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RuPaul's Drive With Chris Crocker Leaves Us Feeling Lukewarm


We haven't seen RuPaul Drives... -- the World of Wonder web series where RuPaul has a long drive and a long chat with a celeb -- in a few weeks, but now it's back and Ru is driving around with Chris Crocker, aka the "Leave Britney alone" guy-cum-one-time-porn-performer. Crocker is going apartment hunting in Hollywood, and over the course of the ride we discover what we already suspected, which that his life is in sort of a sorry state: while he's wrapping up a web series by Russell Simmons and making various one-off appearances on C-list TV shows, he also seems to regret the porno he made with his now-ex boyfriend and is generally an undesirable candidate for a loan. Apparently RuPaul tried to intervene in the pseudo train wreck of Crocker's early adulthood at one point, but now Ru seems resigned to Crocker's fate. Unlike the Courtney Stodden episode, which sort of warmed my heart to the (similarly) fame hungry lost soul who wasn't hugged enough as a child, Crocker seems insincere and happy to use RuPaul Drives... to bolster his fame a little -- if even for a moment. I will say this, though: it's nice to hear him talk about how femininity in gay men is often conflated with the perception of asexuality. Let's stop doing that.

Danny Brown's "Dip" Will Win Over the Haters


Manic party clip alert! Danny Brown gets his "Dip" on in this frenetic mash-up (with a taste of animation) off of his upcoming LP Old, out on October 8. The Detroit rapper was a little peeved when Fool's Gold seemingly delayed the album, and he threatened to "leak that s**t myself." As the song attests, a little hit of molly may have smoothed things out, and the track should win over some of the haters out there. The video says it all.

A Dublin Blogger Tells Us About the City's Music and Nightlife Scenes

annadublin.JPGEach week in our new column, "No Sleep Til...," we'll be talking to cool kids around the globe, asking them to fill us in about the bands, DJs, music venues and night spots they and their friends are obsessing over. Next time you visit their home city, leave your Fodor's and Lonely Planet guides behind and go party like a local instead.


Anna Kozlowska



Where do you live?

I'm originally from Poland but I've live in Dublin since I was 18. I came over for a few months to decide what college to go to but I totally fell for it and it's been my home since.

What do you do there?

I'm a buyer for a coffee chain by day and a fashion blogger by night.

What Irish bands or DJs are you obsessed with right now and think we should know about?

Ireland must be the most musical country in the world and so talented so it's hard to keep the list short but the top of my list would always be: Kodaline, Bell X1, Damien Rice, the Frames, and classics like Sinead O'Connor, Christy Moore and the Cranberries.

What does their music sound like?

A lot of these artists are quite melancholic and play really emotional stuff but that's the beauty of them.

Where are the cool places to see live music in Dublin?

Whelan's on Wexford Street is definitely a spot for a great gig. Vicar Street is good as well but less of the local crowd plays there. I personally love the Olympia Theatre -- definitely some of the best concerts I've been to.

Describe your perfect night out in Dublin.

I've a serious problem with shopping and I'm a dedicated foodie so my perfect night out would start after a couple of hours of browsing through vintage stuff at the Dublin Flea Market. I would first head to grab a bite somewhere around George's Street (Rustic Stone, a tequila bar like 777 or the Green Hen) and then head to Olympia for some great music.

What's your favorite bar/nightclub in Dublin?

Everleigh Garden is supposed to be the coolest club around now but I'm yet to check it out. I always enjoy 37 Dawson Street but for a bar I would head to [Four] Dame Lane or Keogh's on South Anne Street. On a summer's evening the customers pour out over the streets around it and it's one of Dublin's coolest views. I like the tapas in the Pyg at Powerscourt and a drink in Pygmalion after that. The coolest area in Dublin is definitely around South WiIlliam Street -- you will never be stuck for a great pub/club or a restaurant. There's always a lot going on around Wexford/Aungier Street too.

What's a bar or nightclub you would NEVER go to in Dublin?

Very few locals hang out in Temple Bar -- I stay away too. There's so much more to Dublin than that.

