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Richard Chai's After-Party at Red Egg: Sky Ferreira Spotted With Cute Boy, Bryanboy Plagued With Dry Hands

richard-chai-head-love-party.jpgLast night, a few of Richard Chai's friends and family gathered to celebrate his Love collection (which was shown earlier yesterday) at the intimate Red Egg bar in Chinatown. Make-up artist Pat McGrath popped in for a blink-and-you'll-miss-it hello (if anybody's got a busy schedule this week, it's that lady), while Sky Ferreira spent a chunk of the evening slumped away in the corner with a really cute boy -- go Sky!

But first things first, a chat with the man of the hour. How'd it feel to be done for the week? "I haven't slept for two days, but it's good to be with friends," the handsome designer said. "This season was really exact and I really labored over editing it and having it be really specific and cohesive." A job well done as far as we could see! What does Richard do to relax after all the craziness? "I always have lunch with my family," Chai told us. "It kinda brings me back to earth. And then I went home and took a nap, and now I'm here!" 

As we said goodbye to Mr. Chai (who just recently inked a deal as creative director of Filson, which he told us he's very excited about), we were stoked to see the space's door open to the eccentric mega-blogger Bryanboy, who tweeted earlier in the evening that he was on a search for the secret to soft hands and feet in the midst of shitty weather--we suggested lotion. "If I put lotion on, everything gets greasy, and that just turns my phone into something else! It's disgusting," Bryan lamented. Good point.

Despite those pressing issues, we know Bryanboy will strive on, at least for the rest of the week--who should we expect to see him wearing? "Everyone!" the blogger told us. "Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs--I'm not one of those people who plans their outfits in advance. I love playing with clothes."

So what does BB think of New York nightlife? "In Europe, people don't give a shit, but in New York, it's really different--everyone is so concerned with what people are going to think."

Photos by Marco Ovando


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John Bartlett Gets Dirty With His New Collection

Standing on risers made of reclaimed wood, models in John Bartlett's fall collection presentation had their faces smeared with dirt. Some were barefoot, some were wearing rubber boots, and all appeared to be just off the farm. An organic, vegan-friendly farm, that is.

This fall marks the second anniversary of Bartlett's turn to veganism after the heavy use of animal furs in fashion made him re-think things. Using mostly up-cycled fabrics and materials, Bartlett has managed to keep the quality and classic masculinity his clothes are known for.

Shying away from the dark, somber hues that usually dominate men's fall fashion, Bartlett presented a collection inspired by Hudson Bay Blankets, using rich red, greens, and yellows. His tailored black watch plaid shirts and vests, in deeper shades of green and red than we saw last year, offered a more understated alternative to the hipster lumberjack aesthetic currently thriving in Brooklyn and beyond. Some traditional fall colors were still represented, however, with comfortable-looking henleys and union suits in chocolate brown and off white. Also back this fall was his plaid trench coat, a piece he says his one of his fall staples. See Marco Ovando's photos from the collection below.


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Waris Ahluwalia Proposes Moving Fashion Week to the Caribbean at the Yigal Azrouel Show

wariscaribbean.jpg Yigal Azrouël's Fall 2012 show, held earlier this afternoon at Highline Stages, featured a collection that emphasized strong, simple lines (lots of A-line dresses and classic jackets) and earthy tones (think rust, olive and taupe).  Amidst the serious simplicity, however, came bursts of fur: massive hats fit for a Russian oligarchess and expansively plush coats. Though the collection won't be available until next fall, it's not hard to believe that more than one woman in the room wished she had Azrouël's coats or hats to keep her warm in the February chill.  "All the models were like, 'Can I have the hat?'  They were all dying over it!" Azrouël told PAPERMAG.

Jewelry designer Waris Ahluwalia had a novel idea to battle frigid elements: why not just move New York Fashion Week to the Caribbean?

"I am leading a movement to move [Fashion Week] to the Caribbean," he told us.  "I'm okay with any of the islands, I'll take care of the whole thing."

How does he propose to do this?  He's...not sure but said, "We can just move everything down there and it'll be great.  'Cause if I could swim in between shows or play a little tennis--I'd be fine.  But this weather and shows--it's just too much."

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Blue Ivy Carter: The First Photos Hath Cometh!

