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What's Up with Kanye West's New Website?

kanye-west1.jpgLast night, Kanye West shared a link on Twitter to the mysterious "yeezy.supply." When we first went to the site this morning, it displayed a timer in the center of the screen, counting down to something (currently the timer reads: 6:03:36:04) against the backdrop of a super grainy, two minute video. When we visited the site a second time because, hey, why not, the video was different; it was just over five minutes long and it clearly showed the inside of a warehouse space. Then the video did something weird, went green, and text popped up that read "Kanye West is Live," as if the video feed was being relayed in real time, but nothing really happened. So, uh, what's up with your new website, 'Ye?

We know that the noted style prophet is designing a collection for Adidas (there's an app for that) and is rumored to be showing at New York Fashion Week on February 12th. The site's timer also ends on February 12th at 4pm EST, so in all likelihood, yeezy.supply will probably be a glorified Kanye West merch store or some sort of premiere for his collection. More ominously, this could be the start of Yeezus' industrialized, fashion army. Watch out.  

Yoko Ono On Achieving World Peace: "Think of People Smiling"

6348864255844662503542600_38_IMG_0253.JPGSin City just got a little more peaceful, thanks to a new art installation by Yoko Ono. The artist and longtime peace activist brought her Imagine Peace project to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel, which will see the words 'Imagine Peace' spelled out in 24 different languages passing over a three-minute long video cloudscape projected on lobby columns, registration desks and LED displays outside the building. We had the chance to talk to Ono about her piece and were pleasantly surprised that despite all the grief happening in the world right now, she still thinks the future looks bright. Read on to hear her thoughts on Millennials, the Internet and the biggest thing we need to be doing to achieve peace.
What do you think is the biggest change the world needs to make collectively to come closer to achieving peace?

To make peace a reality, you have to first imagine it. You have to visualize it. I think that if 99 percent of the world imagine world peace, I think we're going to be able to do it...There are some people who say, "We're facing doomsday" or "This is not going to happen." But we don't have to do that. We just have to understand that it's going to be great if all of us together wish for it. You see already what's happening -- around the '50s and '60s, people really admired people who went to war and killed people. "Oh I killed 20 people." "Oh my god, that's great!" or something. Now people don't feel that way. People feel it's much nicer if all of us will be peaceful. I think our common knowledge has changed a lot.

Our values have changed.

Right. The values are changing a lot and it's changing in a very good way, I think.

It sounds like you're optimistic.

Yes, definitely. Well...actually I don't think of myself as optimistic. I think of myself as being very practical.

But you think it's still possible for us to achieve greater peace despite what's happening in our country with Ferguson and the Eric Garner cases and then globally like in the Middle East for instance?

Yes. As long as we know that we can make [peace]. We have to be pragmatic. And that's what we're doing.

Are you political? Do you follow what's happening in government?

I just feel so sorry for people who work in the government. There's so much red tape so there's not very much that they can do. I think that ordinary people -- especially artists with creative ideas -- they can do much more than people in the government.

And the Internet makes it easier for people to spread their ideas.

I know. This is a great age. Most people didn't know anything about the world outside of themselves but now you can find out the history of all different countries in the world if you want to.

Do you think that in the age of the Internet, our well-being and the general level of peace has increased?

Yes, definitely. Definitely. I think people these days -- people say things like "young ones are not really together." But no, they're very, very together! The youth of today are very, very intelligent. When you look at the youth of, say, the 1950s, there's such a big difference.

How so?

Well I think what we were taught at the time [in the '50s] didn't mean anything really. We thought, "Well, we have to follow that because that's what our parents are saying" or whatever. These days we know that it's very important that we keep [questioning].

Do you think youth today are just as active and engaged as they were say, in the '60s?

Well I think that step by step, we're increasing our wisdom and now when you look at young people, they talk about meditation and people understand [what they're talking about]. In the '50s or '60s, many people would have said, "What is that? Why is it so important?" Now we have a greater understanding amongst each other and it's really great that we don't have to explain it all -- we don't have people laugh at us when we say things like that.

Let's return back to the topic about what we need to do to achieve peace. When you spoke of imagining peace, are there any thoughts or visualizations we should be doing in particular?

