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Ryan Sawyer, C. Spencer Yeh, Nate Wooley + Colin Stetson at Union Pool

In a sea of talented, collaborative Brooklyn musicians in a lot of bands, drummer Ryan Sawyer is perhaps the quintessence. To name a few of his endeavors: Tall Firs (they're playing the Jeff Mangum-curated ATP in England next year), Lone Wolf and Cub (an act which pairs Sawyer with a trapeze artist ), Stars Like Fleas, and various trios. He was the only drummer in Rhys Chatham's 100-guitar Orchestra and also an early drummer for At The Drive In -- talk about covering the spectrum.

This month, Sawyer curated and performed in five Tuesdays' worth of mind-bending avant-rock lineups for his residency at Williamsburg's Union Pool -- a clever show poster listed the lineups on a likeness of his signature bearded guise. Last night's bill included Leverage Models (with a guest appearance by Light Asylum/former-!!! vocalist Shannon Funchess) and Soldiers of Fortune (featuring Kid Millions of Oneida and Yo La Tengo's bass player, James McNew). But the main attraction was an experimental noise supergroup of Sawyer, Burning Star Core violinist C. Spencer Yeh, trumpeter Nate Wooley, and Colin Stetson, a virtuoso bass saxophonist who has made a name for himself in the last few years as an instrumental soloist (SPIN named his set one of ATP's "top ten" last month at the Asbury Park fest. Stetson has also played with the Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, LCD Soundsystem, Feist, the National, and well -- the list goes on). Check out pics from the quartet's jaw-dropping performance above.

Chrissie Miller and Lindsey Thornburg Host Shindig at Their New 143 Boutique

264711.jpgLast week, designer Chrissie Miller (of the super-cool line Sophomore) and Lindsey Thornburg (known for her incredible Pendleton-printed cloaks) threw an intimate affair to celebrate their new joint boutique on Ludlow Street, 143. Having recently hosted her own pop-up shop in L.A., Miller told us that although she and Thornburg weren't looking for a store space, it seemed to be looking for them.

"We were both very hopeful--we Secret-ed it," Miller said, making a reference to the popular self-help book, as she welcomed guests like Jessica Stam, Jen Brill and Drea De Matteo.  "I didn't think I'd like it, but a week after I got back from L.A., the opportunity came up."

"Our friend from Some Odd Rubies two doors down told us she had a storefront that she didn't need and asked if we were interested," added Thornbug , who serendipitously lives on the same block as the space. "It all happened really organically."

The two called on Miller's boyfriend, Leo Fitzpatrick to curate the store's art, which includes pieces by Dan Colen and Richard Kern. "We all spent our childhood at [the bar] Max Fish," Thornburg says of Chrissie, herself and their collaborators. "So to see our ideas manifesting as adults is amazing."

One person who probably isn't surprised to see the ladies' dreams come to fruition is Astrology goddess (and mother to Chrissie) Susan Miller, who was there celebrating her daughter's newest accomplishment. We found this a sound opportunity to finally ask the question that had been tearing us apart ever since we started following her on Twitter: What was her sign?

"I don't tell, because then people will say 'Oh, I knew it--You just like that sign the best!' That's not true, because I love all the signs," Miller told us with a smile.

So does that mean that her adoring fans don't even know her birthday?

"They keep guessing!"

Soon enough, the store's lights began to flicker, and everyone was ushered outside and into the private dinner at Chinatown's Pulqueria. Before we moved on to the night's next stage, we ran into Charlotte Ronson, who was also checking out the new spot in support of Chrissie and co. "I think it's great--she did such an amazing job so quickly," Ronson said of 143. "It really has Chrissie's style and vibe to it."

And should we be expecting to see the store improved with some Charlotte Ronson pieces anytime soon? "I think that's a Chrissie question!"

We then ran into California transplant Cory Kennedy. If she had a store, what key tchotchkes would she sell?

"I collect a lot of zines from fairs and stuff, so I think those would be good," Kennedy said. Anything from 143 she would steal for her own imaginary inventory?

"I love the flannels," she said. "It's hard to find a good, special, flannel these days."  Amen to that, sister! 