The benefits of being stuck at the office late on a Friday night? We got to be close to a computer when Jay-Z and Beyonce released the first photos of their newborn daughter Blue Ivy Carter on their very sweet Tumblr page Hello Blue Ivy Carter. In a very classy move, they didn't sell the first pics to the highest-bidding rag, and instead wrote on their simple Tumblr page: "We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives - The Carter Family." What a cutie!! And what a moppa hair! What tiny little hands! (In related news, we were just talking to Solange about Blue Ivy! Funny how the world works sometimes.)




Peter Som's New Masculine-Feminine Collection

Peter Som says he drew inspiration for his F/W '12 collection, which showed earlier today at Milk Studios, from the "masculine and feminine, hard and soft, textured and smooth" style of screen sirens Marlene Deitrich and Katherine Hepburn. Indeed, his line was a mix of all of those things, featuring wrap dresses with suit-like structuring, clean lines and a gorgeous spattering of jewel tones and peplum silhouettes. A kaleidoscopic fur coat in candy pink and eggplant and super-slim eyelet pants offered a fun mix of prints and textures as well. Check out Greg Scaffidi's backstage photos below.


Jason Wu Channels Old Hollywood Chic For F/W '12

Though born in Taiwan, Jason Wu hadn't been back in several years, using a recent trip there as the inspiration behind his F/W '12 collection. Models sported looks based off of Chinese military uniforms, with broad shoulders, grommets and epaulets. Wu says he was also inspired by '40s Hollywood fashion and its glamorous take on Asian fabrics and traditional dresses, as particularly seen on  Marlene Deitrich in Shanghai Express. Check out Greg Scaffidi's photos from backstage.

Jason Wu0104.JPG

Kate Spade's Tres Cute Brad Goreski-Styled Presentation

Kate Spade's F/W '12 presentation Friday featured Brad Goreski making his first stab at styling for the quirky womenswear and accessories label, and, based on what we saw today, it looks like Brad and Kate are a match made in fashion heaven. Inspired by Paris' Palais Royal, the line featured an exuberant collection of colorful coats, skinny pants and sweaters in bold red and blues, as well as polka dots galore, cute envelope clutches and playful touches like a "Pardon My French" t-shirt paired with a feathery skirt. It all felt very Laura Petrie's-cool-Parisian-niece to us, and we're in love with the whole thing. Take a look at Atisha Paulson's photos above.

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Grammys Fashion -- 10 Boonanas Looks

With the preponderance of actors working with stylists to make sure they don't wind up on Joan Rivers' Shit List after the Golden Globes, SAG Awards or Oscars, it's fun and refreshing to see the bonkers looks happening at the Grammys when musicians are left to their own devices and dress themselves (or hire a stylist as fun as they are). Here are our Top 10 Wackiest Looks last night.

1. Cyndi Lauper

cyndilaupergrammys12.pngThe mother of wacky fashion. 'Nuff said.

2.  Fergie

fergiegrammys12.pngWe see Fergie's London and France.

3. Adam Levine's girlfriend, Anne V.

annevgrammys12.pngThere's something to be said about "when you've got it, flaunt it."

4. Lady Gaga

ladygagagrammys12.pngLady Gaga's love of crazy outfits is like Hillary Clinton's love of pantsuits: all day every day.  But we give this get-up a special nod because with all that netting, it looks like someone plucked her out from the land of the Loch Ness Monster.

5. Sasha Gradiva, singer

sashagradivagrammys12.pngWhat. is. happening? Sometimes it's better to just stand back and admire the kookiness.

6. Nadeea

nadeeaimage.jpgWe don't know who this is, but her look is very Liberace's-bordello-meets-Ice-Capades. Impressive stuff.

7. Bonnie McKee, singer/songwriter

bonniemckeegrammys12.pngAlways punch up your outfits with Janice from the Muppet Band's hair.

8. Robyn

robyngrammys12.pngT-shirt with a train and Timberland-esque boots.

9. Katy Perry

katyperrygrammys12.pngThe matronly updo and the long sleeved pastel dress felt very Smurf Mother of the Bride.

10. Nicki Minaj

nickiminajgrammys12.pngEqual parts Little Red Riding Hood and Catholic Cardinal, Nicki Minaj's Versace cloak was wack-a-licious to the nth degree -- which is why we put her on  our Feb/March cover!

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Joanna Coles Talks Project Runway and Mia Tyler Recalls Being Stuck in a Beaver Dam at the Tommy Hilfiger Show

joannacolestommy.jpgAt Tommy Hilfiger's 8 p.m. show yesterday evening, the fash pack was waning and looking for a jolt of transformative fashion. "I am looking for a surprise," Marie Claire editor Joanna Coles said. "It's the end of a long day. We've had all sorts of weather. There's been in a snowstorm, we had a brief heat moment then we had deep icy conditions, so I am looking to be transported."