Well, think about all people smiling. How could people smile in a violent world? Just recently I read a Japanese [study] that found out that when people are smiling, the whole condition of their body is different...It's as simple as that.

Kim Kardashian Has No More Fucks to Give

In a variation on our Break the Internet theme (oil!), Kim Kardashian appears as fully naked, glistening, disorientingly tall glamazon from the future (in the future no one has eyebrows or wears clothes, FYI) in the latest issue of Love magazine. Yes, the same issue that also features Kendall Jenner with comically massive fake boobs and now Kylie Jenner, as a blonde. We can all blame Cara Delevingne for this.

Since each member of the Kardashian-Jenner fam has something exaggerated or absurd done to their bodies for this issue of Love, our guess is that Kim K's gargantuan appearance is intentional. Shot by Steven Klein, the proportions of the moody photos make the tiny Kardashian look 10-feet tall, and I honestly would not be mad if she crushed me with those 6-inch Prada heels. The ice-queen-on-vacation vibe she's giving off in the spread makes me feel like I'd definitely deserve that because I am so clearly not worthy. I get it, this is Kim's world; we all just live in it and have to deal with seeing her pubic area from time to time. That seems fair. See the rest of the photos from the latest issue of Love, below.

The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week


Best Documentary of the Week: Florida Man, an hour-long documentary highlighting the parking lot-loitering, hardscrabble men of various Florida cities. Filmmaker Sean Dunne and his crew drove around at night, interviewing anyone who looked interesting to them. And, as we all know, Florida is is filled with only with the very interesting. Check out the trailer above and watch the whole film here. -- Elizabeth Thompson

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 5.49.58 PM.png
Biggest Banana Hater of the Week: Jack White. Who knows what trauma Jack White suffered at the hands of this fairly innocuous snack, but according to White's leaked contract for his recent performance at University of Oklahoma, bananas are a strict no-no. "This is a NO BANANA TOUR," the rider announces in all seriousness. "We don't want to see bananas anywhere in the building." Perhaps this is why this song exists, just sayin'. -- Gabby Bess

tumblr_ne5va9JCdt1s7ihr0o1_250.gifBest Argument For Multi-Faith Tolerance: The new storyline on Downton Abbey with Lady Rose cuddling up to sexy Atticus Aldridge, scion of a rich, newly ennobled family that happens to be Jewish. Obviously inspired by the Rotshchilds this story is particularly topical in light of the large increase in anti-Semitic incidents in Europe. -- Mickey Boardman

Best Shade of the Week: The Twitter user who said "Wiz Khalifa looks like a homeless woman," as seen on Jimmy Kimmel's 'Celebrities Who Read Mean Tweets.' Damn. -- Abby Schreiber

Best Excuse for Wetting One's Pants in a Bathroom: This excellent Ellen-Bieber prank. Someone please make a gif of the girl screaming at 1:16 so I can spend the weekend relating to her searing terror and ecstasy. -- James Rickman

ICYMI at the #NYR game last night Tom Hanks and Wilson were finally reunited! #BFF

A video posted by New York Rangers (@nyrangers) on

Most Heartwarming Reunion of the Week: Tom Hanks and Wiiiiiiiiiilson's. Former Castaway Tom Hanks was reunited with his beloved volleyball Wilson at a Rangers vs. Bruins game at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday. We wish the happy couple the best. -- G.B.

tumblr_njb8k0C2HV1qci9uio1_540.gifBest Sexual Sub-Plot on TV of the Week: Broad City's bit about pegging. They really WENT there and Abbi has officially overthrown Marnie's claim to the "raunchiest buttplay scene this season" title. -- A.S.

Best Mashup Since Van Lennon's "Imagine a Jump":
Nine in Nails' "The Perfect Drug" layered uncannily over "Shake It Off." I am not a hater, nor do I hate hate hate hate hate, but there's just no denying that this version is a massive improvement. -- J.R.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 6.09.14 PM.pngBest Kanye This Week:
Old Kanye: I'm all for artistic experimentation and growth, but I'm kind of tired of the whole Paul McCartney thing at this pint. Meanwhile, his single "All Day," a new version of which leaked this week but which will probably never see the light of day, evokes the all-black-wallpaper-sex-dungeon-rage vibe that was what made "Yeezus" so great. Come back Yeezus Ye. -- E.T.

