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These Artists Are Creating Technology That Won't Suck Your Soul

minicade3.jpgChloe Vareldi and Atul Varma's Minicade

For those of us who spend most of our lives working, communicating, dating, reading and doing things with the help of screens and devices, technology can feel like both a godsend and a massive soul suck. But last night, a bunch of creators, techies, artists and regular people got the chance to experience a more humanizing side to technology at the opening of Eyebeam's 2015 art and technology showcase. "The projects that we support and engage with are constantly critically analyzing technology," says Peter Kaiser, the communications director of Eyebeam, which was established in 1997 and supports technology-focused artists with residencies and fellowships. The showcase features work created by the non-profit's 2014 residents. This year, many of the most interesting works explored physical ways of interacting with technology, bringing us beyond the loneliness of our gadgets with games, dancing, and even a device to force you into real conversation without your phone.

When we entered the Eyebeam showcase space at 111 Front Street, one thing immediately stood out against the installations and screens: a live dancer. Nancy Nowacek, a performance artist who explores the relationship between bodies and spaces, was coaching a participant as they acted out directions written on large index cards. One command was "you are an older man in coveralls turning a slow somersault backwards down a flight of stairs. You are not falling." The movements appeared similar to illustrations on a poster on the wall, which showed the wide range of bodies in motion from Nowacek's open-source library of human figures, created with Google's SketchUp Warehouse.

Untitled Attitudes2.jpgUntitled Attitudes1.jpgA piece by Nancy Nowacek 

By using the public to create these positions, Nowacek explained that she's trying to integrate images of "real people" into the technology and design process. "The body has become an almost useless part of technology" she said, "I'm trying to find ways to value it." This disconnect between real bodies and design is apparent in something like an architectural sketch, where figures pictured look more like confused Sims characters than real humans in a space. Nowacek's project put us at the core of architecture and design, and invited fair visitors to act out different movement prompts. These gestures would potentially be used by young architects in their designs, and if nothing else, gave us an excuse to dance again.

Close by, the colorful Minicade designed by artist/programmer duo Chloe Varelidi and Atul Varma sparked our inner mallrat arcade fiend. Using graphics fit for the emoji generation, a suspended animé style gaming console and a ton of cute stickers, Minicade invited people to play short games like 'Eat the Marshmallow' and 'Don't Step on the Poo!,' then personalize those games with an easy drag and drop HTML menu. It's simple to collaborate with others on a game, sending the link back and forth and publishing it for others to play, but it was also a quick way to learn code.

micbox.jpgAllison Burtch's 'mic box'

But not all of the art was concerned with fun and games. At the far end of the gallery, programmer and artist Allison Burtch demonstrated how a tiny box can cut out cellphone frequency, suddenly giving real silence and privacy in a world of constant communication. "Every part of us is now data, and it's being extracted for profit," Burtch said as she demonstrated how the device made the wavering lines of an iPhone's voice recording app go flat when placed in front of the box. Like Burtch's recent Log Jammer project, a frequency jammmer that disrupts all cellphone voice communication and is disguised as a log to hide in nature, the cell mic jammer gives privacy and anonymity to conversations that might accidentally become recorded or overheard. "I look at privacy issues as the gentrification of our souls," Burtch explained, claiming that this device is a hardware solution to a software problem. It's a way to know that you are really alone, and can choose to stay alone for those rare human interactions when you don't need -- or want -- your cell phone.

While it's unlikely that any of these projects will ever see real-life application, their value comes from showing us that humanity in technology is not too far gone -- as long as we're willing to search for it.

The Eyebeam 2015 Art and Technology Showcase will be on view from January 30th-February 21st in Gallery 216 at 111 Front Street, Brooklyn.

The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

142263636516278.pngCarlos "Carles" Perez in 2015
Best Farewell of the Week: Hipster Runoff's. Blogger/enigma Carles (neé Carlos Perez) has sold his blog Hipster Runoff for $21,000 to "some Australasian bro." (Reportedly, Hannibal Buress almost purchased the site.) Motherboard's send-off profile of the infamous blogger who both defined and mocked hipsterdom (and gave us "chillwave") is a fascinating read and a fitting farewell. I'm sad to see him go, but Carles died as he lived: as fodder for the internet. -- Gabby Bess

#tbt 💵

A photo posted by CJ Thornton (@reupgangcj) on

Best Secret Instagram of the Week: This one, that Pusha T maintains for his adorable dog, CJ Thorton. Thanks to the discovery of this Instagram, we can finally confirm that Pusha T's dog is living a way better life than all of us. He even has a custom made gold dog tag from Kanye, which is probably worth more than everything I own. -- GB