Above (L-R): Lindsey Thorburn and Chrssie Miller. Photo by Matteo Prandoni/BFAnyc.com

The Wacky and Wonderful Dina Martina Gives Her Five Reasons To Love New York

dinared400.jpg I'm a little bit crazy-in-love with Miss Dina Martina, the Seattle-based cabaret performer known for her cuckoo-crazily off-beat singing, dancing and storytelling. Dina, often costumed in a many-sizes-too-small sequined ensemble and in need of some manscaping, loves to stop the show to shower members of the audience with gifts like Cheetos-flavored lip balm and books like Daddy Is in Prison. Dina is coming back to the Naked City this month to spread some holiday cheer with her new show Dina Martina: An Early Hoarfrost at the Laurie Beecham Theater where she'll no doubt sing her old chestnuts like Tracy Chapman's "Fast Sleigh" and Rick Springfield's "Jesus' Girl."

We took the opportunity to ask Dina to tell us her five favorite things about New York City:

1. DIVERSITY! On any given night, my audience might be comprised of industry suits, network brass, gay newlyweds, straight-curious divorcees, giggling Japanese prostitutes, gang members coasting on their street cred, elderly peeps on work release and jaundiced preemies. What a salad!
2. CULTURE! As everyone knows, art is just so neat -- except for some of it -- and there are more art galleries in New York than you can shake a thing at. I want to get one of those prints with the couple dancing on the beach while the butler and maid hold umbrellas over them. Who doesn't want a life like that?
3. CUISINE! From halibut cheeks to chicken tartare, New York has just what you're hankering to fill your cranny. When dining on the town, I usually start out with heavy fare like lamb & hollandaise or meatloaf & butter and then, to make room for dessert, I put on bigger clothes.
4. NATURAL BEAUTY! Active or sedentary, if you love communing with flora and fauna as I do, then Manhattan's ample decolletage of natural beauty will keep you busy 24/7/365. There's adventure around every corner, whether you're hiking to the summit of Murray Hill, water-skiing on the Hudson or spelunking in the manholes of Chelsea. 
5. ALL-AROUND CONVENIENCE! New York has anything you could want within arm's reach. The other day I was in a bind and really needed some scaffolding...well, much to my delight, I discovered that New York has TONS of scaffolding that no one's using! I also love that every neighborhood's got that whole "world-class banana stand/poop smell/inexpensive umbrella" thing going on.
Dina Martina: An Early Hoarfrost, Nov. 27, 28 & 29 at the Laurie Beecham Theater, 407 W. 42nd St. Buy tickets here. Photograph by David Belisle.

Melissa van der Schyff, Star of the New Broadway Musical Bonnie and Clyde: "I Think Estelle Parsons Is Great, But I Haven't Seen the Movie."