Best Celebrity Haiku:
Nick "Amish Paradise" Offerman's in the Sundance episode of Inconvenient Interviews with Risa. Ready? Here it is:
Pigs' feet
Cat Stevens
Cancer sucks balls

-- J.R.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 6.04.43 PM.pngWorst (or Best) Way for Musicians to Discover How Popular/Cool They Actually Are: The Grammy Awards seating chart. Last night, the seating arrangements for this Sunday's show leaked online and the matchups are interesting. Anyone who matters has a front row seat (Kimye, Bey & Jay, Prince) while others (ahem, we're looking at you Adam Levine in the fourth row) discover how far they are from the cool kids. -- Tené Young

The Sunday Funnies


ICYMI: Jimmy Kimmel's latest music installment of his "Mean Tweets" series -- featuring Drake, Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea and more -- is especially mean. Poor Wiz Khalifa.

tumblr_nj6h9xLkr51qa6w7zo1_1280.jpegSo #blessed. [Megret]

. 12OZ5.jpgThese things happen. [Mlkshk]

tumblr_njcyng5Bzu1qewacoo1_540.jpgOr how all Delia's models posed. [FYeahDementia]

Watch Will Ferrell slay Beyonce's "Drunk in Love" on the Tonight Show. This is magic.
 tumblr_njezkrq0eE1qh66wqo9_500.jpgHow are we just finding out about the subreddit "Cats in Business Attire?" It's the greatest thing that's ever happened to us. [Reddit]

Being dead or born before 1978 is your only excuse for not having seen, and been delighted by, the Tonight Show's insanely viral Saved by the Bell reunion. Tiffani Amber Thiessen is ageless.
asshole-hawk-3.jpgInside one man's harrowing account of an "asshole hawk" who crashed through his bedroom window, pooped everywhere and then had the NERVE to pose for the camera. [Uproxx]

tumblr_inline_nihpmsZ19Q1rwclmn.jpgTruth. [AftenoonSnoozeButton]

tumblr_nhtm3qHKdl1rxf7n9o1_500.gifThis is horrifying. [FYouNoFMe]

tumblr_nic9vsVjV81rv37c1o1_500.pngSweet. [ZacktheBrown]

Just a five-minute long video of a puppy named Andy slowly falling asleep in his water bowl. [TastefullyOffensive]

tumblr_moz58iSdEd1qhykqvo1_1280.jpgPerfect. [FYouNoFMe]

12OYK.jpgOn the internet, nobody knows you're a possum. [Mlkshk]

tumblr_nj6oacuPji1tlb56zo1_400.gifThis is the internet's most important GIF, case closed. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

tumblr_mzzfz8oFBa1qh2tj5o1_500.pngSame. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

Us every day. [Funnies]

Morning Funnies: Grammys Edition


Kanye almost Kanyed Beck when he beat out Beyonce for album of the year, but thought better of it. [Dlisted]
It was a heart-stopping moment. [Via Stereogum]

This is painful. [via Billboard]

Tween twitter didn't know who Beck was. Time to get serious about joining AARP. [Stereogum]

Left shark was carrying you the whole time. [BFF]

grammysprince.pngShe flies in Christmas Eve and takes the red eye back Christmas night. [@FabASSKee]

Show of our dreams. [Via Billboard]

257D402500000578-2945375-image-m-103_1423452503811.jpgIggy Azalea's braid-thing-crown-hair looked like a giant bird's nest. [DailyMail]


Pharrell shooting laser beams of NO at Taylor Swift while she danced in the audience. [Stereogum]

tumblr_njhj39BICe1s3y9slo1_500.gifIs this what you'll see every time you close your eyes for the rest of your life? Same. [Stereogum]


Never speak to Kanye West again, Ryan Seacrest. [DaveItzkoff]
 kanyetaylor.png This happened.