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 5.51.45 PM.pngBest-Named Golf Event Ever: The Waste Management Phoenix Open, currently underway in Phoenix. Elegant. Terrible. To the point. --Elizabeth Thompson

missy-624-1406640052.jpgMost Exciting Super Bowl News of the Week:
Missy Elliot!! Step aside, Katy Perry's crazy football outfit. -- GB

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 5.01.32 PM.pngBest New Tumblr Ever:
Saved by the bell hooks, which brings intersectionality feminist theory to the halls of Bayside. --E.T.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 6.06.55 PM.pngGreatest Buzzfeed headline of the week, ever:
"Do Ants Have Dicks?" --E.T.

Best Thing Ever of the Week:
This high school's interpretation of "Uptown Funk." "Uptown Funk" is the best song ever and this high school's dance routine set to the Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson jam is delightful. -- GB

leisurewear-ethan-james-green-02.jpgBest Fashion Spread of the Week:
Hari Nef, modeling leisurewear on Style.com. The whole thing had us like


Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 5.55.37 PM.png
Craziest Rumor of the Week: Lindsay Lohan... wants to be a white witch? And she punched a psychic!? We. Are. Into. This. -- GB

New Design Sales Site Bezar Can't Get Here Soon Enough

3040452-slide-i-1-bezar-start-up.jpgAfter leaving flash sale mecca Fab.com back in 2013, the site's co-founder and creative director Bradford Shellhammer is back with new e-retail site Bezar. Similar to other sites, Bezar, which is launching in the spring and looks like the most finely curate Tumblr page you've ever laid eyes on, will focus on short-term, three-day sales in four design categories (including home, art, accessories, and jewelry). But what sets Bezar apart, is that designers will be selling one-of-a-kind items, not excess stock at a discounted rate. The site will also mix up-and-coming designers with more iconic and established brands looking to highlight new collections. In other words, Bezar cannot get her soon enough. Pray for us and our credit card bills. 

The Sunday Funnies

Us today. Give us all the Tostitos cheese dip, thank you.  [Mlkshk]

Saturday Night Live's Jay-Z biopic, with Mike O'Brien as Jay-Z, was so deeply weird and perfect. [Via Uproxx]

We also enjoyed Saturday Night Live's "Miss Trash" beauty pageant sketch. Miss Delaware is our soul mate.
12L0S.jpgThe struggle is real. [Mlkshk]

tumblr_nbv5m7kfeF1s0przxo1_500.jpgSame. [FYouNoFMe]

12KJW.gifThis GIF of Chris Christie falling off a chair is NOT funny, except it's really funny. [Mlkshk]

This Snickers ad with Steve Buscemi as Jan Brady and Danny Trejo as Marcia is the only Super Bowl commercial we care about.
 tumblr_ng1ogq30DG1qhts2vo1_500.jpgJust going to leave this here. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

tumblr_niy1hh1cZy1qewacoo1_500.pngHottest game of 2015. [TastefullyOffensive]

Hunter the baby tiger and Chelsea the puppy are best friends. Scream forever. [TastefullyOffensive]
 tumblr_nbx32cM0CC1to7xq6o1_500.jpg Drake is for the children. [TallWhitney]

12KJ1.jpgWhere we do all our shopping. Bras are very "now." [Mlkshk]

Kim, Kanye, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Go to Waffle House

A whole mess of celebrities are in Phoenix this weekend for the Superbowl, hitting up fancy parties, galas, and... Waffle House. After attending the 2015 NFL Honors at the Phoenix Convention Center last night, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen met up with Kanye West and current Paper cover girl Kim Kardshian at Waffle House for quite possibly the realest evening of celebrity food consumption that has ever happened. And as someone who grew up in Phoenix and became a connoisseur of shitty diners with smoking sections in high school, I can tell you, Waffle Houses in the greater metropolitan Phoenix area are very, deeply, bath-salts-of-the-earth REAL. What did Kimye and Chrissy-John eat? What did they touch? What did they smell? We may never find out. All we know is that the Brooklyn restaurant serving a Kimye-themed Valentine's Day menu better look into adding "Papa Joe's Pork Chops and Eggs" to the evening's culinary line-up. Just to keep it real. 

every house should be a waffle house

A photo posted by @chrissyteigen on

Watch Kanye West Join Rihanna On-Stage at Her Pre-Superbowl Show

Rihanna played a big pre-Super Bowl concert in Phoenix last night at the Pandergast Family Farm (???) and was joined onstage by Kanye and Rae Sremmurd. Before bouncing to Waffle House, West came out to do "Diamonds," "Run This Town," and "All of the LIghts" with Rihanna, and also gave a performance of "Only One." Watch it all below.