MV5BNzI5MzYxOTk1Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTQzMjY0NA@@._V1._SX460_SY477_.jpgBonnie and Clyde, one of the best movies of the '60s, was Arthur Penn's Depression-era, on-the-road romance-among-bank robbers masterpiece. Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty played the title roles, with Gene Hackman and Estelle Parsons in the supporting roles of Clyde's brother, Buck Barrow, and his wife, Blanche.  Well, they've made it into a Broadway musical:  Frank Wildhorn composed the music, Don Black wrote the lyrics, Ivan Menchell did the book and Jeff Calhoun directs. The show was a big hit at the La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego, and one of the stand-outs was Melissa van der Schyff (Big River) who plays Blanche. I spoke with Melissa during a lunch break from rehearsals.
Hi Melissa.  So a lot of people have seen the movie, so they should have a good idea of the story.
It's a brand new take on it.  It's not based on the movie.  I think people will get a brand new perspective on it.  I think Estelle Parsons is great, but I haven't seen the movie.  I purposely didn't see it when I knew I was going to be in this show. I wanted to come up with my own take on it.
How is this different than the film?
It starts out with Bonnie and Clyde as kids, and it takes them on their journey; kids in hard-times, and eventually they're killers.  It starts out earlier than the movie, and kind of shows you why they turned to this kind of life.
tumblr_lcexi2a09p1qc60slo1_500.jpgDid you do some research to prepare for the role?
As far as my character, I was lucky to get in contact with Blanche's cousin, who lives in Texas.  She has a website, and she had a recorded interview with Blanche.  I started to listen to her voice, and how she expressed herself.  And I e-mailed back and forth with her cousin.  Also, Blanche had written an autobiography, so I was able to get some first-hand information.  To be playing a historical character, and having that kind of source material has been pretty fortunate.  I hope I can use my imagination and what I've learned to be as close to Blanche as possible.
So it's a musical.
The book part is written as a play, so the story part is very strong.  It's a dramatic story, thrilling, an adventure.  But there's a lot of humor in it too.  The audience will be surprised as to how they will be moved by it; also, they will laugh.  The music fits the time period.  You have country, blues and pop.  The romance between Bonnie and Clyde is captured, and also the romance between Buck and Blanche.  Also there's the action, seen live on stage.  Even in the rehearsal room, there are guns and violence.  Even though I've seen it in rehearsal, I'm holding my breath to see who gets shot and what happens.
Tell me about Blanche.
She's interesting in the story because she's the one who tries to stop the madness at the start.  She says in her autobiography that everything she did was for the love of this man.  Buck is Clyde's brother, and, at first, he's going back and forth as to whether or not to join his brother in a life of crime.  He's in jail and he escapes from jail and goes to her.  Blanche is trying to convince him to go back and turn himself in, so he can finish out his sentence and they can start anew.
I listened to that song you sing there, where Buck joins in, "You're Going Back To Jail."  The title/chorus is great, and the lyrics are funny.
But in the course of the play, she ends up following him and becomes a part of the Barrow gang.  In those days they didn't have Dr. Phil or Oprah, telling you to "love yourself first."  Back then it was "love your man" and "stand by your man" and follow him.  What's interesting about Blanche's choice, it poses the question, "What is going too far for love?"  There's a song that Blanche and Bonnie sing together that basically is about "What do you do when you're head over heels in love with someone, and you have to choose between right and wrong?"   There's also the archetypical thing of a woman falling in love with a "bad boy." 
The Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, 236 W. 45th St., (212) 239-6200. Previews Nov. 14, opens Dec. 1. Tickets here.

Art Basel Miami 2011: Things to Look Out For, Part IX

MiruKim.jpgAs we edge closer and closer to Art Basel Miami Beach, PAPERMAG's Basel expert Gary Pini has been rounding up all the fun goings on in Florida next week. Here is part nine of his ongoing guide.

Primary Flight (4141 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami) is a local art collective and gallery that has been supporting street art, graffiti and the Miami scene since 2007. They have a continuing series of wall art in-and-around The Wynwood Arts District that now includes over 250 works. This year their gallery hosts a cool group show called "Here Lies George Wildenstein" that features 15 artists including Retna, Marc Bijl, How & NOSM and a performance by New York-based artist Miru Kim. Kim plans to live with several pigs in a week-long performance called "The Pig That Therefore I Am." (Pictured above.)  She told the Associated Press that a glass barrier will act as "an insatiable gap between the spectacle and the onlooker, just like in a zoo."

Miami's Wynwood Walls (NW 2nd Avenue @ 25th Street) will unveil several new murals during Art Basel Miami 2011. Now in its third year, Tony Goldman's incredible project to re-energize the Wynwood neighborhood will see new works by Retna, How & Nosm, ROA, B., The Date Farmers, and Saner among others and an expanded wall by Kenny Scharf (pictured below).  ldman is also opening a Pop-Up Shop near his already happening Wynwood Kitchen & Bar that will feature works by "wall" artists.  The opening reception for the new walls and shop is November 29 from 9 to 11 p.m.

The Morgans Hotel Group's Miami hotels -- Delano (1685 Collins, South Beach), Mondrian (1100 West Avenue, South Beach), and Shore Club (1901 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach) have a full schedule of events throughout the week including:
    - NYC's Hole Gallery hosts a performance by the band SALEM on Wednesday at the Delano
    - IAMSOUND presents Harmony Korine's Caput featuring James Franco at the Mondrian on Thursday
   - Visionaire magazine's annual party is at the Delano on Friday
   - MoMA PS1's sunset party honoring Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch at the Mondrian on Saturday.

