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Watch the Unf*ckwithable Fey and Poehler in the "Sisters" First Look Trailer


Right around the time Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were making Cosby impersonations at the Golden Globes, this 20-second trailer for their movie Sisters appeared. And while it's hard to compare the two events -- a funny exchange between Poehler and a blunt manicurist v. "I put the pills in the people! The people did not want the pills in them!" -- we're still looking forward to the movie's release on December 18, when everyone will undoubtedly be happy and the world will be a brighter, less mortally fucked up place.

Watch the trailer, above.

Watch Matthew McConaughey's Long Lost Dazed and Confused Audition Tape


Over 20 years ago, a flaxen-haired, bronze-skinned young man wearing a black MTV Headbanger's Ball t-shirt walked into a casting room and shot an audition tape that would launch a career and a thousand memes. Criterion released this little-seen footage of a 23-year-old Matthew McConaughey auditioning for his Dazed and Confused role David Wooderson after supposedly meeting the film's casting director inside a Hyatt bar. McConaughey oozes confidence -- the kind that only a ridiculously hot, early twentysomething dude could have -- and it's no wonder he went on to land the part and, of course, many, many more. Take a peek at the tape, above.

Lil Wayne Addresses Tha Carter V Delay on New Track "Sh!t" (Remix)


By now Lil Wayne's latest drama with his label is no secret. Last month he publicly blasted Cash Money on Twitter after his album, Tha Carter V, faced seemingly endless delays. "To all my fans, I want you to know that my album won't and hasn't been released bekuz Baby and Cash Money Records refuse to release it. This is not my fault. I am truly and deeply sorry to all my fans but most of all to myself and my family for putting us in this situation."

Although Tha Carter V still doesn't have a release date, the rapper is gearing up to release a new mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait 2. The first track off the mixtape, "Sh!t" offers up some more apologies for the belated album, but calls his beef with Cash Money old news: "Did my time at Cash Money, time served and released/ But this agent ain't free, word, that's the word on these streets/ But that shit is old news, that shit is so yesterweek/ I'm just focused, focused on my expertise."

Listen to Lil Wayne's new, focused track, "Sh!t," above.

Vile Kurt Cobain Suicide Note T-Shirts Now For Sale on Ebay

Are you a horrible monster looking to commemorate the deep psychic pain of a father and husband in the grips of addiction and depression? Then have we got the super-cute Kurt Cobain suicide note t-shirt for you. Originally spotted by a Redditor as a tank-top for sale at Etsy shop "Spice Teen" (pause here to scream), the tops feature a screen-print of Cobain's heartbreaking note to Courtney Love and their baby daughter. Those Etsy designs have now been taken down. But if you're still looking to tell the world that you don't understand basic decency on a troubling, intrinsic level, Styleite points out that you can shop these shirts on Ebay in 3/4 baseball-shirt styles starting at a cool $25.19. If you need us, we'll be laying down in a dark room for the rest of the day.

ICYMI, 50 Cent is Having the Time of His Life

Leonardo Dicaprio has been making headlines for putting his preternatural ability to wrangle a posse of models in record time to good use, but with all this Leo-centric hype we've overlooked another nightlife star: one Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 Cent.

Following a spate of adorable pictures of his son, 50 Cent racked up a total of 10 celebrity group selfies on Instagram over the weekend with everyone from Naomi Campbell and Scarlett Johansson to Danny Devito and Ricky Gervais. He also used this face time to spread his enlightened philosophy along the way: life without limitations.

Ya boy and Scarlett johanson stay tuned. For more life with out limitations. #SMSAUDIO #FRIGO #POWERTV

Een foto die is geplaatst door 50 Cent (@50cent) op

Clearly, 50 Cent is having a great time being alive. That night he even enjoyed a photobomb from DiCaprio himself, using it as an opportunity to further promote his cult way of life: "I get photo bombed by the hottest people in the world. You should try living with out limits."

In accordance with his "living without limits" lifestyle, the rapper also snapped a picture with Paul Rudd last night and is reportedly on the move to the next level -- transcendence.

Your New Favorite Tumblr Asks, 'Is This a Photo of a Ska Band or an Improv Troupe?'

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 4.13.57 PM.pngTurns out, it's pretty hard to tell the difference between a ska band and an improv troupe.