Morning Funnies: Super Bowl Edition


The most emo dude on the bench of all time (winning or losing)

A photo posted by Brad Troemel (@bradtroemel) on

Even though the Patriots won, Tom Brady proved to be most emo dude on the bench all night. [Via BradTroemel]

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 9.10.54 AM.pngDuring the first part of her halftime show, Katy Perry totally looked like Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory... [via Buzzfeed]

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 9.19.15 AM.png...and a Pokemon... [via Buzzfeed]

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 9.17.21 AM.png...and Guy Fieri. [Twitter via Buzzfeed]

tumblr_nj4imfJI0L1qhzi2jo1_250.gifKaty and Missy brought the heat, but the Shark dancers were the one true queens of the halftime show. [via Incomparably Me]

tumblr_nj4gf9IuPE1qz7s6jo1_500.jpgSlow clap. [via Lindsey Weber]

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.39.35 AM.pngSpotted: Creepy wave guy during Katy Perry's performance! Alert, alert! [Uproxx]

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 9.04.37 AM.pngThese really speak to us. [via Twitter]

tumblr_mkrey8lyCG1qe7dlao1_1280.jpgShe is the light, the truth and the way. [Seamus Gallagher]

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 9.22.39 AM.pngKaty ended the show in a blaze of glory, soaring though the University of Phoenix Stadium (pause for laughter) atop "The More You Know" shooting star. [via SB Nation]

B8zRd6eIYAASbjI.jpgThe most important photo of the Super Bowl, case closed. [via PBS]

B8zI6LVIYAALk4g.jpgChic catfish Steven Tyler got caught on camera mid-bite of guacamole. Sad clown. [via PBS]

Meanwhile, Katty Furry's halftime show at the PuppyBowl was amazing. This cat looks SO PISSED. [via Dlisted]

Jimmy Fallon taped a special Tonight Show in Phoenix last night and he had Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Patriots players Danny Amendola, Brandon LaFell and LeGarrette Blount on the show. Will Ferrell was sporting a Seahawks sweatshirt and the Pats Bros were under orders by their coach to "Belichick-ify" the look by cutting off the sleeves. Two thumbs up. [via Tonight Show]

5 Slept-On YouTube Videos You Should Watch This Week

While we'll never turn down a good cat video or clips of weed-smoking grandmas, there's tons of overlooked, well-written gems on YouTube that need to get more love. In this spirit, we've rounded up our favorite slept-on funny videos you may have missed including a one-off sketch about men dancing to Fleetwood Mac to a nightmarish ad for a new Uber service. Give these five a watch, below.

Sunken City
New Orleans is a city full of colorful characters and traditions, and this web series makes the most of the city's charm. From French Quarter "ghost tour" feuds to an old-school couple vying to be named Mardi Gras royalty, we get a hilarious glimpse into NOLA life. The editing is spot-on, and the storylines will make you want to finish the series in one sitting. The cast is made up of creators CJ Hunt and Kyle June Williams along with improvisers from the New Movement Theater, one of the city's most popular comedy institutions.

Fleetwood Mac Men
One of our favorite clips out of Chicago, this video answers all our questions about what happens when a bunch of "broken men" get together to "drink red wines" in an apartment. They, of course, kick off their shoes...and dance to Fleetwood Mac. Keep on dancing you dreamy dreamers.

UberEx, Because We Miss You by Second City Network
Uber hasn't done anything impressive lately, except be the muse to Second City Network's parody videos. If you've ever had an uncomfortable break-up, then this clip will be the best two minutes of your day. or life. or you'll at-least get some catharsis by seeing what happens when an ex-partner finally gets a job -- as your rideshare driver. To all the exes out there, we're blowing you little poison kisses.

Business Dudes 4 by The Staff Party
Every Thursday, sketch group Foil, Arms & Hog drops a new video. These three Irish comedians are fantastic -- and super weird -- writers. If you like Workaholics, then you'll probably get a kick out of their "Business Dudes" series, which features three wise-cracking, fast-talking office stiffs turning boring paper-pushing topics and marketing speak into vehicles for oddball quips. The "Staff Party" video, above, shows a fine, meaty sampling of trio's fast-paced comedy. But, hey, they could be reading the phone book, and we'd still probably hang onto their every perfectly accented word.