All week long, New York gallery Mallick Williams is taking over The SkyBar at the Shore Club and, if you can't sleep, Le Baron is open in the Florida Room at the Delano until super-late every night. The Florida Room is closing soon for a make-over by Andrew Sasson's The Light Group "food and beverage company" which was just bought by Morgans for $46 million.

Still upset because there's no band playing on the beach this year? All is not lost. The Bass Museum (2100 Collins Avenue, South Beach) and Art Basel Miami are collaborating on a big Wednesday night party that's based around their new "Art Public" event, transforming Collins Park with live music, installations and performances.  The fun stars around 8 p.m. with "A Sermon on Art History" by Chicago artist Theaster Gates and the Black Monks of Mississippi followed by "MIXTAPE" by Sanford Biggers and Moon Medicine and then around 10 p.m., Atalao presents "Nimbo Oxala" by the Brazilian artist Ronald Durate.  Also, be sure to head inside the Bass for an exhibit of works by Austrian artist Erwin Worm called "Beauty Business," focusing on the home/dwelling. The museum will be open all week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

Andre Balazs is busy working on the transformation of NYC's Cooper Square Hotel into the Standard East Village but he's still found time to put together a ton of events at his Standard Miami (40 Island Avenue, Miami Beach):
    - On Thursday there's a book signing for photographer Todd Eberle's Empire of Space
    - Chicago artist Dzine and Salon 94 host "Nailed," a party for the publication of Dzine's   new book that looks at the history of nail culture on Friday
    - Imperial Nails is also operating a salon at the Standard from November 30 to December 5th
    - SPiN and MoCA present "The Art of Ping-Pong" with an open tournament and DJ Julio (Sheik 'n' Beik) on Saturday, December 3rd.

Jennifer Rubell's 11th annual food-art breakfast, "Incubation," premieres Wednesday morning at the Rubell Family Collection (95 W 29th Street, Miami).

After his big exhibit and PERFORMA 11 battle of the rap MCs at Marlborough Chelsea, Rashaad Newsome is heading to Miami to stage a new performance piece called "Hair Affair & Five" that will include local dancers, opera singers and hip-hop artists. There's a VIP preview on December 1, 10 a.m., at the Miami Art Museum (1010 West Flagler, Miami) and another that evening during the museum's annual "Party on the Plaza."

One of Miami's original arts and culture activists, Charo Oquet, hosts another Zones Art Fair (47 NE 25th Street, Miami) from Thursday, December 1st through Saturday, December 3rd.  Admission is free and there's an opening reception on Tuesday from noon to 2 p.m.

Fendi Casa and Beats by Dr. Dre co-host a "design and sound" collab with the Chicago "soundsuit" artist Nick Cave on Friday, December 2nd in the Design District.

Pharrell Williams  is presenting the Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award to Design Miami co-founder Craig Robbins on December 1st in the Moore Building (4040 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami).  Paul Sevigny is DJing.

Bally showcases their new capsule collection designed by Olaf Breuning at the W hotel on Wednesday, November 29th.

Poltrona Frau and Wallpaper magazine host the debut of the 2011 Baccarat limited-edition lighting collection on Thursday, December 2nd, at the Poltrona showroom (3800 NE Miami Court, Miami).

Things to Look Out for at Art Basel Miami 2011: Part V
Things to Look Out for at Art Basel Miami 2011: Part VI
Things to Look Out for at Art Basel Miami 2011: Part VII
Things to Look Out for at Art Basel Miami 2011: Part VIII

In Which Pat Noecker (RAFT) Plays an 8 a.m. Show in the Window of the Brooklyn Launch Pad

Unless afterhours debauchery is your thing (or if you count subway troubadours), you've probably never been to an 8 a.m. show, especially on a weekday. RAFT, the new project of bassist Pat Noecker (formerly of These Are Powers, Liars, and the riotously named Urethra Franklin), set out to change that this week via "an early-morning series of performances, called "Observer Observed, An Abstract Occupation." Taking place in the window of a Franklin Avenue storefront belonging to an arts space called The Brooklyn Launch Pad in Crown Heights, the shows were intended for passers-by and "to occupy a time of day that is ordinarily unoccupied by live performance and sound." Speakers were positioned on the sidewalk, and as one approached the area, a pleasing sound not unlike windchimes began to emerge. Once closer, the sound grew more complex; in RAFT, Noecker plays "a handmade bass/harp/kalimba called The Burner Bass," designed by himself and Holland-based avant-instrument builder Yuri Landman. Guests musicians Paul Weil and Ted McGrath were on hand as well. Video here and pics above.