Set against the backdrop of a grand country driveway with gravel, auburn-leafed trees and rustic lampposts, Hilfiger did just that, sending us to a chic hunt club in the countryside. 

Coles, who is currently having "enormous fun" as the mentor to the designers of Project Runway: All Stars, explained that she's found her own way of differentiating herself from the beloved Tim Gunn. "People keep asking me what the difference between me and Tim Gunn is, and I like to think it's that I have had sex more recently."

Next, we chatted with Steven Tyler spawn Mia Tyler, who was there with her sister, budding singer Chelsea. After admitting she's a tomboy when it comes to fashion, we wondered if she would be able to hang with the The Hilfigers in their outdoorsy spring campaign. "I love camping," she exclaimed. "One of my favorite things in the world is to camp. I was living in California for a while so we would go to Kern Valley, and I got stuck in a beaver dam once -- wrong place, wrong time. I love, like, living in a tent for a week and being grimy with no cell phone."

Photo: Chance Yeh/PatrickMcMullan.com


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Derek Lam Books It

Derek Lam's show Sunday was an ode to "the library," with several dresses, skirts and blouses in his collection featuring floral prints inspired by the frontispieces in rare books.  Check out Greg Scaffidi's backstage photos from his show below!

Derek Lam1016.JPG View full-size image DerekLam0417.JPG View full-size image DerekLam0490.JPG View full-size image DerekLam0558.JPG View full-size image DerekLam0577.JPG View full-size image DerekLam0611.JPG View full-size image DerekLam0625.JPG View full-size image DerekLam0644.JPG View full-size image DerekLam0694.JPG View full-size image

Backstage at Derek Lam's Mid Century Chic S/S '12 Collection

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Feeling Hot Hot Hot... Pink This Fashion Week

Maybe it was some of that pink from the Barbie Dream Closet seeping out, or the impending release of Nicki Minaj's forthcoming Pink Friday, or our unseasonably warm winter -- whatever the reason, hot pink has been popping up everywhere this Fashion Week, both on and off the runway. Here are some of this season's hottest pink moments, thusfar.

malandrinohotpink.jpgCatherine Malandrino (photo from style.com)

lindsaylohanpurple.jpgLindsay Lohan at the Purple party (photo by Patrick McMullan/PatrickMcMullan.com)

barbiepartypink.jpgThe Barbie Dream Closet opening (photo from Billy Farrell Agency)

menasuvariinpink.jpgMena Suvari in Spring '12 Christian Siriano at the designer's show (photo by Shaun Mader/PatrickMcMullan.com)

thakoonpink.jpgThakoon (photo by Sylvain Gaboury/PatrickMcmullan.com)
jasonwuhotpink.jpgJason Wu (Photo by Clint Spaudling/PatrickMcMullan.com)

William Okpo (photo from fashionising.com)

juancarlosobandopink.jpg Juan Carlos Obando (photo from style.com)

Zaldy Reveals the Secret Behind His Silky, Smooth Black Hair

zaldyy3.pngAt last night's Y-3 show, where guards were protecting celeb guests Idris Elba and Anton Yelchin like the crown jewels, we caught up with costume designer Zaldy. The former L.A.M.B. designer and Lady Gaga costumer told us that he has a lot on his plate at the moment. "I did the costumes for the Michael Jackson's Cirque du Soleil This Is It tour and am now designing for another, newer Cirque du Soleil show. I'm also doing some stuff for a tour of Japan and am in the midst of making a Met ball gown. I have projects all over the place." We had to ask what he uses to condition his signature ultra-long, jet black hair which looked supremely soft and shiny last night, His response was frankly shocking: "Anything that's in the shower, really. I mean, not anything crazy...  if I know I'm going to be staying in a hotel that has bad products I bring my own, but, usually it's nothing too special."

Photo from PatrickMcMullan.com

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Portlandia Recap! Episode Six "Cat Nap"


On "Cat Nap," this week's episode of Portlandia, Fred and Carrie turned in another consistently hilarious installment of their hipster-skewering series, which has been on a roll for the past six weeks. While each sketch in "Cat Nap" hit from beginning to end, the episode's targets veered into topical territory (which is kind of unusual for the show) making the episode unlikely to have a long shelf life. While poking fun at Kickstarter and Pitchfork is de rigueur in most hipster-comedy circles, Fred and Carrie tackled these easy targets creatively. But in beyond 2012, will those sketches still garner laughs?