Yoga Partners: Episode 2 -- "Dog"  
We recently read that binge-watching TV shows is bad for your health. But, like, this can't hold true for web series about yoga, can it? Watching "Yoga Partners" has recently been our form of exercise, and we want to share our routine with you. Created and written by comedians Leah Henoch and Katie Schorr, this short series pokes fun at all the eye-rolling earnestness and awkward social interactions found in yoga classes. In one of our favorite episodes "Dog," we find out "yoga can give you special powers" if you just stop "rotating" your cuff so much.

Watch Will Ferrell Slay Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love" on The Tonight Show


In an unprecedented feat of pure magic on The Tonight Show, Will Ferrell might have out-performed Beyoncé. The comedian took the stage for "the Super Bowl of lip sync battles" with Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart, and Drew Barrymore and he completely slayed the competition. Serving up sensual leg work in a Seahawks sweatshirt to Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love," Will Ferrell has undoubtedly secured a spot in next year's Super Bowl halftime show. Watch a preview of what to expect for Super Bowl L, above.

ICYMI: Rihanna Shares a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the "FourFiveSeconds" Music Video


Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney all donned Canadian suits for the music video for FourFiveSeconds, the first single from Rihanna's new album. In this behind-the-scenes clip from the shoot, Rihanna reveals that Kanye West inspired the trio's look for the video. "Kanye came up with the idea of doing just some real street denim -- all American type look," Rihanna explained. "Denim never goes out of style. It's classic. It's iconic -- just like the f*cking Beatles!" Watch the clip, above. 

Listen to Angel Haze's Beautiful New Love Song, "CANDLXS"


It's been over a year since Angel Haze leaked her debut album, Dirty Gold, and since then the artist has been adamant that her follow-up won't focus on the rapping that's made her famous. The singer told NME back in June that her next record would feature more of her singing and, to that end, Haze has just dropped her first single in a year -- "CANDLXS." While the song opens would some of her impressive spit-fire rhymes, the rest of "CANDLXS" shows off her expansive vocal range and clear harmonies.

"This is one of the first songs I wrote for my new record (also painted the artwork), it feels incredibly personal, but im happy to finally share the passion ive felt but couldnt express," Haze wrote on her Tumblr when she posted the song late last night. Judging by her picture and the lovestruck lyrics, it's a safe bet that the song was inspired by the artist's girlfriend, Ireland Baldwin. She also dropped hints on Twitter that the new record she's referring to will be called "TFABN," short for The Flowers Are Blooming Now. For a musician whose songs frequently address her painful and traumatic past, it's great to see her singing about being in love. Keep doing you, Angel. 

Diesel's New Campaign is Making Fashion Fun Again

After a stint on America's Next Top Model, Chantelle Brown-Young first caught our attention as the face of Disigual's vibrant ad-campaign back in September. Now she's the stand-out star of Diesel's SS15 campaign alongside Charlotte Free and Gryphon O'Shea. Photographed by Nick Knight, the models are, refreshingly, all smiles.

For last year's Spring/Summer campaign, under the new direction of Nicola Formichetti, Diesel focused on highlighting a diverse range of models. Leading with the hashtag #DieselReboot, the brand tapped fashion writer Jillian Mercado, who worked denim-on-denim in a wheelchair like no other next to other faces who defied the traditional model standard.

This time around it's all about #DieselHigh, the campaign's hashtag that aims to spread fun and positivity. "I told [Nick Knight] I just wanted to see people smiling and having fun," Nicola Formichetti told Style.com. The Diesel Creative Director also notes that the shoot is retouch-free. "Of course we played with the background color and the clothes a bit, but no one's head was chopped off and replaced with another. We wanted it to be pretty raw. I find imperfection really beautiful." See the rest of Diesel's take on carefree fashion, below.



Kim Kardashian Looks Completely Unrecognizable In These Photos for Love Magazine

kimk_love.jpgOn the heels of our massive #BreakTheInternet cover story, Kim Kardashian shot some more booty-friendly photos for Love Magazine. In the most eye-catching, mind-fucking photo (above), we see Kim styled like some kind of Weimar-era pin-up girl and the combination of the camera angles, lack of eyebrows and those stockings/leg-warmer things mid-calf make for a very disorienting image. By disorienting, we mean amazing.

Read our Kim Kardashian cover story here!

The spread was shot by Steven Klein and styled by Love EIC Katie Grand, who decks Kim out in head-to-toe Prada. This is the second cover for the magazine's spring issue; you'll recall that the first cover showed the celebrity hanging out with a wild-eyed Cara Delevingne. (Awesome.) Take a look at a few more photos from the issue, below.