Gregg Gethard, comedian, brother of Chris and co-host of NBA-centric podcast Holding Court, came to that realization one day after some mindless Google image searches (been there, done that) showed that both tribes have an affinity for coordinated outfits, cheesy poses and young white dudes. The enterprising Gethard did what any self-respecting person on the Internet would do and started a Tumblr, 'Ska or Improv,' that encourages you to guess which is which. We're stumped.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 4.11.16 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-01-13 at 4.11.32 PM.png

New Yorkers: Learn to Roll a Joint the Chong Way!

Today, world-class toker Tommy Chong will hold court at a pop-up space on the Lower East Side, teaching a lucky few contest winners how to roll Anthony "Man" Stoner-style. That event is closed to the public, but don't worry: you have the rest of the month to head down to 143 Ludlow and leave with some new tips on creating a masterful jaybird of your own (classes are free and range from beginner to, let's say, "Rogan"). You can also pick up some "functional glass" and other accoutrements, courtesy of online retailers 1Percent and Futurola. You might even find yourself purchasing a Chong Roller

The 1Percent pop-up shop is open 1-9pm Sunday through Thursday and 1-10pm Friday and Saturday for the rest of January. More info here.

FKA twigs Ties Herself Up In New Video, "Pendulum"


The latest video from R&B singer FKA twigs is a self-directed clip showing the artist tied up and hanging from the ceiling...by her hair. The video's for her LP1 track "Pendulum" and slow camera pans and upside-down shots are a nice accompaniment to the beautifully languid song. After three minutes of twigs as an aerialist, the clip goes down an even stranger road and we see her writhing in an oozing, chrome-colored pile of goo. Give it a watch, above.

[via MTV

Watch 2 Chainz and Nancy Grace Have an Epic Debate About Pot Legalization


Last night, talking head Nancy Grace invited 2 Chainz on her show to discuss marijuana legalization in regard to "THE CHILDREN." What we learn from the debate that follows is that 2 Chainz (aka Tauheed Epps aka Titty Boi) is a very reasonable person who has a nuanced and personal understanding of the current reality of marijuana criminalization and that Nancy Grace is completely f*cking insane. Despite Grace's attacks, the rapper and American hero more than holds his own, speaking calmly and articulately about an issue that he clearly takes seriously. But the best part of the clip has to be the viewer-reaction tweets that show no one really thinks #potis2blame. Watch the debate, above.

Could There Be a Case of 'Double Cousins' in the Cyrus/Schwarzenegger Families?

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 12.39.55 PM.pngPatrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus [via Instagram]

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 12.40.56 PM.pngChristina Schwarzenegger and Braison Cyrus [via Instagram]

OK so maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves with that headline but word is Miley Cyrus' brother, Braison, is dating her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger's sister, Christina (which would make any future children 'double cousins' since they'd have the same set of grandparents). They're all a bunch of kids in their early-20s so in all likelihood the relationships will have a shelf life shorter than that of a box of Froot Loops but just imagine if they have a double wedding like the Richardsons-Cahooons. Can't wait.

Miley Cyrus Is Butt-Booty Naked In the New Issue of V (NSFW)

Miley Cyrus is basically founder, president, vice president, treasurer and minute-taker of pop music's Tits Out Club (board members include Rihanna and Madonna), so these images from V magazine's new music issue aren't anything we haven't seen before. She's just bein' Miley. Our favorite country-baked stoner princess shared these freed-nipple "dirty hippy" photos from the shoot on her Instagram yesterday, including one of her wearing nothing but a pink Turbie Twist and some strategically place suds. (That image comes as a fold-out poster in the issue.) May we all return to our own dirty lives cleansed, humbled, Mileyed.  



Order your issue of @vmagazine now #dirtyhippie photography @cheythom fuckkkkkk yasssssss

Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus)

Polaroid via Defamer.

Everything We Know About Rihanna's New Album So Far

Photo via Joe Schildhorn /BFAnyc.com

Rihanna is almost ready to unveil the follow-up to 2012's Unapologetic and while we've been patient thus far, WE JUST CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE. We. Need. Answers. Based on all the rumors around her new album, it looks like we're not the only ones who feel this way, so here's what we know so far.

The singer's latest will most likely be titled R8 (or #R8), as Rihanna's #NAVY has been going HAM on Twitter with the hashtag #R8. The singer also posted a picture on Instagram of our favorite basic-hater Baddie Winkle, wearing a "bad gal" hat no less, with the caption, "the 'where is #R8?' starter pack" last month.