But because of the topical gags, Portlandia will almost certainly be a really bizarre time capsule to look at a few years from now. It will be especially fun to watch because of the parade of cameos in each episode, which give the show a "Laugh-In for the 21st-century" feel. This week's cold open was a fantastically edited bit guest-starring Miranda July as the co-owner (with Carrie) of a store called Two Girls, Two Shirts that, yes, only has two shirts for sale. Amber Tamblyn popped up in a Women and Women First Bookstore sketch and Kristen Wiig guest starred in the episode's title sketch and runner. The runner not only roasted Pitchfork, but it also jabbed at the current superficial indie-music hype machine, in which all you need is a gimmick and a SoundCloud account to blow up. Wiig steals the scene (no surprise there) as "Gathy" a deranged fan, a la Kathy Bates in Misery, who takes her favorite indie band hostage.

The sketch that hit hardest in "Cat Nap" was a song performed by Carrie called, "She's Making Jewelry Now." In the bit, Fred asks Carrie what her sister is doing these days, and she responds by launching into the song. Even though he's relegated to the background in the sketch, Fred still manages to pull focus with his repeated over-enunciation of the word "Yeah!" throughout the bit. The song is credited to Fred and Carrie, and makes me believe that Portlandia: The Album is a welcome inevitability. After all, just last week, IFC announced that Portlandia: The Book hits bookstores in November. With their staggering creative output, it's not a bad thing that Fred and Carrie are occasionally dabbling in topical jokes; they're just firmly establishing Portlandia as the sketch-comedy voice of the 2010s.

Watch Portlandia's "Cat Nap" on iTunes here!

Sinagpore: 10 Reasons to Visit

For a Westerner, Singapore is both extremely familiar (everyone speaks English, all the signs are in English, their currency is the dollar) and extremely foreign as well (it is still technically illegal to chew gum there). It's a fascinating place, and we were thrilled to have visited this past summer. Here are 10 reasons why you should go there right now -- in addition to the fact that the weather is currently 79 degrees and sunny.


1. Hawker Centers: Yes, I'd eaten at the ball fields in Red Hook, and yes I'd eaten a lobster roll from the Lobster Pound truck and yes, I went to Smorgasburg one time before I got overwhelmed and had to run away, but I don't think I ever really understood what a food stall could be until I visited Singapore. Hawker centers, that is, food courts -- but better, way better -- are peppered throughout the city, and where I had some of the best food experiences of my life thusfar. These hawker centers feature stall after stall after stall, each one specializing in one regional cuisine, and in some cases specific dish -- whether it's Thai, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Middle Eastern.


The prices are insanely cheap compared to everything else in the city, so you can get multiple dishes to try -- like chicken and rise, laksa, chili crab, and our favorite, rendang, a Malay dish of meat stewed with coconut milk and spices -- without feeling bad about yourself. The government oversees all the hawker centers, so those who are squeamish about street food need not be -- everything is very clean and "non-sketchy."  K.F. Seetoh (who I actually met last spring) has even created a Zagats-like guide to the city's various food stands. Calvin Trillin wrote a wonderful article about him in 2007.

2. Shopping: Our tour guide sort of (but not really) jokingly told us that Singaporeans like to do two things: eat and shop. Orchard Road literally has every single store you could ever imagine. For the global traveler, that might not sound that earth-shattering, but have you ever seen a Comme Des Garcons, Takashimaya, Marks & Spencers, Lane Crawford and Lanvin boutique all in one building? Didn't think so.

singaporetopten7.jpg3. Sentosa: There is something both startling and amazing about being able to drive about 20 minutes from a city's skyscraper-peppered center to a true tropical paradise. Sentosa, a manmade island just minutes from downtown Singapore, accessible by bridge, features luxury hotels (like the Rasa Sentosa, where I stayed -- monkeys came to our rooms) as well as a newly-opened Hard Rock Hotel. Sure, it's a little jarring to be drinking a pina colada while looking out at a whole bunch of container ships, but nothing's perfect.

Interior-Design-Classical-Raffles-Hotel-Singapore-Lobby.jpg4. The Raffles Hotel: Though it's recently been taken over by a Qatar-based company, the Raffles Hotel is still one of Singapore's most iconic landmarks. The colonial behemoth opened in 1887, and there's still something slightly creepy about the fact that they didn't let Asians in until 1930. But even though sipping a Singapore Slings in the hotel's lobby costs about 20 bucks, the drink was invented there, so that's pretty neat. There's also a really cool menswear boutique, Surrender, located in the hotel's arcade.

