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    photos via Jang WooSeok

    Whether you're feeling more sleepy or Sleeping Beauty, a Korean designer named Jang WooSeok has just created a coffee cup that looks exactly like a, uh, human face.

    Dubbed Take Kiss Out, it's supposedly "a symbol of city culture and fashion" and is currently in its prototype phase, though Jang hopes a major chain will take on his design. Tbh, I think I prefer to swap spit instead of single origin brews, but you do you.

    [h/t Mashable]

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    photos via Ip Wai Lung

    Buddhist-Tao mysticism has a long history of burning paper sacrifices for deceased ancestors, and a controversial Hong Kong artist has completely turned the tradition on its head by burning paper sex toy for them. 

    According to Buddhist belief, ancestors can receive offerings because they become "real objects" once they're burnt into the spirit world -- so artist Ip Wai Lung took this idea to the next extreme by creating and subsequently destroying paper dildos, fleshlights and more, in order to ask if the dead also have desires.

    Lung's actions are even more poignant this time of year, as he chose to do this during The Hungry Ghost Festival, or the week that spirits come to the human realm to actively seek out food and offerings. Talking to The Creators Project about his motivations, Lung said "Really, what we burn is just a reflection of our own contemporary needs and wants...I made the sex toys because it was missing among all the paper offerings options. Look, if the logic of burning paper offerings is based on the desires we have now as human beings, why wouldn't we include sex? If ghosts have the desire for money, new technology, and clothes, they should have sexual desire too."

    But there's also something to be said about the idea of sex being heavily repressed in Hong Kong, which is also what motivated Lung to create a work that "normalizes the act of sex." 

    "I have no perverse political agenda," he said. "I did though stick warning signs on the breasts and sexual organs of the paper objects, just to passively take the piss out of ordinary people who love sex but at the same time sneer at it."


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    47064522.pngMorwenna Ferrier has a piece up at The Guardian today asking, "Where are all the plus-size male models?" This is great reporting -- it asks a seemingly very obvious question that had yet to be answered, and follows it to the end. The answer? Surprisingly, Germany, where, according to agency owner Mona Schulze, "customers want to be able to identify with the models."

    The story is fascinating enough on its own, but Ferrier starts her piece by discussing a fashion show called The Dad Fashion Show, which should raise centuries-old memories of old internet memes. Yes, it's back: "Dadbods are more than a fad," Ferrier writes, silencing the screams of countless people who spent too much time online in May.

    As you'll recall from the last time dadbods were a thing, there are a few factors to keep in mind when discussing soft-edged male bodies:

    • Generally speaking, people should not be made to feel ashamed about their bodies by society, a maxim that includes men.
    • However, men have historically gotten off pretty lightly on this front thanks to patriarchy, which means no one thinks it's weird when shlubby dudes date extremely attractive women. Men have to put far less work into their appearance, and many of the same people defending their dadbods would never date someone with the same body type.
    • And yet women report enjoying dating these men because it makes them feel comfortable with themselves, which is good (see first bullet).
    And, as Ferrier points out, obesity is a serious health problem, which means that, while the first maxim of non-shaming still holds, there are certainly some cases where it's in someone's best interest to make some changes to their habits (genetics, diet, exercise, etc. considered).

    So does this revelation mean that men who look like Jason Segel or Hitch-era Kevin James need to get their strut on and start going out for modeling jobs? Maybe! It'd be cool to see a more representative body of work from agencies, as well as a greater diversity of ideas of beauty in general. But please, men, don't think you're going to become a model overnight.

    Because I need those jobs.


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    large.jpg"Trap Queen" may be dead, killed by its own status as the song of the summer, but that doesn't mean Fetty Wap is going anywhere. Hopefully, everyone who rode for "Trap Queen," from Kate Hudson to Joe Jonas to the Kansas City Royals, checks out his self-titled debut album when it drops on the just-announced date of September 25. Just bookmark this link and leave it open at all tabs as you count down the days. Check out the artwork above, and start tallying the seconds on your fingers -- you'll have to count to 1738 over 1400 times between now and then.

