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    Petite Meller wears Fifi Chachnil playsuit, Saint Laurent shoes Mich Dulce hat Swatch watch, O Thongthai ring, Viktor & Rolf by Atelier Swarvoski earrings

    Petite Meller, the enigmatic and ardently pro-rouge pop singer, is talking about one of the friskier animals featured in her "Baby Love" video, shot in Nairobi late last year. "They first give me a lady giraffe," she says (voice: high and granular; French accent: thick), "but she didn't want to kiss me for an hour. And then we change it to the male and he kiss me all over." To which pretty much all of us at PAPER shake our heads and mutter, Lucky giraffe.

    "Baby Love" is the latest in a run of cinematic, erotically complex music videos in which Meller deadpans into the camera, dances strange steps of her own invention (or thrashes ecstatically), waterskis, gets carried across New York by an unidentified man and generally draws you into a sun-glazed dreamworld where the delineations of waking life don't apply. Her first video, "NYC Time," appeared in 2012. The man who would become her manager discovered it while trying to figure out the time difference between London and New York; thanks in part to that serendipitous googling, Meller is now finishing up her first album, which will come out this year via Island/Universal.

    Asked how she aspires to use her voice as an artist, Meller references the Stephen Hawking theory (she's also finishing up a master's at the Sorbonne) that there's "a multiplicity of realities at the same time. In my videos I create my small realities, because I believe we have to take all the desires and the fantasies and expose them. To bring the unconscious life to reality: that's what I like." Below, we invite you to spend a moment in Meller's strange and wholly irresistible reality.

    Petite Meller wears Kenzo Silk Crepe de Chine top, Thomas Tait skirt.

    Petite 3.jpg
    Petite Meller wears L'Agent by Agent Provocateur bodysuit, Charlotte Olympia shoes,
    Screaming Mimi's vintage bonnet, Casio G-Shock watch.

    Petite 4.jpg
    Petite Meller wears Coach coat, Screaming Mimi's hat, Atelier Swarovoski by Vincent Van Duysen ring

    Petite 5.jpg
    Petite Meller wears Fendi skirt, FIFI Chachnil Reve bra, Christian Louboutin shoes, American Apparel socks,
    Sorapol hat, Matthew Williamson by Linda Farrow Gallery sunglasses.

    Petite Meller wears Alexander Wang dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, Marta Cesaro hat, Maria Francesca Pepe Bracelets

    Petite Meller wears Christian Dior dress, Piers Atkinson hat, Sorapol feather

    Petite Meller wears Balmain dress, Stella McCartney bodysuit, Piers Atkinson hat.

    Petite Meller wears Paper London dress, URiBI ring.

    Petite Meller wearsRag & Bone shorts, KS Swim bathing suit, Coach shoes, Wolford socks, Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier headband.

    Petite wears sandro Jacket and shorts, Stella McCartney bra, Converse shoes, American Apparel socks, Vivienne Westwood hat, Daisy Knights ring, Swatch watch.

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    larrykramer_henny.jpgWhen it comes to good old-fashioned in-your-face activism no one can hold a candle to legendary author, playwright and scene-maker, Larry Kramer. He's just turned 80 and his latest book, the American People, Volume One is creating controversy (among the novel's many themes is the idea that some of our founding fathers were gay) while the Jean Carlomusto-directed HBO documentary Larry Kramer in Love & Anger is simultaneously punk rock and poignant. In public, Larry has never been afraid to scream, kick, and call those who were unresponsive to the AIDS epidemic, 'assassins' and after eight decades, he's still full of piss and vinegar. We chatted with Kramer in his Greenwich Village apartment and while he wears his legend status well, he's still got a LOT to say about what's wrong with society.

    So you're really having a moment. You're getting honorary degrees at Yale, lifetime achievement awards from ACRIA. You're a legend. Are you less angry now than you were during your younger days?