5. Singapore Airlines: From the iconic Balmain-designed flight attendant uniforms, to the insane insane level of service, to the free Kiehl's products, flying to Singapore (especially in business class) is very fun. The SIA 380 (which is basically a flying hotel) leaves from LAX and JFK, and you can kick your feet up, watch Never Say Never -- the Justin Beiber documentary -- twice in a row, while eating lobster thermador without being judged. And really, isn't that what luxury is all about?


7. There is a hotel that looks like this: It's called the Marina Bay Sands, and it cost $8 billion to build. The SkyPark on its roof is home to the world's longest elevated swimming pool. In addition to your run-of-the-mill extremely upscale shops (Gucci, Prada, Chanel, the world's largest Louis Vuitton boutique) there are seven "celebrity chef restaurants" throughout Wolfgang Puck, Mario Batali, Daniel Boulud, Guy Savoy, among others. Wicked, the Broadway musical, is currently playing there. It is truly absurd, but that's Singapore for ya!

8. Along those same lines, Singapore boasts the tallest rooftop bar in the world, 1 Altitude -- it's 925 feet off the ground!

singaporetopten8.jpg9. While the name of the game in Singapore is slick and slightly sterile, there are pockets of cool and cute throughout. Like the eclectic curiosity shop Stevie's General Store;  the gallery/independent bookstore/artist hangout Books Actually; most of the stores on Haji Lane;  the avant-garde clothing boutique Asylum; and the bookstore/gallery/bakery/design store Little Drom Shop.

10. Singapore Botanic Gardens: If you like orchids -- and really, who doesn't -- the city's magnificent Botanic Gardens have got plenty. We were sort of obsessed with the special "VIP Orchid Garden" (it's actually called that) which feature special, unique, cross-bred orchids named after visiting dignitaries -- from Elton John, to Princess Diana, to the controversial Then Sein, who was prime minister of Myanmar's military junta. (Pictured above is the The Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana orchid.)

Timo Weiland F/W '12: 10 Things We Loved About It.

1) Front row conversations: Some choice quotes overheard before the show started:

"Last night after we were leaving the art gallery, I think my ear was bleeding."
"From the music?"
"I think someone stabbed me."

"Look at him with his girlfriend."
"That troll next to him."
"You didn't want him!  He wanted you!
"Yeah, but still."

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 12.01.49 PM.pngPhotos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

2)  Tasteful fur accents: Fur is a touchy subject however way you look at it. but we couldn't help but swoon at some of the tasteful accents TW included in their F/W collection.  They nailed it--fur cuffs, collars and hems added a touch of decadence without being heavy-handed.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 11.53.04 AM.pngPhotos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

3) Bad-ass models have are more fun: The design duo with a self-described "flair for dapper dressing" have always projected an edgier, sexed up gentleman (or woman) with a few models each season looking like they were pulled out of a VICE party and thrown on the runway.  This season, however, TW amped it up a notch casting models with facial and neck tattoos, a bull-ring piercing and an aggressive rattail.  We kinda liked it.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 12.13.00 PM.pngPhotos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

4)  Peeps of patterns: We liked the hint of playfulness coming from glimpses of wild patterns paired underneath otherwise simple sweaters and pants.  It's like a little fashion surprise.

Photos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

5) Dream of the 90s: The Dream of the 90s is alive and well in Portland, Portland and, apparently, New York Fashion Week.  Spaghetti-strapped slip dresses, velvet, chokers and Seattle grunge-style layering all made a comeback.

6)  Fashion types perking up to Das Racist: The crowd appeared transfixed by Timo Weiland's clothes to the point of being in a semi-fashion stupor--that is, until Das Racist's "Happy Rappy" came on and, just like that, some serious head bobbing action happened as if these fashion types listen to the Brooklyn trio all the time.

model.jpgPhoto courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

7) This model:  He looked positively striking in the plaid, hooded coat and had the most intense runway stare ever.

spank rock and gabe saporta timo.jpgPhoto courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