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     Movies about drugs are kind of tricky. Aside from "Trainspotting" and Paul Morrissey's "Trash" when's the last time you remember a fun movie about heroin? I used to delight in watching audiences filing out of a screening of "Requiem For A Dream" looking like they had just been hit in the face with a shovel. But LSD movies were all about the visual- and filmmakers had a ball trying to translate that experience onto film. Director Roger Corman dropped acid before he made "The Trip" for authenticity. Otto Preminger tripped with Timothy Leary before he filmed "Skidoo!" and you know how that turned out. Here are ten films that will take you back to the era of free love, bell bottoms, sandals, love beads and strobe lights.

    tumblr_lw7elaNHuQ1qj7ikbo1_r1_500.gifThe Tingler (1969)
    Believe it or not, Vincent Price was one of the first actors to trip on film in this William Castle horror great about a doctor investigating "fear" who shoots up LSD and records his experience into a tape recorder. Within seconds his vision blurs, the room closes in on him and a skeleton in his lab has him screaming like a white woman.

    tumblr_mhaw6eHFkI1s34m7fo1_500.jpgThe Trip (1967)
    Peter Fonda plays a TV-commercial director who decides to experiment with LSD. Bruce Dern is his "guide" for this journey of self discovery. But when Fonda starts tripping his brains out he runs from the house and goes into nightclubs and a laundromat where he grooves out on the dryer.

    tumblr_nq4cacqbVf1qedb29o1_500.gifPsych-Out (1968)
    "Listen to the sound of purple" screamed the ads for this enjoyable movie produced by Dick Clark (!). It stars Susan Strasberg as a 17-year-old deaf runaway who arrives in Haight-Ashbury at the height of the hippie scene.  Searching for her lost brother she runs into a guitarist Stoney (played by a young pony-tailed Jack Nicholson) who takes her under his wing and drives her around in his ugly psychedelic painted van. They enlist the help of Dave (long-haired Dean Stockwell) who lives in a box on a roof and says things like "It's one big plastic hassle, man." When they find her brother (Bruce Dern) he is a self-styled holy man who lives at the city dump and preaches "God is alive and well in a sugar cube." A fabulous uncut Blu-ray is now available on Olive Films.

    tumblr_n8cjnd3z121qzhoqfo1_1280.jpgWild In The Streets (1968)
    Christopher Jones plays a messianic rock star who becomes President of the United States on the platform that 52% of the country is under 25 and 30 is over the hill. He puts his own mother (Shelley Winters) in an "acid concentration camp" and Richard Pryor doses the DC water supply. Former Brady Bunch star Barry Williams plays a terrorist in this mind-blowing satire.

    26457aa.jpgRiot On Sunset Strip (1967)
    This was filmed during the actual teen riots in L.A. and footage was incorporated into the movie. Aldo Ray plays a police captain trying to keep the peace on the streets while his rebellious daughter (Mimsy Farmer) hangs with a bad crowd who like to break into stranger's homes and party. She is slipped LSD and goes into a fabulous elongated freak-out dance that goes on and on and on until your brain explodes.

    tumblr_n7zvuwtW0p1rge9zro1_500.gifThe Hallucination Generation (1966)
    George Montgomery (with a cheesy medallion around his neck) is Eric, a self-styled guru, amateur chemist, and scumbag drug dealer who gathers kids at his swinging pad and slips his homemade concoctions into their drinks. A young drifter whose parents cut him off comes under his spell and slides into a life of crime and drugs. There are funny psychedelic sequences in this movie whose ads screamed: "Tonight you are invited to a pill party!"  Why, thank you!