What would Divine think of Ariana Grande? [PattonOswalt]

#ALLDAY. [Cosmo]

tumblr_njhfjmr6bZ1r83d7lo1_540.gifThe Grammys' camera operator KILLED SIR PAUL'S VIBE while he was dancing to ELO. Way to go. [Stereogum]

tumblr_njhg5phEJQ1sx94wlo1_400.gifTaylor Swift didn't know the words to "Mr. Blue Sky," but Haim did, because they're DA BEST. [Stereogum]

AC/DC don't know the words to their song "Rock or Bust." I mean, do you? Why is this such an outrage? [Via Stereogum]

Marilyn Manson Shows Us His Soft Side


Earlier this year, Marilyn Manson's father gave him a birthday gift that shocked even him: his report cards from Christian school. "They were all A's," says the singer, seated in the dimly lit restaurant of a luxury hotel overlooking Central Park, late on a Sunday night. More surprising than his grades, though, were the notes his teachers wrote. "Brian is a very courteous, sensitive and serious young man," said one. (Manson's birth name is Brian Warner.) Another offered, "Brian shows an enthusiasm for the Bible and is very considerate of his fellow classmates." Manson laughs.

By age 15, young Brian had grown skeptical of religion. Since the first grade, his teachers at Canton, Ohio's Heritage Christian School had been hammering him with visions of the Antichrist triggering the end of the world. "It didn't happen," he says, treating the lessons like broken promises. "So the disillusionment caused embitterment." Within the decade, Brian Warner would become Marilyn Manson, the self-proclaimed God of Fuck, the All-American Antichrist, the Born Villain.

Few artists have stuck by their iconoclastic convictions as long as Marilyn Manson, now 46. Since emerging as the world's most welcoming  scapegoat in the '90s, with belligerent anthems like "The Beautiful People" and rumors of horror-show concerts that featured him cutting himself and shredding Bibles onstage, the singer has become a hero to the downtrodden and an enemy to moral America. Now, with a newfound confidence that came in part from recent upheavals in his family, Manson has recorded a profound and morose LP that could change even the most wary listener's perception of him.

The Pale Emperor -- named after the first Roman ruler to deny God, Manson gleefully offers -- finds him at his most vulnerable, singing about feeling alone ("The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles"), the inevitability of death ("Odds of Even") and the repercussions of violence ("Killing Strangers"). The music no longer bludgeons listeners with industrial rhythms and metal riff plonking but, thanks to mournful gothic guitar lines and spacious arrangements by co-producer and co-songwriter Tyler Bates (best known for his Guardians of the Galaxy and 300 movie scores), it makes its points with relative subtlety.

But that's not to say he's lost any of his biting wit. When I tell him that his pallid face will be gracing the "Beliefs" issue, he quickly rejoins, "'Lie' is right in the middle of that word."

MarilynMansonPaper1.jpgManson wears a John Varvatos vest and shirt and Fangophilia rings.

It's close to the witching hour, and Manson is appropriately dressed in head-to-toe black, nursing a double vodka at a table he selected for its poor lighting. Having just completed the photo shoot for this issue, he has cleaned most of the makeup off his face, leaving dark penumbras around his eyes. As he speaks, which he does surprisingly quietly, he darts from topic to topic -- excoriating here, punning there --  at lightning speed.

As it turns out, Manson's core beliefs are the same as ever. When the topic of religion arises, he leans back and recalls 1996, the year of his platinum Antichrist Superstar LP. "I had a real hard-on against organized religion," he says. "I don't think that's gone away, but I express it differently. I know 100 percent that there is a cause and effect to every action you do, and freedom of speech does not come with a dental plan."

David Bowie's "Modern Love" fills the room. "That's a good record," Manson says, before returning to his labyrinthine line of thought: "It is quite arrogant of man to create God and say God created man and then expect the world not to come to an end. I think that is quite foolish of man. Even if you did know the answers to life, would you tell everyone? That is the eternal question: To be or not to be an idiot." He pauses and sings along with Bowie -- No religion. "I love that this kicks in as our soundtrack," he says.

Although he soured on religion in school, Manson is open to supernatural stirrings. "I do believe in things beyond our understanding: aliens, angels, demons, whatever they are." He says a house he stayed in while making The Pale Emperor was haunted ("the door would shut behind me, and I would hear things bouncing up the stairs") but, in typical Manson form, he adds, "I ain't afraid of no ghosts." He sees love as a positive energy, and he believes in déjà vu, alchemy and astral projection, though he says he doesn't like addressing those topics with the press. "Do you sit around drawing circles with pentagrams and light candles?" he says. "That's for the uninitiated. That's for the fools."

