End of Violent Crime, explores the possibility of a world without violence with a collection of mostly violent video, sound, sculpture, photography and collage. On each end of the tiny room, speakers projected two songs, "The Most Wanted Song" and "The Most Unwanted Song," a sound installation by Komar & Melamid with neuroscientist Dave Soldier that takes statistics of the population's favorite and least favorite sounds and compiles them into one song to represent. Darja Bajagić's small collaged images of horror movie proportions (some even using fake blood) dressed the walls while Patricia L. Boyd's video of a man's hands disabling car parts. With so many people, unwanted sounds and blood splatters, it was an overwhelming introduction for the transplant gallery, but hopefully a wanted new voice in the art world.

#rachelfoullon at #55gansevoort

A photo posted by Ryan Wallace (@yearmillion) on

With every opening comes a closing, and unfortunately, with the takeover of a new Restoration Hardware coming to the Meatpacking district, it was the end of a surprisingly long run for the endearingly tiny vestibule turned gallery 55 Gansevoort. Creator Ellie Rines welcomed friends, artists, lovers, and onlookers to celebrate the life of the quirky space around a installation of large rotating wooden sculpture by artist Rachel Foullon. An ice cream truck, serving drippy cones to the masses, blasted a sad song mix by Rines that had the crowd singing together. People spilled onto the cobblestone street, confusing the hords of tourists in a neighborhood that was always a strange fit for such a delightfully strange space. It won't be the end of 55 Gansevoort, which will eventually find a new home but keep its name, but the night signified a change we all knew was coming. But as the seasons change and the leaves turn and we all get ready for the tidal wave of September openings, we try to appreciate the things we have while we have them, and not sing "Turn, Turn, Turn" too loudly under our breaths.

The smallest gallery with the biggest dreams - @cornerdeliellie #55Gansevoort #RachelFoullon

A photo posted by Olivia Smith (@ashoonk) on

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Obama's Vacation Playlist is Proof He's Finally Stopped Caring

enhanced-23279-1417032364-8.pngLook: We've long known President Obama was a dad. There were the funny, but still sometimes corny jokes, the jeans, and the fact that he has two children. But over the course of the last couple of years of his second term in office -- the one when he doesn't have reelection hanging over his head -- he's fully revealed the goofiness of his dad-ly taste in music, most notably by talking about how much he likes The Black Keys and inviting them to come over and jam at his place. Come on, Barack.

Today, the administration published a Spotify playlist of what Obama will be listening to on vacation. It includes a lot of good, classic dad choices (you can't really fault the inclusion of The Isley Brothers, Miles Davis, or Joni Mitchell), decent rap songs that your dad definitely listens to if he's into rap (Reflection Eternal, Mos Def), and a couple of softer newer artists that your cool dad definitely likes (Florence + The Machine).

However, there are some... gross choices. Coldplay, Mr. President? The Lumineers?

Wow. If these trends keep up, the President Obama of December 2016, completely out of shits to give, will just up and admit that he loves Nickelback or Ed Sheeran or something.

Taylor Fish, Nicki Pepe and Jackie Chan: WTF Are These Celebrity Fortune Reposts

If you ever frequent the fringes of weird Tumblr/Twitter, you've probably encountered the super random "Repost X Celebrity For Good Fortune/Money" memes at some point -- some rarer than others, depending on what sorts of accounts you follow. And while the faces may range from 5 Seconds Of Summer to Taylor Swift's head on a fish, the thing that stays consistent are their promises of good fortune, wealth or all of the above. Because the Internet is full of superstitious goobers, I guess.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 4.07.14 PM.png
Taylor Fish

More like 5 Seconds For Good Luck, amirite

But when, exactly, did famous faces get involved? After all, nonsensical urban myth reposts have always existed in some form or another, whether we're talking early email-era chain letters or things like the more recent "magic bagel," but the inclusion of a celebrity-themed category is a much newer, somewhat tangential development. 

magic bagel.jpg
Magic Bagel

One of the most popular and prominent ones is dailyjackiechan's "Chan of Wealth" meme, which was born at the end of this past January and has since garnered over 600K reblogs. I mean, it makes sense, since Chan's WTF face has already become a reaction meme staple -- not to mention the fact that he's also (surprisingly enough) the second highest paid actor in the world. Guess I would take a lottacashselfies too if I had all that yuan, man. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 3.57.14 PM.png
The Chan of Fortune

And since the original proved so popular, another similar reblog meme was appropriately born on Jackie Chan's 61st birthday this past April. Weirdly enough, it's still being reblogged 4 months later.
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 2.37.58 PM.png
Chan Birthday Fortune

Lately though, it looks as if The Chan of Fortune may be losing steam, as newer memes that crossover these celebrity reblogs with the classic sad frog reaction meme known as Pepe (who is also sometimes used as his very own fortune meme) have begun appearing everywhere in the past few months.

Fetty Wap Pepe

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 4.12.02 PM.png
Taylor Swift "Shake It Off" Pepe

Nicki Minaj Pepe

The Weeknd Pepe

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 5.04.06 PM.png
Ariana Grande Pepe

Similarly, we like to think that this particular One Direction repost was inspired by their Pepe-ish good looks.

But what does this cross-pollination of Internet weirdness even mean? But most importantly, does this shit work? 