    Oh. I'm not less angry but I think there's no question that activism is not what it used to be.
    I wish we had an army. You know I make a lot of comparisons with the Holocaust and Nazi Germany. The foremost philosopher Hannah Arendt said the Jews should've had an army and fought back. To be an activist you have to be angry. And when AIDs was awful, people were angry and they were also frightened because they were dying and we don't have that now.

    What has been the response to your new book The American People, so far?

    What's bothered me about the reviews -- I mean the straight reviews -- [is] I have just been crucified. They're not reviewing the book; they're reviewing me, loudmouth Larry Kramer. The gay reviews have been respectable. All the stuff that I've written has all been dumped on when it first appeared. The Normal Heart didn't get good reviews. Faggots did not get good reviews. Faggots now is recognized in many places as a piece of literature. It's taught in schools, believe it or not. It still sells a lot. The Normal Heart gets played all over the world. I'm going through the same thing now with The American People.  I'm now working on Volume 2, which is really a history of homosexuals in America and a history of disease in America.

    In the book you talk about George Washington being gay as well as Abraham Lincoln and other famous historical figures.

    People say to me 'How can you prove that he was gay?' and my answer to that is 'How can you prove he was straight?' Straight people have been the primary writers of history and they see it through straight eyes. So it never occurred to them that a gay writer could see things that they don't see. The history of America was hugely influenced by the relationship between Alexander Hamilton and Washington. There is no question Hamilton was the maker of America as we know it. He wanted it to be set up in states and Jefferson wanted the reverse. So the two had a war and Washington didn't like Jefferson as much as he liked Hamilton. Hamilton and Washington were in love with each other. Washington saw Hamilton, and it really was love at first sight. Hamilton had come from a Caribbean Island -- he had been adopted by two men who obviously were lovers. They helped educate him and helped get him to America. So obviously he was educated with that whole side of life. Yes, he was married. Yes, he had affairs. Yes, he had a wife he loved. Yes, he had a lot of children. He was in love with George and he was also in love with a fellow officer who was killed in one of the wars that was going on.

    There are several letters that Hamilton wrote to this man, which are so obviously love letters referring to different parts of their bodies and the captain never got the letters because he was dead and Hamilton didn't know it, but the letters are there. You were constantly told that men were more effusive in their letter writing in those days -- that's what historians say about Lincoln. And it's just horse shit. I would like to say something blatant --


    I want every gay person in America to read the American People. It is our history and we should know it. Whether the book is vetted by academia [or not], there is enough in it that is a tool.

    You mention being gay is the most important thing in your life. Do you think that for the average gay, their gayness is not as important as it should be?

    You have to be an activist everyday and be prepared to make that kind of commitment, that's what I discovered. I think that being together and having good times, that's your social life, but life is more than that. It adds more responsibility to your existence as a citizen and the world. It's your responsibility as a human being to fight for all of us.

    I agree, I think you're right

    I want everyone to read and buy this book.

    That'll be the headline.

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    Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 12.32.58 PM.png
    Dutch remixer Sander Kleinenberg has just given the techno-fest treatment to Madonna's eponymous "Bitch I'm Madonna" track, which dropped this morning along with a star-studded video by frequent collaborator Jonas Åkerlund. Filled with flashes of more celeb cameos à la the original clip (including shots of Miley, Beyoncé, Nicki and Kanye), it's a dizzying, candy-coated club track that you shouldn't hesitate to fist-pump to. Just make sure to take some Dramamine before you hit the dance floor.

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    This past weekend was San Diego Comic-Con, a long event showcasing endless new versions of beloved pop culture properties in panels that drew lines representing many, many hours'worth of fans. In case for some reason you didn't go to Comic-Con, or hadn't spent the entire weekend glued to a computer screen waiting for leaked footage of the new season of Doctor Who, here is a rundown of some of the most anticipated trailers. (Yes, highly anticipated pieces of footage designed to themselves stoke anticipation for movies with mid-credits scenes that will stoke further anticipation, until the world snake eats itself and begins the cycle anew.)