Manson's right ring finger wears a ring with a pentagram in a black oval. "That's from Angel Heart," he says with a shrug, referencing the 1987 Mickey Rourke film. The man who joined the Church of Satan early in his career then says, "I may have this ring, but Satanism, shit like that, it's whatever." But that doesn't stop him from pulling out his phone to play a clip of an audio analyzer showing that his voice has five tones in it -- impossible to Auto-Tune -- which graph out a visible pentagram on the screen. The friend who showed it to him said, "This is empirical proof that your voice is of the Devil."

MarilynMansonPaper4.jpgManson wears a Dior Homme jacket and John Varvatos shirt

MarilynMansonPaper5.jpgMarilynMansonPaper6.jpgManson wears a Alexandre Plokhov jacket and boots, John Varvatos shirt and Fangophilia rings

Manson's "Hell Not Hallelujah" tour finds him playing a relatively stripped-back set. Gone are the stilt-walking freak-show stunts and dictator-podium speeches of decades past. At New York's Terminal 5,  a few days after our interview, Manson makes his entrance from a fog, like a specter. Props and set dressing are spare: glitter bombs, a mic-knife combo, banners bearing his Cross of Lorraine signet ("As above, so below"). He jokes between songs and even sneaks in a Justin Timberlake line before "This is the New Shit." But he mostly balances his swagger with moody new music and saturated red lighting.

Although the vestiges of Manson past are still present ("There's one thing I learned in rehab," he says at one point, "Fuck Jesus!"), he has clearly entered a new, more mature phase.

"I'm a rock star; I'm not a celebrity," he says back at the hotel. "There's a difference, and that's a definition I try to make clear on this record."

By his own estimation, the reason Manson has re-upped his style is that he wanted to change. When our conversation turns to muses -- something Manson believes in, though people who call themselves muses are "succubae and harpies"-- he says he doesn't look at his girlfriend, photographer and model Lindsay Usich, as one. "I wouldn't say so much a 'muse' [inspired the record] as it was me trying to regain myself," Manson says. "It was a tough year romantically in the sense that, when I turned myself upside down, it was hard for people really close to me -- because one day I said, 'Tomorrow I'm going to change my entire lifestyle.'" Accordingly, he shifted his vampiric clock to start waking up in the morning, stopped drinking absinthe and started going to a trainer ("to kick people's asses if I need to"). "I liked the power of being in control of my life," he says. "I don't have to be tortured to be an artist. This year, I was not tortured."

He pulls up a photo of Usich on his phone and puns, "Amusing."

MarilynMansonPaper3.jpgManson with his father, Hugh Warner.

One thing weighed heavily on Manson while he was making The Pale Emperor: the death of his mother, Barbara Warner. For years, she had been suffering dementia; she passed last May. He has said that album closer "Odds of Even" came from her death, and in our conversation he calls it an epilogue, a reminder that "you die alone." Family now seems to matter more than ever to Manson.

Ultimately, his mother's death brought him closer to his father, Hugh Warner. When I tell Manson that I saw him in Denver in 2001 -- his first post-Columbine concert there, which prompted death threats and protests -- he recalls, "Everyone I know, including Hunter S. Thompson, said, 'Don't go onstage.'" He had brought 40 plainclothes policemen with him and decided to play anyway. "My dad said it best: 'If they wanted to kill you, they wouldn't warn you in advance,'" Manson tells me. "And he would know, because he fought in Vietnam."

When Manson brings up his dad, he exudes happiness and awe. Lately, the shock rocker has been talking to the elder Warner a lot more, about his service in the military and "a lot of things we never talked about before." For years, Manson had been trying to persuade his dad to move to L.A. to be closer; getting a role on Sons of Anarchy, Papa Warner's favorite show, did the trick. Now they're sharing deep conversations and Manson is learning new things about his family. His father drove to L.A., for instance, to spread his mother's ashes along Route 66 -- her favorite place, "which I never knew."

Driving home Manson's expressions of filial love is the fact that, during our interview, Hugh is in the adjoining lobby. At our cover shoot, Manson's father put on the singer's makeup. "That's a good Ghost of Christmas Future," Manson says, laughing. "When I see pictures of my dad, I'm like, He looks like me. The first time I saw my dad in makeup was, ironically, the second concert I ever went to. He dressed as Gene Simmons and took me to the Kiss 'Dynasty' tour when I was 11. And people were asking my dad for his autograph."