Seems Taylor Fish-y but maybe there's something to it all?

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 3.58.59 PM.png

All of the Penises You Missed In Your Favorite Movies

james-bond-holding-gun-600x360.jpgDicks are basically everywhere, whether they belong to Lenny Kravitz or a sad beta bro. This video from Now You See It is a surprisingly thorough overview of the use of phallic symbolism in film, in case you're a weirdo who hasn't spent a lot of time thinking about the way dicks are subtly portrayed on camera. There's a rundown of ways sex is alluded to, the ways phallic symbols demonstrate masculinity, and a pretty great closing bit from George Carlin that ties the whole thing together. Just watch it -- why not? It's really fine if the rest of your plans for the evening get shafted. [via The A.V. Club]

H Sister Brand "& Other Stories" Launches First All-Transgender Campaign

H&M's sister brand, & Other Stories, is taking steps to make good on their name with their fall campaign -- which was entirely modeled, shot and put together by a transgender creative team.

Starring top models Hari Nef and Valentijn De Hingh, the shoot was also photographed by Amos Mac, styled by Love Bailey and made-up by Nina Poon -- and it all looks real cute, as the campaign for their forthcoming athletic-inspired collection features lots of mesh, metallics and streamlined zip pockets at budget-friendly prices. Chic n' cheap!

However, De Hingh said working with a trans team was the best part, "That's something I haven't experienced with other shoots, per se, where I've worked with other teams, other models, multiple girl stories, where you work with each other professionally and you like each other and have good conversation, but it's not the same thing as working with an all-trans team." 

The collection is in stores August 20.


Taken By A Photograph

Fred Perry track jacket, Kenzo Trousers



Joyrich jacket, Paul Smith trousers, Gosha Rubchinskiy sport socks, Kitz shoes.


Xander Zhou Shearling coat, Martine Rose hoodie.


Devon Halfnight Leflufy jacket and pants, Charlier Turtleneck, Topman sneakers.


Gosha Rubchinskiy Hoodie and sweatpants.



Diesel leather jacket.


Christopher Shannon jacket and pants.


Kenzo knit jacket, Christopher Shannon jeans, Lacoste pouch.

Photography by Paolo Zerbini at Atomo Management, styling by Benjamin Brouillet, makeup by Elias Hove at Jed Root, hair by Jose Quijano at D+V Management. Producer: Amy Guthrie Production; casting director: David Steven Wilton; models: Jonjo at Storm and Jackson at Supa; photography assitants: Matt Wash and Vale Casalini; stylist's assitant: Anja Jenny

The Sunday Funnies


This baby tortoise's snack game is chill as hell. [TastefullyOffensive]

15GAU.jpg No one! [Mlkshk]

15G43.jpgPortrait of everyone's weekend as a young pug. [Mlkshk]

tumblr_nsz61gAgl71typl03o1_500.jpgSounds about right. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

tumblr_nclj0sBCwH1t61buio1_500.jpgPeak tiny teefs. The omega tiny teefs. [LaughterKey]

The Nomi Malone of kooky flight attendants gives an amazing flight safety instructions routine. [TastefullyOffensive]

tumblr_nonylsODc31r3abdgo1_1280.pngThe HORRRRRRRROr. [LaughterKey]

tumblr_nt24a34ukI1qb5gkjo1_500.jpgIt's a very simple question: How big are your apples collections? Jesus.[FYouNoFMe]

15G9F.jpg5 months! [Mlkshk]

A man tortures his sister with endless lip synching on a 7-hour car ride and it's the best. [TastefullyOffensive]
tumblr_nrgadp28SB1qivspno1_1280.jpgSwag. [LaughterKey]

tumblr_nsfqazSVgR1tvc530o1_500.jpg Our new DJ name. [FYouNoFMe]

One of the most effective anti-piracy ads you will ever see. [FYouNoFMe]
15FPS.jpgÜbermensch af, dawg! [Mlkshk]

Have a chill Sunday. [mlkshk]

The Drakeover: A Radio Station in North Carolina Is Playing Drake 24/7


A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

Talk about going from 0 to 100 real quick, because over the weekend, a radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina began playing only Drake-affiliated jams and literally nothing else.

Replacing gospel station Praise 92.7, it's still unclear what or who is behind this all -- though there has been mention in between songs of "a special announcement" sometime today. Is it some sort of marketing ploy? A wealthy fan? Praise's #rebrand? The 6 God himself? Only time will tell.

Stream the Drakeover here.


Willow Smith's "Wit A Indigo" Video Is An Inverted, Alien Affair

Willow Smith's brand new video for "Wit A Indigo" is a distinctly family affair -- but we're not talking Will, Jada or Jaden.

All crazy inverted colors and quavering camerawork, the track is a collaboration with her budding Diaspora collective -- and it's well worth a watch, as Crystal Mec, Tru and Tyler Cole all make dizzying, psyched-out cameos in this head-spinning visual that turns Venice Beach into something straight out of a Gibson-penned dream. And Willow, per usual, plays with enunciation and her intriguing blend of dramatized rap-singing, producing something that's equal parts alienating, hypnotizing and pretty unforgettable. Just make sure you have some dramamine ready before you peep the video below.