Buy This: Smythe Slouchy Jacket

look2_11.jpgIf you're feeling a little splurgy at the moment, might we suggest throwing some money at this "Slouchy Jacket" by Canadian line Smythe. It's not super-duper warm (it's only 28% wool), but it's super-duper cute!

$718 at Poppy (via I Am A Greedy Girl)

Face Time

Who knew that the freshest film to come out of Hollywood this year would be black and white, and silent? Since debuting at Cannes earlier this year, director Michel Hazanavicius' The Artist has been getting major Oscar buzz for its portrayal '20s-era Tinsletown, along with its star, Jean DuJardin. The French actor plays George Valentin, a silent film mega-star whose career starts to slip when talkies hit the scene. Since much of the emotion in silent films depends on the facial expressions of their stars, we asked DuJardin to walk us through what his character was feeling in each of these stills from the film, in theaters now.

Screen shot 2011-11-23 at 4.57.51 PM.png

"Here, he's watching himself on screen and feeling so self-satisfied. He loves being George Valentin. He always plays the same character in the same movie and he's very happy. I find him not necessarily arrogant but rather sort of endearing because he doesn't see the wall he's about to hit."


"This is him shooting and directing a movie that he assumes will be very successful, but, as an audience, we know it's in vain. Here, he's definitely arrogant. He's so sure of his success and of the audience's fidelity, but he's absolutely outdated."


"This is the end of the film -- we're seeing his renaissance, his rebirth, with his Gene Kelly smile and hair. Gene Kelly was the inspiration for this character when I was creating the role. This is the sunny, solar side of the character.  But I also can't help but think of his dark side. That's what attracted me to this part when Michel offered me this role. There were these two facets to George -- he is so complex."

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! See You Monday.

Screen shot 2011-11-23 at 4.56.43 PM.pngAnd... we're off! We'll be stuffing our faces with both the "jellied" and "whole" varieties of canned cranberry sauce and picking off the marshmallows from the sweet potato pan now through the weekend. Have a great holiday, buy lots of things -- especially on Small Business Saturday -- and try to catch the Thanksgiving episode of Full House on TBS, the one where Stephanie drops the pie!

Oh Uncle Joey, he's always up to something!

Tips for Today: Dear Fieldbinder Two-Day Sale, Stencil Night & Emily Books Launch Party


Dear Fieldbinder 2 Day Sale

Lara Fieldbinder's sparse, gallery-esque Boerum Hill boutique is known for its on-trend, classically-feminine clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry by the likes of Dusen Dusen, Lauren Moffat, Sophomore, Surface to Air and J Brand. And lucky for you, starting today, everything in-store (yes, everything) is 35 percent off -- online, too

198 Smith St., (718) 852-3620. 11:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m. Through Nov. 29. 


Stencil Night

If you have that creative urge, but maybe are lacking in the talent department, head to the powerHouse Arena for an Etsy-sponsored stencil-themed craft night, in honor of artist Ed Roth's new book Stencil 201. There will also be stencil cookies!

powerHouse Arena, 57 Main St., DUMBO. 7 p.m. RSVP here.


Emily Books Launch Party

Emily Gould and Ruth Curry's new ebookstore Emily Books (which specializes in "mind-blowingly awesome, criminally underappreciated works of fiction and nonfiction by women") celebrates its launch with a little shindig at Housing Works tonight. Eileen Myles will be reading, and the Tumblr crew is hosting an hourlong open bar.

Housing Works, 126 Crosby St. 7 p.m. Free.

Dear Fieldbinder 2-Day Sale


Lara Fieldbinder's sparse, gallery-esque Boerum Hill boutique is known for its on-trend, classically-feminine clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry by the likes of Dusen Dusen, Lauren Moffat, Sophomore, Surface to Air and J Brand. And lucky for you, starting today, everything in-store (yes, everything) is 35 percent off -- online, too!