There's also been plenty of rumored collabs so far: at the behest of Drake, Ty Dolla $ign worked on a track for the album, Kieza has said that "
Rihanna recorded two or three of my songs. Whether they will end up on the album, I don't know," DJ Mustard is on the beat, and Sam Smith knows a few things that we don't:

Rihanna has also teased a few tracks from the album on her Instagram, including "Kiss It Better" and an untitled track with the lyrics "ain't none of this shit promised...ain't none of this shit certain," which could accurately sum up all this speculation.

This leaked song could also appear on the album:

But perhaps the most exciting news is that Rihanna has registered a new track title, "Burritos," which we can only hope is literally and spiritually about burritos, as well as on the new album. All hail Rihanna, snackwave empress and slobcore queen.

10 Public Access Cable Shows That Rocked NYC

The glory days of New York were extra special thanks to an array of outrageous, shocking, and always amusing television viewing courtesy of public access and leased access TV. That kind of thing still exists -- in fact, a couple of the shows I'm including on this list are still on -- but it was really in the 1980s and '90s that the genre flourished, raised eyebrows, and were the highlights of peoples' TV viewing schedules. Here are the 10 most memorable:

Men & Film
A leather daddy in a harness, Lou Maletta (who died in 2011) was a broadcasting pioneer who started the Gay Cable Network and aggressively pursued coverage of sexual and political issues in the community. On Channel 35, Lou's Men & Film show mixed edited gay porn scenes with half-naked talk about important topics. That might seem like a bizarre combination, but it was actually everything gays cared about.

party talk pic copy.jpgFrankie C., Linda Simpson and Robert Verdi on Party Talk

Party Talk

The creation of Marvin Schwam, this was an entertaining magazine-format show that starred notables like Linda Simpson, Frankie C, Cathay Che, John Marc, Marc Holzman, Brad Lamm, Robert Verdi, and Philomena. It appeared in five cities with its blithe banter, gossip, and cavalcade of LGBT personalities. And the title was apt -- it was a whole lot of talk turned into a weekly party.

Go There TV
Glam awards founder Cherry Jubilee hosted this fun show in which she interviewed gogo boys in the most provocative way imaginable. When this was on, I would definitely, uh, Go There.

This one-hour LGBT news program -- and The Soup punching bag -- started ages ago on Lou Maletta's Gay Cable Network and continues buzzing along to this day. In fact, I was a guest on it just last week! Andy Humm and Ann Northrop are informative hosts on a comprehensive variety of newsy topics, serving up all the important points of view, and they occasionally pause for a healthy argument, too.

The Robin Byrd Show
The Byrd show is not really public access (it's leased cable), but I had to include it here for the legend it's created. In fact, it's the Downton Abbey of local cable. The Channel 35 hit has always had the giddy yet focused Byrd urging us to relax and get comfortable, then introducing a bevy of porn stars who'd come to town to do shows -- glorified strippers who she'd interview as if it were Barbara Walters grilling Kissinger. It would all end with a group gang-dance to Byrd's "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box," with Robin mock poking her eye with the penises. It was magical -- and the old shows are still running and continue to seem topical, since the porn stars never seemed to bring up anything going on in international politics at that moment anyway.

Our Soul: Journey to Know Thyself
Stripper-turned-New-Age-healer Linda Pendergraft would engage in winding monologues about a panoply of life issues, and the result was hypnotic and often kind of brilliant. At the end of each episode, I felt healed, if in need of a pot of coffee.

On Patrol
A screechy drag queen and her passive-aggressive partner would do segments interviewing various freaks about town. The highlight was the segment "Peeling It Off With Miss Peel," in which a fetching lass took things off while encouraging others to do so as well. It was a grown-up 'Show and Tell' game that was like the original Girls Gone Wild, minus the sleazy subtext.

Mrs. Mouth
Tony winner Jeff Whitty, a fan of this offbeat show, describes it best: "A man's face was shot upside-down, with facial features drawn on his chin and a wig around his neck." Got that? And the man spoke in a squeaky voice, giving haughty opinions on various topics, in between being fed by someone off-screen with a spoon. Surreal shit.

Midnight Blue
Screw publisher Al Goldstein (who died in 2013) was a mouthy, outrageous New York type who loved making waves while vehemently fighting for free speech. His raunchy show debuted in 1974 and ran for almost three decades with its porn star interviews, extreme commentary, and "Fuck you!" segment in which Goldstein told off whatever notable was bugging him at the moment. I was a guest once, and I must say he treated my views with respect and without any yelling.

Ugly George
In the '80s, a man (who actually wasn't that ugly) prowled around the streets of New York with a camera on his shoulder and urged women to flash their breasts. And they did so. "I believe I'm teaching the public," said George at the height of his notoriety. "I'm not a star, I'm a professor." Perhaps -- but, like Miss Peel, he should have removed clothing along with his subjects!