    tumblr_mlzp72aQPf1ropclfo1_1280.jpgThe Big Cube (1969)
    Lana Turner trips!! Yes, in this howler, Lana plays a famous stage actress whose daughter Lisa (Karin Mossberg) has been hanging with a druggy crowd at a club called the Trip. Lisa hooks up with a groovy fortune hunter named Johnny Moss (George Chakiris) and they conspire to lace mom's sedatives with LSD to drive her insane and inherit her money. The jaw-dropping finale has Lana's LSD experience reenacted on a stage in front of an audience, and George Chakiris crawling across the floor of a seedy apartment swallowing cubes of acid and babbling to an ant. A must see!

    tumblr_nqhv3jmo1p1qf9csoo1_400.gifMantis In Lace (1968)
    A bizarre film (also known as Lila) about a psychotic go-go girl who lures men to an abandoned warehouse while freaked out on LSD and hacks them up with a meat cleaver. The cinematography is by Laszlo Kovacs (Easy Rider) and the DVD out on Something Weird Video has over 100 minutes of never-before-seen outtakes.

    tumblr_n8h4a1F7W31s01qkyo1_500.gifSkidoo (1968)
    Otto Preminger made a counter-culture LSD musical starring old people. Jackie Gleason plays an ex-mobster who escapes from prison by dosing the prison with acid and flying off in a hot-air balloon. Carol Channing screeches out the title song in a Rudi Gernreich-designed admiral's outfit. There are cameos by Mickey Rooney, George Raft, Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith and Peter Lawford. And the final credits are entirely sung by Harry Nilsson while Groucho Marx (as God) sails away smoking a joint. This will scare you away from drugs forever. I love this mess and it's on Blu-ray in The Otto Preminger Collection from Olive Films.

    tumblr_mdka8zaCSt1qedb29o1_500.gifBlue Sunshine (1978)
    Another terrific film from director Jeff Lieberman with a really wild premise featuring people losing their hair and going on homicidal killing sprees. Zalman King plays a young man falsely accused of one of the murders racing around trying to clear his name. All roads lead to a batch of LSD that was taken at Stanford University over 10 years ago. Mark Goddard plays a sleazy politician at the center of this oddball mystery. Who knew that if you dropped acid you would become a hairless psycho? Movies do teach you everything. Far out!

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    Earlier today it was revealed that Tyler The Creator had to cancel his upcoming UK tour because he's been effectively banned from the UK for the next 3-5 years for writing lyrics that "foster hatred with views that seek to provoke others to terrorist acts."

    Essentially, Tyler has been barred from England for "hate speech" -- an incredibly problematic precedent if we're really going to be talking about the freedom of artistic expression, especially in regards to rap.

    According to a statement issued from the U.K. Home Office, which deals with issues of immigration and security, "Coming to the UK is a privilege, and we expect those who come here to respect our shared values. The Home Secretary has the power to exclude an individual if she considers that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good or if their exclusion is justified on public policy grounds."  In Tyler's case, this means he was banned for alter-ego lyrics he wrote 6-7 years ago that encourage "violence and intolerance of homosexuality" and "fosters hatred with views that seek to provoke others to terrorist acts."

    I'm not condoning 18 year-old Tyler's lyricism at all, but this has turned into a matter of artistic expression and the absolutely arbitrary censorship of certain rap-centric genres and artists. Tyler shouldn't have been singled out for his unsavory lyrics, no matter what. This sort of rationale from the Home Secretary has eerily similar undertones to the kind of pieces written by The Daily Mirror during the London riots blaming rap music. And, according to the logic used for banning Tyler, shouldn't the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Satanic Warmaster, Cemetery Rapist and a number of other lyrically "violent" artists from across the genre-spectrum be barred from touring/promoting in the United Kingdom? 

    Lest we forget, the UK government has a notorious history of shutting down events and institutions that can loosely be described as "urban-based" under the charge of "potential unrest and disturbance." Just look at their frequent grime pirate station raids, the blaming of knife violence on "rap music" and last year's cancellation of Just Jam's Omar Souleyman show at The Barbican, if you need further proof of the Home Office's maligned priorities when it comes to "preventative measures." 