8) Sometimes Fashion Week trumps the Grammys...even for rock stars: Though we've been wondering whether the timing of the Grammys last night has contributed to a fairly sparse celebrity attendance this year, we were excited to see that Spank Rock and Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship chose to watch a fashion show rather than the Grammys.  "Of course when Timo and those guys asked me to come, I had to come.  It's my first show of theirs and it's awesome," Spank Rock said.  For his part, when asked about missing the Grammys Saporta said, "That's what Tivo's for!"

boybun_tw.jpg9) Cadre of boy buns backstage: After heading backstage, we noticed several dudes rocking boy buns like a posse of fashion samurais.  Who were these imposing-looking guys?  Turns out they were show production interns.

twparents.jpgPhoto courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

10) The designers' moms backstage: You can be the coolest kids on the scene, you can cast models with rattails and face tattoos, you can host your party at the Electric Room but you still have a mom.  Who looks like any normal mom from Great Neck/Newton/Highland Park/Brentwood.  And she will bring you and your partner a bouquet of flowers.  And, somewhere, you have proud dads lurking around too.''

Hawaiian Tropic: Backstage Scenes from Timo Weiland's Beachy S/S '12 Show

Elettra Wiedemann and Mario Batali Play the "Which Food Is Chic-er?" Game


The lovely and enterprising Elettra Wiedemann has returned for the second season in a row  with her Fashion Week pop-up restaurant, Goodness. Located around the corner from Lincoln Center (on the rooftop of the Museum of Arts and Design) the resto will be serving lunch to Fashion Weekers through Feb. 14th. Here, she and guest chef Mario Batali talk to PAPERMAG's Abby Schreiber about teaming up, and play the always-fun "Which food is chic-er?" game.


Mmm Mmm Good: Elettra Wiedemann On Her Fashion Week Pop-Up Resto Goodness
Beautiful People 2008: Elettra Wiedemann
Mario Batali's Big, Brilliant Eataly

Models in Their Natural Habitat at Tommy Hilfiger

The best part about being backstage at Fashion Week shows? Models look fabulous, even when they're just standing around in jeans. Check out Greg Scaffidi's behind-the-scenes shots from Hilfiger's F/W '12 show yesterday.

Hilfiger0050.JPG View image
Hilfiger0095.JPG View image Hilfiger0117.JPG View image Hilfiger0146.JPG View image Hilfiger0185.JPG View image Hilfiger0205.JPG View image Hilfiger0223.JPG View image Tejrere Hilfiger0274.JPG View image Hilfiger0367.JPG View image Hilfiger0394.JPG View image

Tommy Hilfiger's Pop Art-Inspired S/S '12 Show
Theophilus London's Fashion Week Diary: The Tommy Hilfiger Show
KCD By the Numbers: The Tommy Hilfiger Men's Show

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Carpet to Carpet at Y-3

If Aladdin and Jasmine had a brownstone in Brooklyn, they would be clad in the Y-3 Fall/Winter 2012 collection. This was a collection in which function and style took a magical carpet ride, down to the rainbow-accent Adidas that models sported. There were fur-collared bomber jackets as well as over-sized pants for him that were more fashion forward than fashion faux pas. The utility-chic overcoats were also a plus and we loved the nubby pullover.  See the photo gallery above for looks from the Y-3 Fall/ Winter 2012 show.

Check out Y-3's Mysterious New Campaign
Oh Britania! Y-3's U.K.-Inspired S/S '12 Show

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Elizabeth Hurley, Waris Ahluwalia, Lorenzo Martone and Douglas Friedman Reveal Their Dream Skating Partners at Last Night's Moncler Show

322490.jpgLast year Moncler took over Grand Central Station with a choreographed flash mob that impressed even the most jaded Fashion Week veterans. The French outerwear titans chose an equally grand venue last night, presenting the show on ice, at Central Park's Wollman Rink. Figure skaters clad in Moncler's signature down jackets and vests dazzled the hot chocolate-sipping spectators with triple-toe loops and double lutzes. Groups of skaters wearing red, white, or blue performed their fancy footwork to a soundtrack that included M.I.A'.s new track "Bad Girls" and a chills-inducing version of Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" performed by a puffer-clad choir. Paper caught up with a few bundled up fashion insiders and asked , "If you could have any skating partner in the world, real or imaginary, who would it be?" Here's what they said:

Elizabeth Hurley: "Blake Lively -- because I'm filming Gossip Girl with her."

Waris Ahluwalia: "Any character from the film Madagascar."

Lorenzo Martone: "Natalie Portman, as her character in Black Swan."

Douglas Friedman: "Dorothy Hamill."

Photo: Will Ragozzino/BFAnyc.com

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