Cara Delevingne Ditches Her Girl Crew for the Boys in New DKNY Campaign

For DKNY's Spring 2015 ad campaign, noted girl gang leader Cara Delevingne can be seen with the enemy is hanging with the boys this time. Shot by photographer Gregory Harri under the Manhattan Bridge, the campaign picks up the "real New Yorkers" theme that DKNY has been exploring over the past few seasons.

While menswear as womenswear is nothing new -- we saw a lot of great suits on women at the Golden Globes this past weekend -- Delevingne revitalizes the idea of a power suit in platform sneakers and minimal makeup. Honestly, we barely even notice the guys in the background. You go girl.

[via Complex]

Listen to Anonymous Producer Novellus' Sultry New Single, "Talk Back"


It's hump day, which makes it all the more appropriate to be premiering Novellus' sultry new single "Talk Back" here on Papermag.com. The mysterious producer who keeps his identity hidden -- a trend that seems to only be going stronger in the music world --  has a debut EP out January 26th and from the sound of this smoky, undulating R&B track, it's going to be your winter sex soundtrack. Happy cuffing season, y'all.

Saint Pepsi Announces Name Change With a Delightful Video and New Music

7ac6caef-af42-4628-bf21-f21913fbfb65-700x466.jpgProducer Saint Pepsi (née Ryan DeRobertis), who most recently brought us the funk remix of Drake's "Worst Behavior" that we never knew we needed, has announced a name change to Skylar Spence due to legal reasons. According to his label, Carpark Records, the new moniker is an homage to a character in Woody Allen's Everyone Says I Love You.

Woody Allen's influence on the musician is also clear in the teaser for his upcoming projects as Skylar Spence, including his debut album Prom King out later this year. Check out the clip and new music, below. 

Cancel All Your Plans and Stare at This Magnificent David Bowie GIF

No, it's not all part of your freaky dream; what you're gaping at is 29 kaleidoscopic and gorgeously rendered Bowie looks crammed into three seconds. (Pro tip: Download the GIF and open it in Preview to view each image individually.) Birmingham, UK, artist Helen Green created the GIF and posted it on Bowie's birthday last Thursday. And while we're celebrating milestones, Bowie's album Low came out 38 years ago yesterday...

Also, this. Yes to you, Helen Green.

ICYMI: Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets Slammed the College Football World


Jimmy Kimmel's 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets' has been one of the best segments the late night show host has ever done, what with all that schadenfreude directed at impossibly beautiful and impossibly rich celebrities. In his newest installment, he goes after another group ripe for the picking: rich, (mostly) white straight dudes a.k.a. college football coaches and sports commentators. Scope this special 'College Football Playoff Championship' edition, above, and see Tim Tebow get called the eff out.

Watch Gwyneth Paltrow Sing A Cringe-Worthy Medley of Rap Songs on Jimmy Fallon


Last night, champion of chopped salads Gwyneth Paltrow made an appearance on The Tonight Show to ruin everything that we love.

The segment starts with announcer Steve Higgins imploring us to "forget everything we know about rap music," which in hindsight serves as a cautionary warning for Paltrow's cringe-worthy performance to come. The lifestyle guru teamed up with host Jimmy Fallon to sing Drake's "Started From the Bottom," Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" and Big Sean's "IDFWU" as Broadway showtunes -- and the result is not good. Watch Gwyneth Paltrow take the joy out of normally enjoyable music, above.

Here's Why You Should Want to Date Drake, According to Drake

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.35.12 PM.png"Hey girl." (via Instagram)

Moody bachelor Drake has offered up yet another reason why you (ladies) should want to fall in love with him or, alternatively, regret falling out of love with him: you'll become immortal.

Last night, the rapper re-grammed a pithy quote from Mustafa Ahmed on Instagram that extolled the benefits of dating a writer. "If a writer falls in love with you," the post seduced, "you'll never die." But we're pretty sure that Mustafa's caption, which reads like one of the saltiest Drake come ons, is what the rapper related to most.

Drake has already immortalized and defamed countless women in his career as a songwriter/God's gift to women, but if you're still not sure about the benefits that come with loving Drake, here's a testimonial:

So if you want Drake to shout out your full name and personal details -- like he did Courtney from Hooters from on Peachtree -- on his next track, go for it! You'll love it, probably. We still, however, recommend exercising caution, as falling in love with Drake the Poet is at your own risk.