    Here are some trailers, ranked in order of how depressing they are using a scientifically calculated system of Snyders (the unit of measurement for pop culture disappointment, named for Zack Snyder, director of 300, Watchmen, Man of Steel, and the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice).

    Ash vs. Evil Dead
    This should be terrible, but somehow is not. Bruce Campbell's smarmy, B-movie charm has only grown over the years (to the point where he elevated Burn Notice by himself), and this TV sequel to the beloved Evil Dead movies appears to effectively and grossly capture the spirit of the originals. -5/5 Snyders

    Star Wars

    This one is... actually... pretty good? The newly released video promoting the newest Star Wars movie isn't really a trailer, which might be part of what makes it tolerable. Instead, the clip focuses on the crew's reverence for the material and desire to do it justice, which comes across as rather admirable, even if it's a pretty difficult task. No, the world doesn't need a new Star Wars movie, but there's a chance it might not regret having one. 1/5 Snyders

    Heroes: Reborn
    Heroes is one of the best recent cases of pop culture's increasing confirmation of "be careful what you wish for," with later seasons getting progressively worse after a dynamite debut year. So why should anyone be even remotely excited about a return to that universe many years later? Well, the new series looks like a return to Heroes basics -- it won't be brilliant, but it probably won't be a garbage heap, either. The heavy focus on Noah Bennett isn't terrible, and it might not be the worst thing to hang out in this world for a few hours. 2.5/5 Snyders

    Hannibal: Red Dragon
    Look: This footage is incredible. Bringing Hannibal directly into the world of Thomas Harris' novels has been a long time coming, but Richard Armitage's depiction of Red Dragon Francis Dolarhyde seems like it will fit perfectly into the purple world of lyric horror Bryan Fuller has created. The captured Hannibal Lecter remains a riveting presence, finally in the place we met him. But that just makes it all the more depressing, because with Amazon backing out, it looks like Hannibal might not get the fourth season that the world proved it did not actually deserve. 4/5 Snyders

    Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

    This move looks like a flaming pile of childhood dreams (and childhood games of leaving a bag of shit on someone's door). It's not that Ben Affleck still doesn't look like a particularly convincing Batman, or that Superman is treated like a god and surrounded by worshipful people of color as their white savior, or that the dialogue sounds like scraps cut from an episode of True Detective for being too on the nose and ponderous, or that we have to see Batman's parents get killed yet again, or Wonder Woman is being introduced for no real reason other than as a "badass woman," or that the big fight scenes look like repurposed, cardboard green-screened pieces of the Star Wars prequels. It's not even Jesse Eisenberg's ridiculous Lex Luthor hair.

    It's that the movie -- a several-hour-long setup for a series of Justice League movies with predetermined outcomes and massive marketing tie-ins and toys and fast food branding opportunities and an Aquaman movie starring that guy from Game of Thrones all in the same ridiculously dour color palette -- is taking itself so god-damned seriously, and feels compelled to tell you over and over that it. is. important.  5/5 Snyders

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    Starting today and running through Thursday, New York City will be hosting its first Fashion Week dedicated solely to menswear. But what to expect? If modeling agency Wilhelmina's video show package (basically a trailer featuring their male models walking in shows this week) is any indication, New York Fashion Week: Men's will be a black-light lit pagan bacchanal full of wolverine models and body paint. In other words, the next few days are going to be nuts. It's raining men. And wolves. Watch above.

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    Hot on the heels of their premiere of Drake's ~insane~ video, Apple Music's latest release is M.I.A.'s short audiovisual film "Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than a Border." The musician., who also directed the film, shot on location in India and Cote d'Ivoire to showcase distinct Indian and West African dance styles. There's an all-female sword-swinging troupe, an Ivory Coast street performer in a metallic suit, and M.I.A. posing in a fiery Hindu temple.