(I had one interaction with Hugh. As Manson and I left the interview, the elder Warner called out, "You know, he came from my nut-sack.")

At close to two in the morning, Manson's manager reminds him that, per his new routine, he needs to wake up early the next day, which the singer laughs off. Despite all his past controversies, Manson now appears to be at peace, in charge and suffused with something you'd be forgiven for calling family values. "I saw the mortality in my family," he says. "I think I found a responsibility there, a responsibility to myself. I didn't want the story to end piss-poor. I just didn't want to be something less than I was supposed to be."

Hair and Makeup by Elena Perdikomati using Chanel, for Utopia The Agency
Photo Assistant: Rafael Rios


Happy Monday! Reactivate Your Heart with this New Track by Romance

For years, Tom Hennes has been presiding over some of the most life-affirming shows around with his band AVAN LAVA; Romance, his new project with producer Yung Diamnd, is relatively stripped-down but no less dancey. The first single, "Paradise," bubbled up last week (bonus points for repurposing the "It Takes Two" / "Think [About It]" sample), and now we have trippy remixes by Norrit and Rex the Triangle. The duo make their live debut at Cameo this Friday, with help from JD Samson and others. I'll be spending most of this week visualizing a roomful of sweaty people chanting "Paradise is the place where we find ourselves / Paradise is the place where we lose ourselves."

Listen to "Paradise" and the remixes below; details on the Cameo show here.


Producer Detail Says Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Working on a Joint Album


Last night's Grammys gave us enough new and outrageous Kanye quotes to get us through the rest of the winter, at least. Once again, West derided the awards ceremony for disrespecting both Beyoncé and inspiration. He told E!,

"...When you keep on diminishing art, and not respecting the craft, and smacking people in the face after they deliver monumental feats of music, you're disrespectful to inspiration. And we as musicians have to inspire people who go to work every day and they listen to that Beyoncé album, they feel like it takes them to another place, then they do this whole promotional event that, they'll run the music over somebody's speech, the artist, because they wanted commercial advertising."
But even though Beyoncé didn't end up taking home the award for Album of the Year, it looks like her ability to deliver monumental feats of music remains unfazed. In a red carpet interview with Billboard at the Grammys, producer Detail hinted at a Beyoncé and Jay Z joint album due out this year. "I'm working with a couple of new projects that I don't want to unveil, and me and Beyoncé and Jay Z are actually doing something together this year... When you think of Jay and Bey together, you think 'album.' You should already know." When asked if the project would come out this year, Detail said, "In my imaginary mind, I will work to say it's true."

As witnessed by his lackluster verse on "Drunk in Love," Jay Z tends to make everything Beyoncé does worse, but we're excited for this Watch the Throne-style collaboration the less. We'll also accept it as a much needed apology. Watch the interview with Detail, above.

Shia LaBeouf Explains His Mystifying Grammy Poem Dedicated to Sia

1108175.jpgvia Twitter

After working together on the music video for "Elastic Heart," Sia and Shia became somewhat fascinated with each other, as two kindred artists with similar names in "this middle ground between pop and something else." During last night's Grammys Shia Labeouf read a confounding yet heartfelt poem to Sia as he introduced her performance of "Chandelier" with Maddie Ziegler. Reading from a long, pink scroll, he inexplicably ended the tribute with "Love, Erik." So, for those of you who stayed up wondering about this mysterious Erik: Erik is Erik Anders Lang, Sia's husband. Shia Labeouf explained the stunt to Dazed.  

"[Erik] wrote [the letter]. I was a bridge. It was a way of articulating the most intimate adoration and adulation on the most un-intimate of stages. Expressing what a wonderful artist and human being Sia is. From the one person who knows her best."

This has been the latest installment of Shia LaBeouf: WHY.