    Also important to note is that severaloutlets have linked Tyler's ban to a general uptick in Britain's general air of anti-immigration paranoia -- though why Tyler and why right now has yet to be further clarified. Granted maybe it has something to do with re-elected Prime Minister David Cameron's recent statements about Britain being a "passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone. It's often meant we have stood neutral between different values...This Government will conclusively turn the page on this failed approach." But then why is the English Defence League still allowed to continue burning mosques and threatening Muslim families like it's no big deal?

    Until then, Tyler The Creator will just have to keep his pancake-making furor and Dr. Seuss readings stateside.

    [h/t Pitchfork]

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    EVERY DAY I'M MACKLING.jpgWas it all a dream? Did "Thrift Shop" ever really exist, with its apocalyptic hail of thinkpieces, strident resistance to the doofy-looking white dude at its center (and his haircut), and legions of old people (and the Grammys) telling us that he was doing "socially conscious" and "good" hip-hop? Yes. It did, ridiculous Instagrams and all. Years of quiet followed, but now... it's mackling season.

    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis return with "Downtown," a single about mopeds. It is, like the duo's other singles, undeniably catchy to the point of being slightly irritating. It also, in both obvious (if slightly watered-down influences) and basic flow, feels like the version of Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly Taylor Swift listens to in Starbucks. Also, it is about mopeds. (Did we mention that?) The video is less frustrating, presenting, for much of its running time, a genuinely enjoyable pastiche of unabashed old school hip-hop with a motorcycle chariot, or something.

    Of course, if you're looking for an infectious, intentional throwback with pretty much the same visual aesthetic and ridiculous stuff, you're far better off looking to the queen..

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    It's NBD, but in today's Word News, turns out the Oxford Dictionaries have added a thousand new words to their lexicon Wednesday night -- which include the likes of "manspreading,""manic pixie dream girl,""cat cafe,""butt-dial" and "bitch face."

    And even though the Oxford Dictionaries aren't the same as the Oxford English Dictionary (it's the division that focuses on pop culture slang), the inclusion of terms like "hangry" and "swole" means that we're approaching a whole new level of teen talk that's equal parts terrifying and exciting.

    *mic drop*


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    And here we thought that campy selfie makeovers of famous artworks were as peak internet-meets-art as it gets. Meet your new favorite anonymously run Tumblr, "The Hitachi Magic Wand Throughout Art History," featuring everyone's favorite "personal massager" dropped into various masterpieces. Venus de Milo always struck as a Rabbit Pearl kinda girl, but do you girl.

    tumblr_ntnpub5xkh1uvmfdro1_1280.jpg"Hitachi of Venus by Sandro Botticelli."

    "Venus of Hitachi" by Titan

    tumblr_ns4p6dm8Me1uvmfdro1_1280.jpgSweet Hitachi Summer by John Waterhouse

    tumblr_nq1kruS1qk1uvmfdro1_1280.jpg"Madonna Adoring the Hitachi by Correggio"

    tumblr_noimgiBRxM1uvmfdro1_1280.jpg"American Hitachi by Grant Wood."

    tumblr_nrsixfOeTy1uvmfdro1_1280.jpg"Danae with Magic Wand by Gustav Klimt."


      "Frau mit schwarzen Strümpfen und Zauberstab by Egon Schiele"

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    We've been waiting for years to hear Le1f's debut full-length and finally this fall we'll get our chance when Riot Boi comes out via Terrible. While an exact date has yet to be confirmed, we're getting a taste of what's in store with the rapper's first single, "Koi," produced by PC Music star SOPHIE. The collab is the perfect melding of Le1f's signature bragadoccio with SOPHIE's frenetic, kawaii pop touch and the video is appropriately nuts. Directed by Simon Ward in Australia, the clip sees Le1f and friends voguing on the beach while Dali-esque chrome orbs, fish, lips and googly eyes float in the background. You practically expect to see a melting clock or two.