Check out Anna's music recs:

Kodaline -- "Brand New Day"

Bell X1 -- Careful What You Wish For

Damien Rice -- "Unplayed Piano"

The Frames -- "Falling Slowly"

Check out Anna's Nightlife Listings:

Whelan's, 25 Wexford St., Dublin 2

Olympia Theatre, 72 Dame St., Dublin 2

Rustic Stone, 17 S Great George's St., Dublin

777, 7 Castle House S, Great Georges St., Dublin

The Green Hen, 33 Exchequer St., Dublin 2

Everleigh Garden, 33 Harcourt St., Dublin 2

37 Dawson Street, 37 Dawson St., Dublin 2

Four Dame Lane, 4 Dame Lane, Dame Lane, Dublin 2

Keogh's, 1 Trinity St., Dublin 2

Pyg, Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, South William Street, Dublin 2

More from our 'No Sleep Til...' series including nightlife and music in Paris, Mumbai, Seoul, Bogotá and more!

Our Super-Scientific Emmys Predictions

The Emmys are this Sunday and PAPERMAG couldn't be more excited. Scroll below to see our (obviously) super scientific predictions about who will win, who will be snubbed, who will be the only celebrity willing to do the E! Network's "Mani Cam."

BFA_6247_720634.jpg(Photo by David X Pruttin/Billy Farrell Agency)

Actress Who Won't Win Despite Being Everyone's Favorite Everything of Fall 2013: Kerry Washington. I scream, you scream, we all scream for Kerry Washington, but Claire Danes' cry face will probably be the winner.

(Photo by Patrick McMullan)

Miniseries That Will Win and Remind Us "Damn, We Forgot to DVR That Shiz": Phil Spector, which has been nominated for five Emmys in all the big Mini-series categories (Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Best Director, Best Writing and Best Mini-Series). We bet Pacino will take home the trophy.

BFA_6357_733717.jpg(Photo by Billy Farrell/Billy Farrell Agency)

Actor Who Will Be Giving Us Unintentional/Semi-Intentional "Blue Steel" Vibes Whenever the Camera Pans to Him: Zachary Quinto.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 3.31.04 PM.pngActresses Who Will Show Up Wearing the Same Thing: Elaine Stritch and Lena Dunham -- neither will be wearing pants.

American-Horror-Story-poster-Asylum.jpgShow/Miniseries That Will Win One Million Awards That We've Never Seen and Still Won't See: American Horror Story: Asylum.

(Photo by Aleks Kocev/Billy Farrell Agency)

Actress Who May, MAY, Finally Knock Jessica Lange Off of Her "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries" Throne: Elisabeth Moss, who may just be amazing enough in Top of the Lake to end Lange's multiple-year winning streak.

Thumbnail image for BFA_5753_657063.jpg(Photo by Aleks Kocev/Billy Farrell Agency)

Actor Most Likely to Have All Eyes on His Junk: Jon Hamm, obviously. We'll all be keeping an eye out for his well-aired pants ham while he's on red carpet.

(Photo by Diana Eliazov/Billy Farrell Agency)

True Blood Actress Who Will Win an Emmy -- But Not for True Blood: Carrie Preston, who will win for her guest appearance on The Good Wife. Poor, award-challenged True Blood.

(Photo by Neil Rasmus/Billy Farrell Agency)

Actor Who Will Smooch Matt Damon -- and Not His Wife -- When He Wins: Michael Douglas.

BFA_6466_747276.jpg(Photo by Matteo Prandoni/Billy Farrell Agency)

Actress Who Will Have the Best Reaction Faces: Connie Britton.

(Photo by Billy Farrell/Billy Farrell Agency)

The Only Actress During the Whole Red Carpet Who Will Be Willing to Do E!'s "Mani Cam": Zooey Deschanel.

amazingracelogo1.jpgThe Reality Show Competition That Will Win That We A) Didn't Know Was Still On and B) Didn't Know Was Still Being Watched: The Amazing Race.

The Most Awkward Justin Timberlake Interview You'll Ever See


ICYMI, here's the most awkward Justin Timberlake interview you'll ever see. Among other things, the interviewer -- who is a Brazilian comedian, so maybe it's all a joke? -- tells him he dances "like a black American" and then gives him a molding of her "ass, in a box." [via Uproxx]

Leslie-and-Ingrid-1.jpgThe folks at Parks and Rec released the first still of Kristin Bell playing the Eagleton version of Leslie Knope, Ingrid de Forest. Looks about right. [via Uproxx]

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 8.14.32 AM.pngNew favorite Tumblr alert: Terrible Real Estate Agent, a droll British blog that finds horrifying apartment photos and really taps into that pervading sense of doom you feel when you try to find a semi-affordable apartment in the city. [via Death and Taxes]

tumblr_mtdwvpRaUJ1qz8376o1_1280.jpgThe Strand knows how to sell a book. [via Laughterkey]