    The film's score features "Warriors," off her 2013 LP Matangi, as well as a brand new track called "Swords." This is only the first of several more videos to come, as M.I.A.'s vision for her fifth studio album, Matahdatah, whose songs and accompanying videos focus on borders and the importance of cross-cultural exchanges. Watch the first film below:

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    Viva Soudan and Bailey Nolan, aka the movement-oriented artist team Buoy, caught our attention this spring with their announcement that they were accepting applications for a residency and retreat at an 11-acre property in Deep River, Connecticut, catering chiefly to post-feminist performance art duos.

    At the Buoy R+R, which took place from July 6th to 12th, participants were invited to use their bodies to develop site-specific performance pieces inspired by the land itself and conceptual prompts (e.g. manipulation, nurture, anxiety, joy, danger) provided by Buoy. On the final day, they invited the public to witness their creations in a “gallery” walk, which was part guided, part choose-your-own-adventure style.

    Transported via a magical blue, Buoy-chartered converted school bus from Bushwick, we were lucky enough to be a part of the audience at the culminating event, which was also attended by Deep River locals. Below, check out some of our favorite moments from this unique exercise in creative collaboration.

    Alexandra Marzella, Claire Christerson and India Menuez performing as the Buoy R+R’s only trio

    On the bus, which ran from the Junxion gallery in Bushwick

    Scenes from the bus en route to Deep River

    Scenes from the bus en route to Deep River

    Buoy greeting the arriving audience

    Even the Buoy port-o-potty is uplifting and magical

    Claire Christerson, leading the audience

    Ella Robin Rosenberg and Angela Whitehead, invoking a waterfall

    India Menuez, guiding the audience

    Alexandra Marzella, India Menuez, Claire Christerson

    Go! Push Pops - a queer, transnational, feminist radical art collective run by Elisa Garcia De La Huerta and Katie Cercone

    Viva and Bailey beckon

    Go! Push Pops

    Alexandra Marzella and Claire Christerson

    Katie Cercone

    Ella Robin Rosenberg and Angela Whitehead

    The participants

    Admiral Gray and Katie Harrington

    India Menuez, Claire Christerson and Alexandra Marzella coax the audience through an s+m-tinged limbo moment

    Rachelle and Roxanne Crocker made food for the week

    Buoy’s version of a campfire

    Following the performances, Buoy led an artist talk and q+a during dinner

    The bus was an adventure in its own right, especially when it broke down in a rest stop parking lot. Here, passengers kill time with some 2am stretches before ultimately finding alternate modes of transport back to Brooklyn.

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    tame impala.jpgTame Impala have been releasing a steady trickle of music this year, song after song coming to tease their follow-up to 2012's Lonerism. Now, Currents is here and you can stream it below via NPR's First Listen. It's less straightforward psych than the band's previous records, but that doesn't mean it's not a perfectly pleasant summer listen (and isn't that what you want right now?).

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    mnyfw2.gifToday the CFDA kicked off the much-anticipated New York Fashion Week: Men's, the standalone male counterpart to NYFW. While we're definitely stoked that menswear is at last getting the attention it deserves, what we at PAPERMAG love even more than watching well-dressed men parade down the runway is a good party, and we know there'll be tons after the sun goes down during NYFWM. With so many options to choose from, we've put together a guide to the crème de la crème of NYC nightlife for the next week -- check it out below.