    Watch it above.

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    Continuing the week's trend of new singles with strange wheeled modes of transportation, Justin Bieber has released "What Do You Mean?" The track has undertones of Tropical EDM, and the music video features a lot of skateboarding. It waits until the end to fully reintroduce Bieber himself (because isn't that what this is all about?). There's no butt, but thankfully, there's also no fedora. Check it out below.

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    Last night, Billy Joel proved Taylor Swift isn't the only pop star who can get some A-list surprise guests onstage. During his concert at Chicago's Wrigley Field, he started in on his mega-hit "Uptown Girl" when, in a nod to one of the best Trainwreck scenes, Amy Schumer hopped onstage and began dancing around to the song only to be joined moments later by her future co-star, Jennifer Lawrence. The twosome, along with some other guests, started doing Rockettes-style high kicks and even danced atop Joel's piano. The whole thing was a damn delight. Watch it above.

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    Missing this awesome human #wcw #juliannemoore @freeheldmovie

    A photo posted by @ellenpage on

    In a new interview with Time, actress and LGBTQ activist Ellen Page talked about playing a lesbian character as an openly-gay actress -- though she did have some shit to call out in the process. 

    Because while the whole experience did give her a "deep sense of peace," Page mentioned that there was something incredibly off-putting about Hollywood's self-congratulatory penchant for lauding straight actors as "brave" for playing non-heterosexual characters. "When people are [called] brave in regards to playing LGBTQ people, that's borderline offensive," she says. "I'm never going to be considered brave for playing a straight person, and nor should I be."

    Page is currently in the middle of promoting Freeheld, in which she plays gay rights hero Stacie Andree alongside Julianne Moore as her partner Laurel Hester. The pair campaigned to have a dying Hester's pension transferred to her life partner Andree and succeeded -- setting an important precedent for the New Jersey LGBTQ community.

    However, she did acknowledge that LGBTQ stories aren't the only underrepresented ones in media today, saying "I want to see gay stories, of course, because I'm gay, and I want to connect to a reflection of my life on film," before adding, "But I also want to see what it's like to be a young Native person, African-American, African-Canadian. Hopefully that will keep changing." 

    Preach Ms. Page, preach.


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    Taylor Swift's awkward Twitter feud with Nicki Minaj over the institutional racism of the VMAs/everything was thiiiis close to being successfully resolved -- Swift apologized, and Nicki accepted the apology. Sadly, VMAs host Miley Cyrus -- as great as she is -- has tried to insert herself into the conversation, claiming in an interview with The New York Times that Minaj was "unkind" and not approaching Taylor Swift in the right way. Many people decried it as an attempt to tell a black woman how she should deal with institutional racism, and contributes to the music industry's history of whitewashing (or, in this case, 'whitesplaining'). But it's also not even close to the best beef leading up to and/or resulting from the VMAs.

    Because the VMAs are designed to produce so much pageantry, it's not surprising that they also lead to conflict. Some of these conflicts are captured in our look at the awards' most memorable moments, like Moby and Eminem's fight in 2002 or the Kanye West-Taylor Swift interruption of 2009.

    Sometimes, there are just extreme tensions and heat between players at the awards, like the conflict at the heart of the attempted Van Halen reunion in 1996.

    But there's also been physical violence at the ceremony, like in 1991, when Bret Michaels got into a fistfight with once and future Poison bandmate C.C. DeVille. In 2007, Kid Rock slapped Tommy Lee, leading to a fight that got both dudes thrown out of the venue. None of this, however, compares to the sniping between RuPaul and Milton Berle. "You used to wear gowns and now you wear diapers" is a stone-cold classic.

    Miley, Taylor, Nicki -- if you're planning anything for the VMAs, you probably shouldn't do it. But if you do, put in the effort to make sure you clear this high, insane, soapy bar.