We never realized how utterly ridiculous stock footage is -- or that it really was a thing -- until seeing this amazing video where someone dubbed over the various nonsensical mouth movements the actors make throughout. [via Laughterkey]

tumblr_mtbkk1qvRj1rn7bzro1_400.gifThis is exactly how we remember the ending of Mulan. [via knusprig.titten.hitler]

WHAT IS THIS AUSTRALIAN OLD SPICE AD? Where did it come from? It is amazing. It is the internet. [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

tumblr_mtcbvsvrSf1r1vzzeo1_500.jpgNapoleon/Napoleoff. [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

UC0Q.jpegWu-Tang Flan is our new favorite dessert. [via mlkshk]

UC9B.jpegWell played, The Onion. [via mlkshk

tumblr_mtbdpoeSRZ1rn7bzro1_1280.jpgAww, thanks! [via knusprig.titten.hitler]

Harry Hamlin

Harry_HamlinBP.jpgL.A. born and raised, we've had a crush on Harry Hamlin since his days as the smooth-talking Michael Kuzak on L.A. Law and were tickled pink by his Emmy-nominated performance as the creepy speed-pushing boss Jim Cutler on this season of Mad Men.

Describe what you do in 3 words.

I am wondering.

Describe living in L.A. in 3 words.

Heaven on earth.

What are you working on now?

My vegan diet.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to drive an ice cream truck.

If you got to take over MOCA, what would your first exhibition be?

The Statue of Liberty made out of corn.

What's the biggest misconception about L.A.?

Are there any misconceptions about LA?

What's the most touristy L.A. thing you've ever done?

I'd like to take one of those TMZ tour buses. Might meet Harvey Levin!

What's your best celebrity run-in story?

Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold once asked me for my autograph. I gave it to them...both.

If you could be any star from Old Hollywood, who would you be?

Mae West. Why not?

What's your favorite street intersection in L.A.?

Where Rodeo, Beverly, Canon and all those streets merge south of the Beverly Hills Hotel 'cause there are no rules and it's every man for himself!

Harry wears a jacket by Diesel.
Hair: Derek Yuen
Makeup: Ren Bray

Mobile Disco Comes to Maker Faire This Weekend

disco_trans_05.jpg The annual Maker Faire returns to the New York Hall of Science in Queens this weekend. Brooklyn artist Thomas Stevenson -- whose rooftop sleepovers were recently featured in the New York Times -- will be roaming around the fair with his DiscoTransformer. The mobile party-in-a-box looks sort of like a food cart, until it opens up to become a disco, with booming bass and a mirror ball. Check out some pics below and, if you haven't been out to the Faire, here's what to expect: "Part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new, Maker Faire is an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors." Also look for a LEGO-art piece by The Art of the Brick's Nathan Sawaya called "Melting Man." The Maker Faire is open from 10am-7pm on Saturday, September 21, and from 10am-6pm on Sunday.

disco_trans_000.jpgdisco_trans_01.jpgdisco_trans_04.jpgImages courtesy of Thomas Stevenson

Purity Ring Remixed "Applause" and It's Wonderful


Purity Ring are known for adding resonant, reverberating electro-stylings to some of our favorite pop songs and now they've done it again with Lady Gaga's literal swan song/hamster workout anthem "Applause." Purity Ring's Corin Roddick said that he "chipped away at it for two weeks" and it shows: this schniz is good. It will be on Gaga's remix EP Applause Remix, out on October 1st. Until then, we'll have to listen to it on YouTube.

[via Pitchfork]

Drake Is Having an Official Listening Party at Big Ang's Staten Island Bar

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 1.27.41 PM.pngThe Cash Money Records family is home to folks like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and...Big Ang?

Well...maybe not quite. Our favorite mob moll isn't releasing any tracks on the hip-hop label -- at least not yet -- but it looks like she is joining the extended Cash Money family in a sense: her Staten Island bar, the Drunken Monkey, is hosting an official listening party tomorrow for Drake's new album, Nothing Was the Same. (Maybe Nicki Minaj recommended the venue?)

The SI shindig is part of a series of listening parties within the five boroughs; three sessions have already taken place (one in Jam Master J's Hall of Fame Studio in Queens, another in Harlem's Black Star Video and a third in Vinnie's Styles Clothing Store in Brooklyn) and the fifth will go down at Jimmy Jazz in the Bronx on the 23rd. For a rapper who routinely gets mocked for his middle-class-Toronto-acting-on-Degrassi upbringing, his decision not to host the listening parties at swish places like No. 8 or Milk Studios seems like Drake's way of trying to beef up his cred. Though, unfortunately, we're under the impression that Drizzy will not be at any of these parties. But, hey, you can always hang out and do shots with Big Ang and Lil' Louis.