Stencil Night at PowerHouse Arena


If you have that creative urge, but maybe are lacking in the talent department, head to the powerHouse Arena for an Etsy-sponsored stencil-themed craft night, in honor of artist Ed Roth's new book Stencil 201. There will also be stencil cookies!

Emily Books Launch Party at Housing Works


Emily Gould and Ruth Curry's new ebookstore Emily Books (which specializes in "mind-blowingly awesome, criminally underappreciated works of fiction and nonfiction by women") celebrates its launch with a little shindig at Housing Works tonight. Eileen Myles will be reading, and the Tumblr crew is hosting an hourlong open bar.

Beyonce's "Dance For You" Is Our Music Video of the Day


Most of us are back in the office after having a few days off for Thanksgiving and, if you're like us, you've got a bunch of emails to go through, meetings to schedule and spreadsheets to make (just kidding, we don't know how to use Excel or schedule meetings). Ease back into the work week with Beyonce's new noir-ish "Dance for You" video, in which she...dances for you. Very sexily. With lots of grinding-in-front-of-giant-fans action. Take it away, B. 

Hilarious Splatter Comedy Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil On Blu-ray & DVD

Tucker&DaleBlu-ray_.jpgOut this week on Blu-ray and DVD is the hilarious splatter comedy Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (Magnolia) If ever a movie deserved cult-hit status it's this rollicking, gruesome, horror tale from director Eli Craig. Good 'ol boys Dale (Tyler Labine) and buddy Tucker (Alan Tudyk) have inherited a dilapidated cabin in the woods and are thrilled (even though it looks right out of Evil Dead). Nearby are some partying, privileged preppy students who take one look at them and assume they're deranged hillbillies straight out of Deliverance. When one of the girls dives into the lake and hits her head, Tucker and Dale thoughtfully rescue her but the students mistakenly think she has been abducted by the duo and plan an attack on the cabin. This unfortunately results in people slipping into wood chippers and impaling themselves on wooden stakes, all a result of their own stupidity, and the two leads get more lovable as the carnage ramps up. Ultimately, however, this is a comedy about misinterpretation and misunderstanding. With lots of blood.

21 Gifts For People You Don't Know That Well

stranger-gift.jpgSo you've only been at your job for two weeks, and you have to get your boss a holiday gift? And well, well, well, looks like you've got Earl from accounting in your office's Secret Santa pool? Oh, and you're going to your boyfriend's brother-who-you've-never-met's holiday party? It's true, you occasionally have to buy holiday gifts for people you only sort of know, so we've designed this generic but sort of thoughtful-seeming gift guide for you.



Chanel Mirror Duo, $42, available at Chanel.com.


Baggu Leather Pouch, $40, available at Baggubag.com.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Earbuds, $40, available at net-a-porter.com.

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 3.22.58 PM.pngTurkish Foutas, $35, available at Chance.

Madeleines De Commercy, $24, available at Dean & Deluca.

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 3.43.35 PM.png
Green & Spring Relaxing Body Lotion, $38, available at Barneys.


JSM00160_402.jpgJack Spade Block Socks, $18, available at Jack Spade.

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 12.09.22 PM.png
The Rogues Gallery Anchor Key Fob, $45, available at Rogues Gallery.


Filson Cover Cloth Umbrella, $95, available at Filson.com.

Tanner Goods Leather Coasters, $32.50, available at Tanner Goods.



Rhodia Treasure Box, $21, available at Curiosity Shoppe.


Stumptown Grand Cru Collection, $75, available at Stumptowncoffee.com.

5037287_xe07.jpgVictorinox Tomo Swiss Army Knife, $19.99, available at Gracious Home.

whiskeyglenrothes.jpgScreen shot 2011-12-08 at 11.35.06 AM.png         Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 11.38.04 AM.png

Glenrothes Select Single Malt Scotch, $35.99, available at Shoppers Vineyard; Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Small Batch Tonic, $32 for two bottles, available at jackrudycocktailco.com; Bulleit Bourbon, $24.99, available at Shoppers Vineyard.