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    Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 4.23.19 PM.pngWith New York millennial parodies practically becoming a tired trope at this point, Fort Tilden arrives as a refreshing reminder that there are still so many things to make fun of Generation Y about. The dark, independent comedy, written and directed by Charles Rogers and Sarah-Violet Bliss, follows two Brooklyn trust-fund hipster girls as they play hooky (from what? we're not sure) on a summer day and head to Fort Tilden beach to pursue some cute bros they met at a terrible party. Their unnecessarily difficult journey to the beach is a hilarious dissection of the familiar, but always shocking, entitlement often displayed by twenty-somethings, while also bringing new, profound commentary to the surface that's so on point, it's hard to watch.

    "It's a satire of people's bullshit," Rogers said of his film, which has won accolades from film festivals including the Grand Jury prize at SXSW last year, and has helped the staff land dreams jobs writing for Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer.

    Indeed, bullshit runs high with the film's central characters, Harper and Allie (brilliantly played by Bridey Elliott and Clare McNulty), two romper-wearing, Williamsburg roommates/frenemies.
    Harper is a self-proclaimed "artist," who spends more time ripping apart other people's passions and hitting her wealthy father up for money than on her own, mediocre paintings. Allie, outwardly more sensitive than Harper, is joining the Peace Corps in Liberia to "do something valuable," which is just an attempt to prove to others (especially Harper) that she's capable of following through with a commitment.

    Rogers explains his and Bliss's inspiration for these two ladies, who are mixtures of themselves, as well as "intense artist-types" they encountered in film school at NYU. "It was never our mission to write a social statement," Rogers said. "We just wanted to tell the story as we understood it, with two complicated, funny, and sympathetic characters."

    At first glance, it's hard to feel any sympathy for Harper and Allie, who pay $200 (in written check) for a "rustic" barrel surrounded by garbage on the street, complacently watch a kid steal one of their bikes from afar, then leave the other bike they borrowed from a lonely neighbor next to a dumpster in Flatbush to get an Uber. "He must have bad karma and that's why this is happening," Harper suggests while they cover the bike in trash bags to hide it in a glimpse of the total lack of accountability these two display. Allie guiltily dodges phone calls from her Peace Corps officer, Cabiria (Allyson Kaye Daniel), who needs her to finish her induction process. "Cabiria is just too real," Allie says later by way of explanation. The originality of these quips and scenarios (which come off like the worst sound bites you hear on the L Train) is what makes Fort Tilden worth watching. "We were just following our instincts on what felt right," Rogers said of the dialogue.

    Harper and Allie aren't the only bad eggs. There's also studly Benji (Peter Vack), Harper's arrogant, Charles Manson-y sex buddy whom she clearly has strong feelings for. Benji surrounds himself with a crew of gays (the amazing Max Jenkins, John Early and Evan Hoyt Thompson) who feed into his ego. "Oh my god, I had a dream that you died!" Max tells Harper, threatened by her presence. Rogers (who is gay himself) humorously observed, "There is an epidemic of straight men who thrive on gay male attention."
    Then we meet Marin and Amanda (Desiree Nash, Becky Yamamoto), Allie's Ann Taylor Loft-y friends in Teach For America, whose searing, holier than thou attitudes will give you PTSD from every conversation with someone you went to college with who was accepted into that program.
    While the movie skewers Brooklyn youth culture, it also celebrates the vast borough's beautiful, melancholy neighborhoods during the dog days of summer, especially when the duo finally makes it to the alien world of Fort Tilden beach -- the sweeping shots of Manhattan's skyline resting in the distance provide a reminder that you are truly out here.

    "You grow up watching You've Got Mail," Roger said, "and have this perception of what New York City is, but that is literally just a 10 block radius; the outer borough is so amazing and weird."