[h/t Dazed]

Mr. Mickey's Top Ten Favorite Looks from the BAFTAS

Being Downton Abbey-addicted Yanks we always look to our British cousins to keep things chic and sophisticated on the red carpet. This weekend the BAFTAs, the UK equivalent of the Oscars, were handed out. Compared to the all the kooks and cuties at the Grammy Awards in LA, these Brits did indeed keep things classy. Here are Mr. Mickey's top 10 favorite looks from the BAFTA red carpet.

bafta-024.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x.jpg1. David Beckham. This look is James Bond level. Yes, being a sex God/dreamboat doesn't hurt but he's also immaculately turned out in this tuxedo. A+!

julianne.jpg2. Julianne Moore in Tom Ford. It's a little hard for us to be objective about Julianne Moore because we're so deeply in love with her. She's an incredible actress and really takes chances on the red carpet. She's particularly fond of bold color and we applaud it. A redhead on the red carpet in red Tom Ford.  YES please!

bafta-025.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x.jpg 3 & 4. Sunrise Coigney and Mark Ruffalo. We've always had a crazy girl crush on Sunrise aka Mrs. Mark Ruffalo. She has incredible personal style and is chic in the coolest way. She and her husband Mark looked incredible together and show that a little couples fashion coordination really pays off! We particularly flipped for Sunrise's hair and makeup look.

bafta-003.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x.jpg5. Anne-Marie Duff. Ann-Marie and her sexy husband James McAvoy are probably our favorite actor couple. I normally prefer a neat hair look for the red carpet but Anne-Marie's Swiss Miss braid moment somehow says special occasion enough. The look says I'm comfortable and can do red carpet without being a slave to trends.

bafta-007.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x.jpg 6. Kristin Scott Thomas. This is what we call a timelessly chic red carpet look. KST is gorgeous but not trying to look like a 23-year-old. The hair and makeup is minimalist but super dressed up. The dress is simple and incredibly flattering. The accessories are fun and show off her personality. LOVE.

bafta-022.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x.jpg7. Laura Bailey in Emilia Wickstead. There's something that feels so right now about monastic white looks -- see Katy Perry in Valentino Couture at the Grammys. Bailey is gorgeous and the obvious choice for her would be something that showed lots of skin. We think this looks more modern and sexy.

seydoux.jpg 8. Lea Seydoux in Prada. If you're going to go old Hollywood princess this is the way to do it. Pretty hair. Pretty makeup. Pretty dress.

bellucci.jpg9. Monica Bellucci in Alaia. Monica is a sex bomb of legendary proportions and this figure-hugging Alaia gown shows off all her assets and also gives an off-the-charts level amount of fashion drama. It's all about the volume and the silhouette and it's flawless.

walters.jpg 10. Julie Walters. The star of such classic British films as Educating Rita and Billy Elliot, Walters is a national treasure and she looks like it in this sparkle gown. It's fitted enough not to look like a sack and the accessories give it some extra personality.

What Not to Buy for Valentine's Day: Fifty Shades of Grey Lube

fiftyshadesofgreyscenes1.jpgHopefully this comes as a big surprise to no one, but there's a variety of Fifty Shades lubricants out there and they don't work. Well, they "work," but not in the way your fantasy is expecting them to. The makers of "Come Alive Pleasure Gel" are now being sued because their particular lube has not yet transformed any lovers across the country into Christian Grey himself nor has it grabbed any souls.

A California woman named Tania Warchol has filed a class action lawsuit stating, "What the fuck, my sex life is still nothing like this fictional book or movie." The paperwork explains: "The complaint notes that the product's packaging promises users will 'experience enhanced orgasms and stimulation as every tingle, touch and vibration intensifies.' It includes the lines from James' second Fifty Shades novel printed on the box -- "I surrender, exploding around him -- a draining, soul-grabbing orgasm that leaves me spent and exhausted."

Well, good luck, girl. Unfortunately, there's still a lot of 50 Shades BDSM-lite merch out there to be wary of, including a straight up tie that is somehow a special because it's "Christian's tie." Reportedly, tickets for the film adaptation of E.L James' 50 Shades of Grey are rampantly selling out in middle America and the studio has already signed on for the two sequels, which is good news for this Amazon page. But really, just listen to these Beyoncé remixes and your sex life will be fine.