Paz de la Huerta's New Photos for Vivienne Westwood Are... Wow.

In our 2010 cover story on Paz de la Huerta, the tragi-glam downtown art-girl and actress, who had just crossed over into the mainstream with a big role as Steve Buscemi's mistress on the first season of Boardwalk Empire, told us of her desire to work outside of America, where she felt she'd be more appreciated: "They write roles for mature women in Europe. Americans -- they don't get it. They make women look ugly. Then they all make fun of them. It's really a cruel culture. I'm half European and I feel more European than American inside. I'm a Spanish woman. I'm in the wrong country and wrong era." Indeed, much of the American media hasn't known what to make of de la Huerta and her unabashed, work-in-progress messiness -- but apparently Vivienne Westwood can appreciate it. The designer cast de la Huerta in her latest Juergen Teller-shot campaign, styled with a vague '70s rock feel. The two seem to be a perfect match, with de la Huerta shining, as she seems to do best, among the chaos.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 5.33.07 PM.png
Photos via fashioncopious

Watch Drake, Iggy Azalea, Britney and More Read Mean Tweets About Themselves


Jimmy Kimmel aired the second edition of his musicians-only "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" series last night and shit is rough. Watch Drake, Katy Perry, Haim, Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears and more get trolled online by strangers. Wiz Khalifa's is the best. Sad clown.

Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney Share "FourFiveSeconds" Music Video


After teasing a behind-the-scenes clip of her collaboration with Kanye West and Paul McCartney, Rihanna has finally dropped the music video for "FourFiveSeconds." As promised, there's lots of denim. Watch it, above.

Watch Patriots Star Rob Gronkowski Read Erotic Fan Fiction


It was a winning night for Jimmy Kimmel yesterday -- the talk show host reprised his "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" series with a second all-music edition (poor Wiz Khalifa and Ariana Grande) and he also had Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski on the program. Fans of the football star might remember that earlier last month, someone named 'Lacey Noonan' published erotic fan fiction called -- awesomely -- A Gronking to Remember and the Super Bowl champ was kind enough to read a passage from it. And it's... hot. Give it a watch, above.

Watch Migos Take Over Paris, Shop for Weed in Amsterdam in "Cross the Country"


Our favorite Versace wearing rap trio take over Paris and Amsterdam in the music video for "Cross the Country," produced by The Fader. Based on the woozy visuals, traveling Europe with Migos is, ostensibly, the best. Before purchasing weed in bulk, the charismatic band of rappers take photos with fans in front of landmarks and hit up clubs in Paris with equal enthusiasm. We'd play tourist with Migos any day. Watch the music video for "Cross the Country," above.

Here's Your First Look at Vivienne Westwood's New Collection For Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony just announced another one of their gonzo collaborations, this time with Vivienne Westwood. The brand and boutique has teamed up with the legendary British designer to recreate some of her archival designs from the '70s and '80s in a unisex capsule collection called "Worlds End," named for her store at 430 Kings Road and landmark 1981 debut runway show. (The store, which Westwood co-owned with then boyfriend Malcolm MacLaren and which became famous for being a breeding ground for UK's punk movement, went through a slew of iterations before settling on Worlds End, having previously been called Let It Rock, Sex, Seditionaries and Too Fast to Live, Too Young To Die.) You can snag pieces from the capsule IRL at OC's LA and NYC stores and, of course, Worlds End and in the meantime, take a peek at the pieces above and below.


Would You Go Vegan For Beyoncé?

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 1.56.56 PM.pngEarlier today, our benevolent leader Beyoncé issued an official decree: go vegan for 22 days [subtext: OR ELSE]. "All you have to do is try. If I can do it, anyone can," she encouraged in a press release. To help you accomplish this, Beyoncé has partnered with her personal trainer and "exercise psychologist" Marco Borges for a 22 day meal delivery service that includes all plant-based offerings. 

If you've been cataloging every move Beyoncé makes, like we have, you'll remember that in 2013 she took on the 22 day vegan challenge along with husband, Jay Z. During this dark period of our life, we dutifully looked on in awe as the couple Instagrammed their perfect meals with the French-sounding hashtag, #22DayVeganChallange. Now, for $9.76 to $16.50 per meal, we too can delight in spelling "challenge" in new and exciting ways as we Instagram our meticulously curated, plant-based meals courtesy of Beyoncé Corp. With this, we're one step closer to the Beyoncé singularity. Resistance is futile.  

[via PR Newswire]