    It's there on the desolate beach where Harper and Allie hit rock bottom, discovering that the dudes they came all that way for (the hilarious Griffin Newman, Jeffrey Scaperotta) are actually dorky seniors in high school who arrive in tow with two topless, dreadful teen girls (Hallie Haas, Christine Spang) who just got back from Thailand and write poetry. The dudes even take the molly our heroines bought for the trip without asking. Fuck that shit.

    "Don't worry about that woman, she just needs to suffer with herself," one of the ~groovy~ teen girls later tells Allie to comfort her about Cabiria's disappointment in her flakiness. "How do old people buy drugs?" the other girl asks meanwhile as the teens walk off the beach. By the end of the movie, you can't help but feel major kinship with Harper and Allie, exhausted and defeated in a $100 cab back to Williamsburg (paid for with a check, of course.)

    These depressing moments in the story, however, didn't faze Rogers. When I asked if he ever felt like he and Bliss were going too far, he said no. "I could've kept going. I feel like the parent of a shitty kid -- despite evidence that they're a monster, I still think they're amazing."
    Will we ever get a follow-up to Harper and Allie's misadventures? "Maybe revisit them down the line, when they're going through a mid-life crisis," Rogers said. "But that means I'll have to have one myself first, so we'll see."

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    Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 4.34.12 PM.png

    Hack personality quizzes have always been a popular post-Quizilla era past time and the latest quiz that's got our attention has to do with how you snuff your pizza.

    That's right, according to body language expert Patti Wood in a piece in Cosmo, the way you choose to eat your pizza is indicative of your personality, with 4 main types that are reflective of your approach to life i.e. whether you're a dominant, an influencer, a supporter or a compliant. We outline the four basic types below for your pizza-parsing pleasure, because "science."

    The Fold (The "Dominant"): 

    You're straightforward, know exactly what you want and how to get it. Maximum efficiency is your motto and there's no point to stopping and smelling the garden slice. It's all about snarfing down that 2-for-1 'za as fast as possible with little hassle. Just make sure you have some antacids handy. 

    Crust First (The "Influencer"): 

    You're a super special individual who doesn't play by the rules -- but mostly because you crave attention. After all, it's all about being dramatic and making a lasting impression...which is weird because I'm a textbook Leo and the idea of eating the crust first is revolting.

    Fork & Knife (The "Supporter"): 

    Refined people-pleasers who like to play by the rules, if you enjoy your pizza with a fork and knife you're apparently a "supporter" -- aka that steadfast someone who is more concerned about the experience of others rather than immediate self-gratification. Polite to a T, supporters are the ideal pushovers in your life.

    Just Bite (The "Compliant"):

    If you just dive into your slice, you're a perfectionist who knows not to mess with what's tried and true. After all, there's a reason you always enjoy the end product, so why fuck with the delivery method?

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    chet haze 1.jpgWhere has Chet Haze been? The son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, brother of Colin Hanks, and rapper extraordinaire has spent a decent chunk of this year making headlines for being racist, doubling down on being racist, destroying a bunch of stuff, and generally frustrating his family. While on one, extremely important level, this is the lashing out of a deeply privileged child who has never had to fully engage with the rest of the world who repeatedly puts himself in the public eye and has rightfully earned our scorn, on another level it's also, well, the lashing out of a child who has never had to fully engage with the rest of the world. At some point, it's hard to say if he knows fully what he's doing and why.

    That's why the hopefully false news that Hanks has "disappeared" should be more disconcerting than amusing as it makes its way through public consciousness. As odious as he seems on instagram, he is a person -- the same way you are a person and I am a person and your boss and significant other are people and Chet's parents are people. There are other problems in the world that are bigger than a rich white celebrity kid's possible issues with addiction, but it should still be sad when someone doesn't fit into the world we've been born into.

    Chet Watch will continue as long as Chet Haze continues to engage in ridiculous, offensive shenanigans that force you to imagine stern talkings-to over dinner in the Hanks-Wilson household. But at the point where there might be something legitimately wrong with him, it might be time to avert our eyes and let this one go. Hope you're okay, dude.