For more details about the party, go HERE.

If Cindy Sherman and Ryan Trecartin Had Babies, They Might Resemble Mike and Claire

mikeandclairephoto.jpgPhoto courtesy of Mike and Claire

Every once in awhile, an artist duo comes around that are so wrapped up in their crazy, inside reference-filled world that it's hard to imagine how the two even made work apart from each other in the first place. Young NYC-based artists Mike Bailey-Gates and Claire Christerson are exactly this kind of BFF collaborative team, whose colorful and kooky photos and videos have a Cindy Sherman-meets-Ryan Trecartin quality. With a fantastic cast of characters under their belt, Mike and Claire have transformed their love for performance into an artistic universe of their own, which is only going to get bigger and bigger. We talked to the young artists about their process and the art of creating a persona.

So how did you two initially meet?

Mike: We met at the School of Visual Arts. We were in a critique class together freshman year. Claire was singing My Fair Lady in the dark room and I liked that movie a lot so we sort of became friends from there.

That's so cute!

Also, I remember one time Mike said if he wasn't doing [photography] he'd be doing set design and I said if I wasn't doing [photography] I'd be doing costume design, so we just fit together perfectly.

How exactly did you two first decide you wanted to do this "Mike and Claire" artistic collaboration together?

Mike: With a lot of our work, we present work separately on different sites and media platforms. Then we realized, if I did a project, Claire would help me with all of it, and if she did a project, I'd help her so we realized there was no point in separating something by names when we can just have it together as one thing.

And you both have similar aesthetics and artistic visions that go together, would you say?

Mike: It's funny because I think our practices are very separate and different. Claire, she has an idea and she works on it right away, whereas I get an idea and spend a week making things for it. When we work together, both of our styles work well together.

"No Commercials Just Adds" by Mike and Claire

How does the idea for a video first begin? What inspires you to make your videos?

Mike: Sometimes it will be as simple as one of us having an idea and writing it down in this big book of ideas we just want to do.

Claire: I would say it depends on the video, but most of the videos are improvised. We've never written a script or sat down and written it out. It's really fun to decide what you're doing right as you're filming.

MikeandClaire_StephanieRocks.gifAnd when it comes to creating the characters for your films, are you inspired by people you meet in real life? How do these characters come to you?

Claire: I think the inspiration comes from all over. There's this [British] show called The Mighty Boosh that I watched a lot when I was younger. I've always been really inspired by iconic types of music and performers and looking at what artists like Michael Jackson or David Bowie wore. I feel like a lot of these characters come from the experiences we've carried throughout our lives and collecting things in our head and things that we see.

Mike: I always think of Diane Arbus' characters meeting Ryan Trecartin's work. Or going to Jersey and thinking of that one, weird woman who lives in a perfect suburbia where things are just a little bit off. It's not that we're making freaks, we're making people who are living their lives and not really aware of what else is going on.

MikeandClaire_GymBoyandtheDevil.gifThe clothes and the props are transformative in terms of making your characters, but where does it all come from?

Claire: We've collected it mostly but I make a lot of the clothes for the shoots, too. I remember back when we first became friends, Alexander McQueen would come up a lot -- that's actually how I learned to sew, by studying his clothing.

Mike: We have a lot. When we first moved into our apartment I didn't know how we were going to fit everything into it. Now we're running out of space already. We have a back room where we keep all of our fabric. We're sort of hoarders with clothes. We're constantly in thrift stores and we'll freak out if there's doubles of something.

MikeandClaire_Blue.gifYou two mostly make videos together, but Claire, you also make clothing and you're both avid photographers. Set design and makeup are also integral to your work. Can you see yourselves sticking to one medium or is creating this entire visual package the best part?

Claire: I don't think there's any limit. That's why we make so many GIF series, too, because it's a happy middle ground between video and photography. It's kind of a fluid, moving around [medium]. We're more concerned with what's in the frame and figuring out which medium is going to fit that idea the best. 

Mike: I think we push the limit by painting a backdrop and doing the costumes and the makeup. Claire tends to think of things moving, but I tend to think of things as a still image, which is funny because when we're shooting with the green screen Claire will think more about the editing process later but I'll be concerned with lighting and making it perfect [as we're doing it.]