6480 use this.jpg

2012 Bubble Wrap Calendar, $20.12, available at Blue Ribbon General Store.

Tonic 02: Tahitian Vanilla Bean & Egyptian Chamomile Blossom Matured Maple Syrup, $24.95, available at Mikuni Wild Harvest.

Whitbread + Wilkinson's Pantone Bone China Single Mug, $13, available at A+R.

The Heights, Anatomy of a Skyscraper, By Kate Ascher, $23.95, available at Barnes & Noble.

Binchotan Charcoal Air Freshener, $34, available at Creatures of Comfort.


Handmade Vanilla Marshmallows, $8, available at Dean & Deluca.

Touch Screen Gloves, $35, from Opening Ceremony.


100 Gifts for $100 or Less
50 Gifts for $10 or Less

Pretty in Pink

Actress and model Carly Foulkes -- who you might know as the very pretty girl in the very pink dress from T-Mobile's very omnipresent television commercials and billboards -- says that her first audition for the wireless phone company's 4G ads went so poorly, she needed to hit the bar afterward. "I botched all my lines and kept saying the name of the phone wrong. It was definitely an 'I need a glass of wine after this' experience." Foulkes, however, has since filmed 12 commercials as the "T-Mobile girl," making her one of the more familiar faces floating around the pop ether at the moment. "I was really only supposed to film two or three spots," Foulkes says of her unexpected ubiquity. "I never imagined I'd end up being 'The Girl-in-the-Pink-Dress.'" 

Not that the 23-year-old Toronto native is complaining. Foulkes, who moved to New York after high school to model and act, says she's been offered quite a few auditions since the commercials started airing last year. She just filmed the series pilot for Powers -- based on the Marvel comic -- set to air on FX co-starring Lucy Punch and Jason Patric. She plays Retro Girl, who Foulkes says is "like the Princess Di of superheroes -- kind-hearted and without ulterior motives." A role on a show like this makes sense for Foulkes, a comic book addict and a self-proclaimed former high school nerd: "I stuck to the theater and band kids in high school. I did musical theater and was on the improv team. Needless to say, I was not cool. I know everyone always claims they were dorks in school, but I truly was."


In the meantime, T-Mobile is getting ready to roll out more Foulkes-featuring ads in the coming months, and yes, she'll be clad in her now-signature magenta party dresses. In real life, however, Foulkes' wardrobe skews a bit more New York City. "I'm usually walking around in all-black," she admits. "But I really like getting to wear those girly colors when I film the commercials because, really, isn't it always nice to put on a pretty dress?"

Styled by Kim Johnson
Carly wears a dress by Preen
Hair: Takahide Tokuyama at Tokuyama Salon
Makeup: Suzy Gerstein for Tom Ford Beauty at suzygerstein.com
Location: Millesime at the Carlton Hotel

Tips for Today: True Panther Family Jam, Adventures in Babysitting & David Gilbert's "Angels"

The True Panther Family Jam at Cameo Gallery 

Holiday parties are fun and all, but sometimes you don't wanna make small talk with people you only vaguely know, and just want to shut your face and dance your pants off. Luckily, pne of New York's most exciting young indie labels, the formerly-San Francisco-based Matador imprint True Panther Sounds, is hosting a "Family Jam" tonight, with dancing and DJ sets courtesy of labelmates Lemonade, Tanlines, Teengirl Fantasy, Glasser's Van Rivers and Cool Places Soundsystem. The party's free with RSVP here.

Cameo Gallery, 93 N. 6th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (718) 302-1180. 11:30 p.m. Free.

RE-LIVE 1987
Adventures in Babysitting at BAM

From the opening credits featuring the Crystals "And Then He Kissed Me" to the scene at the train station where Brenda is holding a rat that she thinks is a kitten to Elizabeth Shue belting out "The Babysiting Blues" to all things Thor-related, Adventures in Babysitting is as classic and wonderful an '80s film as it gets. Catch it tonight at BAM, where it screens as part of their "Adventures in the 80s with David Gordon Green" series.

Brooklyn Academy of Music, 30 Lafayette Ave., Fort Greene, Brooklyn. 6:50 & 9:15 p.m. $12.