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    photo by Eric White

    It's no surprise that Grimes aka Claire Boucher is a verifiable polymath, but somehow in between releasing a new album and illustrating a comic book, she's also managed to start a new record label-meets-art collective called the Eerie Organization -- mostly to support a new artist named Nicole Dollanganger and others like her. 

    Telling Billboard that she "literally started Eerie to fucking put [Dollanganger] out," Boucher hopes for the label to serve as a foundation for emerging artists; a sort of artist incubator meant to elevate emerging artists to the level where they can be picked up by larger, established labels that come armed with more resources, connections and infrastructure.

    Providing "help from people who've been through it already," Boucher said that "We want to be a healthy gateway to all that stuff, without taking anything."

    "I think if anything Eerie is a patron of the arts and a labour of love," she continued. "It's only a business insofar as it is required to be in order to help the artists we work with."

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    Best Passive-Aggressive Twitter App:Goodbye Unfollower, an app designed by web artists Tom Galle and Quanta Shimizu for Adult Swim that sends poems to people who unfollow you. The app is currently down ("for no reason"), so get your unfollows out now while you still can, before they get turned into art. -- Eric Thurm

    Tom Hardy is down with US, ITs the unit not Bad Boy LMAO #nopuffyjuice #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

    A video posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

    Best Amateur Celebrity Lip Syncing: The internet has just discovered Tom Hardy's propensity for the Dubsmash app, and it is glorious. Watch the Mad Max star go to town on "P.I.M.P." Even 50 Cent approves. -- E.T.

    Part 1. By me

    A photo posted by Rowan Blanchard (@rowanblanchard) on

    Best Teen:
    Rowan Blanchard, star of Girl Meets World, wrote this fantastic essay on social media. It's enough to remind you that, while all teens are generally great, some of them might well end up saving the world. -- E.T.

    Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 5.44.58 PM.pngPAPER Shoutout of the Week:
    The new issue of gay men's mag, Hello Mr., which features an interview with our very own Mr. Mickey! -- Abby Schreiber

    tumblr_noimgiBRxM1uvmfdro1_1280.jpgBest new Tumblr:"The Hitachi Magic Wand Throughout Art History." Grant WOOD indeed. -- Elizabeth Thompson

    lady-gaga-american-horror-story.jpgBest Claws: Lady Gaga's sparkle talons as featured on this season's American Horror Story: Hotel. -- Elizabeth Thompson 

    Twitter Trend of The Week: Pitchfork Senior Editor and author of The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic Jessica Hopper sparked a flurry of responses when she tweeted a request for women/other marginalized people to respond with their first disheartening encounters with sexism, racism, etc. in the music industry. Needless to say, the response was overwhelming -- read the entire archive here. -- Sandra Song

    massey.jpgBest Way To Go Out: Apparently one of Manchester's most notorious gangsters had a huge funeral this week -- complete with wreaths and floral arrangements shaped like pot leaves. -- SS

    0 0

    While news reports in America might give a lot of people the impression that life in Tel Aviv is full of excitement -- both of the good and the bad variety -- Israeli shoegaze band Vaadat Charigim say otherwise. Their newest video is for their song "Hashiamum Shokea" (or "The Boredom Sinks In"), the title track off their sophomore album (whose direct English translation is Sinking As A Stone). According to the band, the song aims to tackle the title's idea sonically "through plateau-like compositions that draw from the repetitiveness of ambient music" and lyrically with lines that relate what it's like to grow up in TLV amidst "repeated situations of war, demonstrations, injustice, prejudice...the endless drag of hopelessness in the region." To that end, the clip shows lead singer Juval Haring looking pensive and frustrated while local Tel Aviv artists and Haring's bandmates dance, swirl and eat in the background. "The protagonist is going nowhere, pondering boredom, god, and death," they tell us. We're excited to be premiering the video, above, and you can peep the group's tour dates HERE.

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