MikeandClaire_Bishop.gifAnd you two use your friends a lot in your work. What's the biggest difference in terms of using friends over professional models?

Mike: I used to do a lot more fashion work and I'd work with professional models and I've always been a fan of people using friends as models. It's much more authentic. And all of our friends are artists in New York, so working with friends who are artists, you just get so much more out of it. Cyndi Lauper always used her relatives and friends in her music videos and we've always really liked that.

Claire: We have no issue using a model versus our friends -- right now it's just so much more enjoyable using our friends. They know what we want and it's nice to use a friend who we haven't used in our work before and just have them come and dance in front of the green screen. It's nice to see someone who's quiet in real life go crazy in front of the camera. We'll look at our friends and think they have this potential to be this crazy character.

If you could collaborate with someone, who would be your dream pick?

Claire: I think if we were to do a fashion film, it would probably be Comme des Garçons. But music videos are also that happy filler where you can pull from everything to make something really cool and Daft Punk would be a dream team we'd want to work with.

MikeandClaire_Creature1.gifWho are some artists that you're inspired by?

Mike: Ryan Trecartin. I also really like choreographed work for photography like that by Alex Prager or Gregory Crewdson. Cindy Sherman, as well, because we use ourselves a lot in our work, too. And I know I'm really inspired by New York nightlife, especially queer, subculture events.

Claire: There's also this artist named Rachel Maclean, and she does a lot of amazing videos. Also, performers as well, and this idea of creating a persona. Nina Hagen is our latest heroine -- she's our new inspiration. And I think sometimes the influences don't even come from just people. We're inspired to be creating a new world that isn't entirely touched by humans in a way.

What's the future hold for you both?

Claire: We hope to bring more of these things to life and perform them on the stage. We want to work harder to take it off the screen.

Mike: A lot of our friends are performers and we even have this big stage in our backyard, so we have the resources and the friends who can contribute -- it's just a matter of getting the courage and time to go and do it.

"Last Night a DJ Saved My Life": Making Us Run for the Phone Since 1982


"Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" always drove me nuts when the phone started ringing. I can't tell you how many times I ran to answer whenever they played it on KTU. It peaked in 1982/83 and ended up being a one-hit-wonder for New York group Indeep. Mariah Carey covered it in 2001 and, in slightly more recent times, Madonna used it during her Sticky & Sweet tour. "Away goes trouble down the drain."

The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week


Weirdest/Most Glorious Collection of Vines of the Week: These Vines of a guy with a goofy accent trolling wealthy d-bags cruising around in fancy cars. -- Abby Schreiber

Best 90s Comeback Since the Crop Top: Mazzy Star. -- Maggie Dolan

Biggest Blow to Portland's Crunchy Image: this VICE article about how local officials and police are trying to squash Portland's hip-hop scene. In other news, Portland has a hip-hop scene. -- Max Kessler

092013hiv1.jpgStrangest Case of Mistaken Identity of the Week: The one involving a Greenpoint woman, whose photo was illegally used to promote HIV and AIDS awareness and implied that she was HIV positive. -- A.S.

Craziest Celeb Conspiracy and Scandal That We Still Can't Wrap Our Minds Around: This one: Beyoncé & Jay Z + Bodyguard + Prostitute + Death + Blue Ivy's Passport + Shape Magazine means someone needs to write this beach read before next summer. -- M.D.

sky-ferreira-mugshot-608x447.jpgArrest This Week That Most Makes Us Feel Weird: Sky Ferreira and DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith's arrest for heroin and ecstasy. -- A.S.

Most Eye-Opening/Terribly Depressing Article of the Week: this New York Times piece about the number of employed people with families who live in homeless shelters.

Most Disgusting Realization That Wasn't At All Surprising: Not washing your face at night will make you look like hell. -- M.D.

tumblr_mtc8a23OBq1qcz5u1o1_1280.jpgHottest Little-Known Celebrity Progeny: Scott Eastwood. -- M.K.

Best News to Come Out of New York Fashion Week: The news that New York designers may actually have listened to Bethann Hardison, Iman and Naomi Campbell's campaign to end racism on the runway. -- M.D.

Favorite Little-Known Celebrity Sibling of the Week: Jennifer Aniston's crust-punk half-brother, who I'm now obsessed with. -- M.K.