David Gilbert, "Angels," Opens at Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery

New York-born, L.A.-based artist David Gilbert's first New York solo show, "Angels," features a series of small vignettes -- composed of a rag-tag assortment of materials, like fabric, clothing, paper, cardboard and yarn -- which he then photographs using "chiaroscuro"-style lighting, lending a drama to these otherwise sort of piecemeal scenes.

Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery, 54 Ludlow St. Opening from 6-8 p.m. Exhibit runs through Jan. 22.

Positive K's "I Got a Man" Is Our Music Video of the Day


If you're looking for some bold new pick-up lines (or comebacks), today's oldie-but-goodie video, "I Got a Man," by Positive K is a goldmine. The song made it all the way to #14 on the pop chart in 1993 but, sadly, that was also the peak of +K's (ne Darryl Gibson) music career.  Though the clip was shot in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, he was born in the Bronx and can you guess who the female rapper is?  Actually, that's also +K's voice plus a little bit of recording studio processing.

Mr. Mickey's Guide to the Packaged Snacks of Bombay


One of the joys of traveling the globe is immersing yourself in local cultures and seeing how people live. Naturally, Mr. Mickey's favorite way of experiencing all that is by tasting the local snacks. Even if it's just to check out the packaging of the local version of M&M's, international snack research is a fun way to clock regional differences and really expand your pallet for  convenience store fare. I've been in India for the past week and Bombay, where I did my best snacking, definitely has a lot of deliciousness to offer when it comes to candy bars, cookies and chips. Here's a guide to some of Mr. Mickey's favorite nibbles he's come across abroad.



I love the packaging on this candy bar. It's actually from Saudi Arabia, and has Arabic writing on it which made me feel all sophisticated. It tastes a tiny bit like a Baby Ruth but doesn't have as much nougat-ness. It's actually pretty light and tasty -- sort of like a handful of Rice Krispies covered in chocolate. I guess you wanna keep things light when you're on a candy safari.





Before I even opened the bag I was in love with Peppy. I mean, hello? Any packaging that features the word "peppy" is an instant sell for me. There's also a goofy cowboy flexing his bicep on the bag, which was also a big draw. These little tomato discs have a texture similar to Funyuns -- sort of like deep-fried Styrofoam -- but these were light and tasty. Also, they're shaped like wagon wheels. What's not to love?




These little guys are basically your standard chocolate cookies with chocolate cream in the middle. Not a taste sensation, but a solid option.



These are billed as 'the world's best moulded chocolate chip cookies.' Perhaps the word moulded doesn't seem so unappealing outside the U.S., but it makes me think of fungus. The fonts on the package are very fancy, however, which is always appealing to me. Ultimately, these were just OK and a bit processed tasting.


Bingo! Mad Angles.jpg


These are sort of Doritos-like, but they're baked, not fried, so the texture is actually a bit more like a saltine. The chilli dhamaka flavor is spicy and burns the taste buds of Western whimps like Mr. Mickey! Nonetheless, they taste pretty good.




Aren't you in love with the name? It's billed as 'the original sweet and salty cracker.' Basically it's a Ritz, which isn't my favorite, but with a squirt of Cheese Whiz you'd be set.




These snacks look like corkscrews and they certainly weren't stingy with the spices when they cooked up this batch!  Whoaaaaaa, nelly. It's not exactly a 'hot' spiciness, but these babies have a multi-layered heat profile that really delivers. If you like a kick in the face with your snacks these are for you.



I can't decide if Nice Time is a sweet cracker or a cousin to the digestive biscuit -- either way, I'm not complaining. These have a vague coconut taste and are sprinkled with bits of sugar on top. They're a bit nuanced in terms of taste and would appeal to a more experienced snacker.


The foundation of the GoFresh is wafer with little pockets of cream, and then the whole thing is dipped in chocolate. It's surprisingly light, unlike most American candies that are dense and gooey. Even the cream is whipped and sweet. Pretty yummy.




This is the closest thing to an American candy bar I've tried. It's got wafers, covered in nougat, a layer of caramel and puffed rice sprinkled on top. The whole thing is dipped in chocolate. I could definitely dig into a Gotcha! next time I'm in Bombay.


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