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Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Video for Beyoncé's "Take My Hand, Precious Lord" Grammys Performance


Beyoncé closed out last night's Grammys with a performance of "Take My Hand, Precious Lord." In the behind-the-scenes video for the moving rendition of the gospel hymn, Beyoncé reveals why she chose to perform with an all-black male choir. "I wanted to find real men that have lived, have struggled, cried and have a light and a spirit about them," she explained. "I felt like this is an opportunity to show the strength and vulnerability in black men." She also adds that the song that her mom, Tina Knowles used to sing to her, is closely tied to her family's personal history. "My grandparents marched with Dr. King, and my father was part of the first generation of black men that attended an all-white school. My father has grown up with a lot of trauma from those experiences. I feel like now I can sing for his pain, I can sing for my grandparents' pain. I can sing for some of the families that have lost their sons." Watch the BTS clip, above.

Converse Revamps a Beloved Classic


Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 6.54.35 PM.pngFor a beloved brand like Converse, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is probably a wise motto to live by. It's also kinda boring. There's wisdom in updating even the tried-and-true, and Converse is revamping their classic Jack Purcell sneaker with a whopping 18 new, but subtle, features. These updates include two-ply duck canvas, a herringbone outsole, aluminum eyelets, a winged tongue design, and a footbed with Nike Zoom Air Technology to make things all the more comfy and luxe. The new Spring 2015 Converse Jack Purcell Signature sneaker will be available for purchase starting in February 2015 for $95.00, at Converse retail stores, Nordstrom and on Converse.com in white, black and mason.
Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 6.55.57 PM.png

Kendrick Lamar Goes Hard on New Track "The Blacker the Berry"


A far cry from the upbeat "i," Kendrick Lamar's new single off his as of yet untitled forthcoming album, "The Blacker the Berry" is a fiery track with fervent political message. With a Yeezus-esque dancehall sample and lyrics like, "It's evident that I'm irrelevant to society/ That's what you're telling me/ Penitentiary would only hire me," Lamar's new track is pure, measured rage. Starting off the song with a self-aware reference to his earlier comments on the recent police killings ("I'm the biggest hypocrite in 2015"), "The Blacker the Berry" is pretty convincing evidence that the rapper has rethought his recent comments on respectability politics. Listen to the track, above.

Bask in the Nightmarish "Sunwet," Brought to You by a Tim & Eric Collaborator


Really a masterclass on disturbing, lo-fi sound design and visual effects, this video is, as you'd expect, the creation of a Tim & Eric editor: Doug Lussenhop, aka DJ Douggpound. (Does this mean he's the brains [bowels?] behind D-Pants?) It's hard to say which is more unsettling: the eye sockets or the dubbed dialogue. Either way, you get all the joys of reliving those late-night TV movies that traumatized the shit out of you as a kid in a two-and-a-half-minute video. Now stare into the sunwet, above.

Watch Florence + The Machine's "How Big How Blue How Beautiful" Music Video


Florence + The Machine haven't released an album since 2011's Ceremonials. But it looks like they're gearing up for something with their new music video, "How Big How Blue How Beautiful." The lyrically sparse track is under three-minutes long and it feels more like an announcement, or an intro, than a song. Check out the video for it, above.

Celebrities Are Just As Confused About "Serial" As You Are


Ewan McGregor, Rashida Jones, Greta Gerwig and more were asked one simple question by Vanity Fair: Did you listen to "Serial"? While some responded with "Uh, what's Serial," most confirmed that yes, they're just as obsessed and confused with the podcast and Adnan's trial as we are. With elaborate conspiracy theories, Jay stress dreams, and, ahhhh, the Nisha call, we confirm yet again that celebrities: they're just like us. Watch the clip, above.

Just In Time for Valentine's Day, Here's Fifty Shades of Buscemi


Although Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan is an undeniable sex god, not everyone goes for classic good looks. Many people prefer a few more quirks, more je ne sais quoi in their boning partners. Thankfully, there's a new Fifty Shades cut that'll satisfy those whose fantasies need a little more weirdness: 50 Shades of Buscemi. As the title suggests, this new 50 Shades features Steve Buscemi in the starring role and it is hot. Whether alone or with a special someone, watch this clip above.

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Listen to Kindness Cover Solange's "Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work"


Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12.04.45 PM.pngImage via Wikipedia

Kindness (British musician Adam Bainbridge) gave Solange's airy, carefree ode to failed relationships a much darker sentiment. "Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work" now sounds just as haunting and disparaging as its title would suggest. Give the cover a listen, above.