Tristram Stuart on His Disco Soup Event Starting at 5pm Tonight

Tristram c Alice Albinia 03.jpgBritish food activist and writer Tristram Stuart is hosting Disco Soup tonight, a free DIY cook-off and dance party to raise awareness on how much good food is being wasted while billions go hungry. Disco Soup events have been held twice in London's Trafalgar Square, plus cities like Amsterdam, Sydney and Dublin. This is both its New York City and U.S. debut. The party goes from 5pm-9pm at SuperPier on West 15th Street and the Westside Highway. Stuart, author of Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal, and founder of Feeding the 5000, spoke to us via Skype about why we should all grab our peelers and go. Free soup for everyone!

How many people are you expecting tonight?

A few hundred. It's a way of celebrating taking action on food waste. Our organization, Feeding the 5000, first partnered with the movement in Paris and did one in front of the Hôtel de Ville. We had 2000 Parisians in the pouring rain making and eating soup and dancing. It got a lot of media attention.

How does it work?

Disco Soup is not owned by anyone. It's an open source, global format. [That's] the secret of its rapid replication. No one is trying to control this. Everything is free and anyone can do it. That's the entire point. If people get excited about the campaign against food waste, it will spread like a rash across this country.

What will you make your soup out of tonight?

We got a couple of tons of vegetables from various places. Earlier this week we went off to Donaldson Farm in New Jersey with a team of fantastic volunteers. We collected crops that were about to be mowed back into the soil or left to rot -- lettuce, watermelon, peppers, eggplant, a huge abundance of stuff. They were rejected because of cosmetic standards. Retailers and consumers are a little fussy and expect things to look perfect.

They're slightly blemished but otherwise perfectly fine to eat?

The idea of perfection is very entrenched in the supermarkets. In England we launched a campaign on ugly fruits and vegetables, and it's now the fastest growing segment in the food market, saving 300,000 tons of food a year. We met with buyers and figured out how to go about marketing it, either selling it cheap or celebrating its [ugliness]. My principles do not include wasting one-third of the world's food supply while people are going hungry. It's time we woke up and called [on] businesses and individuals to account for this completely unnecessary behavior.

How did you end up caring so much about food waste?

I'm concerned about the impact we're having on the environment and world hunger. At 15 I started raising pigs and fed them on food waste because I couldn't afford pig feed. I went to my school canteen, the local baker and greengrocer and noticed they had food perfectly fit for human consumption. It grew into a public campaign.

How much food do you think we're wasting?

I did a calculation in my book, including shops, restaurants and homes, and if theoretically you were able to recapture all the food that's thrown out it's enough to feed the billion hungry people on the planet two times over.

People should bring their own knives and peelers tonight?

We've got knives. Peelers are fine to bring [them]. I'm not advocating that people carry cleavers through the streets of New York or be caught with knives in their handbags if they go out clubbing afterwards.

And there will be dancing?

Absolutely. We'll have three or four DJs.

What's next?

I've been keeping pigs off and on for 20 years and we have a new campaign in London to get rid of the ban of feeding food waste to pigs. I moved to London from the countryside two years ago and brought my bees with me and built a couple of vegetable gardens. I was very sad to leave my pigs behind. Actually, I didn't abandon them, I put them in the freezer.

So you're not a vegetarian.

It's not morally necessary to be one. I happily kill and eat wild animals if they're in abundance and it doesn't harm the ecosystem as a whole. Most meat is being produced in ludicrous ways that harm the environment. Farmers in the EU are forced to feed their pigs increasingly expensive pig feed instead of all the good food that ends up in a landfill. It's not sustainable. To tell the story, we're rearing eight pigs on food waste in London -- which takes us about five minutes to find within a mile -- and we'll have a gigantic pig roast feast in Trafalgar Square on November 21st.

I wish I could go.

I would like to see it happen here.

Britney Spears Songs Paired With Hesta Prynn's Emmys Predictions

Hesta Prynn A.jpgIn this weekly column, MC/DJ Hesta Prynn pairs pop culture stories with an original playlist.

The Emmys are this Sunday and they're kind of more exciting than the Oscars these days. Something PAPER writers are feeling less excited about, perhaps, is the new Britney single. It's tragic, yes, but arguably, Britney has historically put out the most consistently awesome music of all of the major pop stars. This week's Five 'n' Five highlights some of Britney's real winners with this year's Emmy favorites.

1. Lead Actress: Kerry Washington/Scandal

"Seal It With a Kiss"

Will Kerry Washington finally win an award? If you believe the critics, then probably not. However she is a favorite of Paper Magazine and lots of others. Similarly, "Seal It With a Kiss" is the song on Femme Fatale that I always wished would have been a single. In my mind it is.

2. Outstanding Drama: Breaking Bad

"Get Naked (I Got a Plan)"

How do you choose just one great song from Blackout, the first album where the music became dance-heavy and conceptual (and began to truly rival Madonna) just as Britney, the pop star, began fading from the public eye? Also on this record: "Radar," "Piece of Me," "Gimme More." Similarly, how do you choose one winner amongst a group that includes Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Downton Abbey?? CSHSHSH!!! (Sound of me launching myself out the window/)

3. Lead Actor in a MiniSeries or Movie: Michael Douglas/Behind the Candelabra

"Circus (Diplo Remix)"

"Circus" is a totally fine song that I'm not mad at at all, but when Diplo remixed it, it became an awesome song. Michael Douglas is a totally fine actor -- I mean who could be mad at Gordon Gecko -- but when Douglas was remixed into Liberace? Honey, hold on to your fucking pinky ring.

4. Outstanding Choreography: Dancing with the Stars

"I'm a Slave 4 U"

Did anyone even know this was a category? Regardless, the award for Outstanding Choreography obviously must be paired with this song and, in particular, this video -- an amazing example of early 2000's music business extravagance starring Britney in her hey. It never gets old.

5. Lead Actor in a Drama: Bryan Cranston/Breaking Bad


"Toxic" is really just an exceptional song that is leaps and bounds above what every pop star put out in 2003 and, possibly, that decade. Toxic was produced by Bloodshy and Avant, the Swedish duo that not only wrote every awesome pop song that you love, but also makes up two thirds of Miike Snow. The parallels to Bryan Cranston's portrayal of our fave character of all time are unmistakable -- really just leaps and bounds above what every actor has done this year and, possibly, this decade. But we're not biased, of course.

Morning Funnies: The Only Emmys GIFs You Need to See

ijslC.gifKevin Spacey's "breaking the fourth wall" bit basically captured our entire sentiments toward last nights Emmys: "are we really going to watch this thing? Why are we doing this to ourselves? Hmm. Ok." [via Entertainment Weekly]

kevin.gifBut after a while, we were just like, "Shoo. Stop. Go away. I'm going to watch Breaking Bad now. K bye." [via Hit Fix]

tumblr_mtju4fkhdq1rd10xoo1_500.gifTracey Morgan is eternally the best. [via Tall Whitney]

3170cf82df0312c1_Merritt1.gifBut he's got some competition in Merritt Wever who gave the best acceptance speech ever. [via Pop Sugar]

tumblr_mtk2iuyy3j1s3y9slo2_500.gifIt's like the Tumblr of acceptance speeches. [via Perez Hilton]

fall.gifAt one point Tina Fey and Amy Poehler -- who stole the show btw -- started climbing up the stairs á la Jennifer Lawrence... [via Hit Fix]

comediansidestepemmy.gifand a random man slowly -- very slowly -- side-stepped off the stage behind Neil Patrick Harris. [via Vulture]

rs_560x315-130922222055-claire.gifClaire Danes made a sassy Angela Chase-esque face. [via E!]

anigif_enhanced-buzz-21532-1379902798-40.gifanigif_enhanced-buzz-18319-1379902819-17.gifBut, even though we like to gripe about awards shows, NPH's dance routine was pretty damn great... [via Buzzfeed]

tumblr_mtjukm22rK1rd10xoo2_500.gifand Taystee wore orange!!! [via Tall Whitney]

Keep Your Enemies Close and Your Family Closer

royals1.jpg(l-r): Top by Maison Martin Margiela, skirt by Christopher Kane and shoes by Marni. Dress by Gareth Pugh and shoes by Maison Martin Margiela.

royals2.jpgJacket, shirt and pants by Louis Vuitton.

royals3.jpgDress by Paul & Joe.

royals4.jpgDress by Vivienne Westwood.

royals5.jpgDress by REDValentino, top by YMC and gloves by DSQUARED2.

royals6.jpgCoat by Stella McCartney, blouse by Just Cavalli and shoes by Paul Andrew.

royals7.jpg(l-r): Dress by Dolce & Gabbana, gloves by Maison Martin Margiela, bracelet by DSQUARED2 and ring by Vivienne Westwood. Suit by Richard James, shirt by Acne and brooch by Lanvin.

royals8.jpgTop and gloves by Todd Lynn and skirt by Vivienne Westwood.

royals9.jpgDress by Prada, top by Christopher Kane and belt by Roberto Cavalli.

royals10.jpgTop by Richard Nicoll and skirt by Acne.

royals11.jpgCoat by Meadham Kirchhoff and shirt by Prada.

royals12.jpgDress by Lanvin, jacket by Vivienne Westwood and gloves by Maison Martin Margiela.

royals13.jpgCoat by Richard James and shirt by Vivienne Westwood.

royals14.jpg(l-r): Pajamas by Roberto Cavalli and slippers by Louis Vuitton. Dress by Meadham Kirchhoff and collar by Paul & Joe. Dress by Paul & Joe and shoes by Dolce & Gabbana.

Photographed at Tea Room Studio, London / Crowns and custom props by John William

Photographer's assistants: Alex Craddock and Morgan Hill-Murphy / Models: Konan Hanbury, Emma Skov and Charlie Newman at Models 1

Madison Square Park Is Now Home to Some Freaky Tree Sculptures

No, meteorites haven't landed in Madison Square Park, bending the trees with the force of their landing. They are stones that Italian sculptor Giuseppe Penone re-purposed for his outdoor exhibition in New York City. In fact, those aren't even real trees. The artist cast three trees in bronze and placed them -- with some help from a crew of construction workers and a really big crane. It's all a part of the park's free contemporary art program. Check out the photos we snapped below and make sure to see them this Fall. They'll be on view until February 9, 2014.


Premiere: "Bubblegum" by Chippy Nonstop ft. Kitty


Oakland-based, partygirl rapper Chippy Nonstop -- who, psst!, appears in our next issue -- just came out with a new video featuring Kitty (Pryde), "Bubblegum." The clip is cute and silly and mostly shows the ladies joined by a bunch of girls getting their twerk game on while snapping bubblegum and licking lollipops. Check it out above.

A Guide to the Car-Based Web Series of 2013

Something very specific and mildly weird is in the air in 2013: web series that involve long drives in cars are now a thing. Jerry Seinfeld has Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, RuPaul and World of Wonder have RuPaul Drives..., and last week Deadmau5 premiered Coffee Run! (which Jerry and RuPaul could feasibly sue him over). While all of the series embrace the format of a long conversation over a long drive, each series comes with its own unique flavor. A guide, below.

Series: RuPaul Drives...
Watch it if: You love RuPaul and enjoy following the lives of minor celebs.
The breakdown: RuPaul Drives... brings together a lot of stuff we love under one (car) roof -- RuPaul doling out sage advice, an odd grab-bag of celebrities we're secretly obsessed with, and 4-minute maximum episode length that makes it easily digestible. There are episodes where we're more interested in hearing about Ru than about his guest stars, but we still watch it every week.
Ranking: 7/10

Series: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Watch it if: You love Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and comedy specials on Netflix.
The breakdown: Seinfeld lands both the best cars (which he gives a brief monologue about at the beginning of each episode) and the best comedians -- most of whom are megawatt stars like Sarah Silverman and Seth Myers or old legends like Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks. It's a delight (albeit a jealousy-inducing one) to watch talented comedians shoot the shit in pimped-out rides, but sometimes the car talk feels a little forced. Just get to the witty banter, guys! 
Ranking: 8/10

Series: Coffee Run!
Watch it if: You absolutely adore EDM and/or have a lot of patience.
The breakdown: Deadmau5 is game to chat and seems like he'd be great to grab a beer with, but Coffee Run! could use some serious editing -- each episode runs over 20 minutes and is filled with awkward silences. It also doesn't shed as much light as it could on the world of A-list music acts, and makes the artists seem a little spoiled and insular at times. Case in point: the 12-minute mark, where Deadmau5 mentions getting a new Porsche, to which Pharrell says, "my problem is, I'm a Rolls Royce guy." Okay, bros.   
Ranking: 4/10

Sharaya J May Be the Next Missy Elliott


We'd never heard of Sharaya J -- the Hawaiian-born rapper signed to Missy Elliott's label, The Goldmine Inc. -- before today, but her new song "Smash Up the Place" has us wanting way, way more. Missy Elliott released some new, Timbaland-produced tracks a while back but seems to be more successful at providing vocal stylings and support for great new acts like Little Mix. Sharaya is a good friend and actual protégé of Missy's and her songs sound a lot like Misdemeanor in her heyday: the clever, sexually boastful verses, the chopped Timbaland-esque beat, a hype-man announcement from Missy before the rapping actually starts, and of course, the vocal aerobics. Watch the war-painted, wig-related goodness, above.

[via OMG]