    Monday, July 13th

    NYFW Men's Launch Party.jpgWHAT: NYFWM Launch Party
    EXPECT: Officially an exhibition of works by fashion photographer Erik Madigan Heck, it's unofficially one of the greatest industry networking opportunities you'll see this summer. With CFDA CEO Steven Kolb and Amazon Fashion president Cathy Beaudoin as hosts, we're pretty sure every fashion bigwig you've ever (and never) heard of will be in attendance.
    WHERE: Amazon Imaging Studio, 35 Kent Ave., Brooklyn
    WHEN: Monday, July 13, 6-8:30pm
    RSVP: Invite only

    IMG Models Men's Division Party.jpgWHAT: IMG Models Men's Division Party
    EXPECT: Beautiful people -- because what greater reason could you have for attending a party hosted by the world's largest modeling agency? In addition to music from NYC DJ collective The Misshapes, rising country music star Brett Eldredge will make a slightly incongruous -- but nontheless welcome -- appearance.
    WHERE: The Bowery Hotel, 335 Bowery, Manhattan
    WHEN: Monday, July 13, 9pm
    RSVP: Invite only

    Tuesday, July 14th

    Public School Afterparty Cropped.jpg

    WHAT: Public School Spring 2016 Afterparty
    EXPECT: Rub shoulders with the fashion A-list at this celeb-packed bash celebrating the CFDA streetwear darlings/newly appointed DKNY creative directors' new spring collection -- and stick around for a surprise in the form of live music from Public School cofounder Dao-Yi Chow, whose band, The Extortionists, will be playing the event.  
    WHERE: Gilded Lily, 408 W. 15th St., Manhattan
    WHEN: Tuesday, July 14, 10pm-2am
    RSVP: Invite only

    Sandro Bastille Day Party V2.jpgWHAT: Sandro Bastille Day Party
    EXPECT: An affair très française, as the Parisian brand celebrates the storming of the Bastille with bilingual party invites and music from electro-duo The Knocks at Happy Ending.
    WHERE: Happy Ending, 302 Broome St., Manhattan
    WHEN: Tuesday, July 14, 7-9pm
    RSVP: Invite only

    Todd Snyder Spring 2016 Afterparty V2.jpgWHAT: Todd Snyder Spring 2016 Afterparty
    EXPECT: Clebrate the much-lauded menswear designer's spring collection with free-flowing drinks (thanks, open bar!) at a gorgeous rooftop lounge -- with possible Palm Beach vibes thanks to Florida-based DJ MachinA.
    WHERE: PH-D at Dream Downtown, 335 W. 16th St., Manhattan
    WHEN: Tuesday, July 14, 9-11pm
    RSVP: Invite only

    The Rest Stop by UrbanDaddy.png
    WHAT: The Rest Stop by UrbanDaddy
    EXPECT: Unwind between shows at the Bar Hugo with coffee, canapés, "strong cocktails," and amenities like grooming and charging stations (your phone will need it after all your "first men's nyfw ever!!!!" snaps). You might even catch some exclusive designer interviews while you're at it.
    WHERE: Hotel Hugo, 525 Greenwich St., Manhattan
    WHEN: Tuesday, July 14, and Wednesday, July 15, 10:30am-5pm
    RSVP: Invite only

    BFA_11504_1405756.jpg[Photo by Matteo Prandoni/BFA]

    WHAT: Nordstrom Celebrates 25 Years of Jeffrey
    EXPECT: One hell of a good time courtesy of nightlife fixture (and regular PAPER contributor) Ladyfag. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Jeffrey New York, the hostess extraordinaire works her party magic on a disco-themed bash DJed by Honey Dijon.
    WHERE: Jeffrey New York, 449 W. 14th St., Manhattan
    WHEN: Tuesday, July 14, 10pm
    RSVP: Invite only

    Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 4.41.45 PM.pngWHAT: Bloomingdale's NYFWM Tailgate
    EXPECT: Nothing could be farther from the sticky, boozy tailgates you frequented before your college football games. Trade watered-down Bud Light and dollar pizza for locally produced food and drink served from a vintage red Land Rover -- plus charging stations for your phone.
    WHERE: Greenwich St. & W. Houston St., Manhattan
    WHEN: Tuesday, July 14, 8:30am-8pm; Wednesday, July 15, and Thursday, July 16, 9:30am-8pm
    RSVP: N/A

    Wednesday, July 15th

    MADE x The Eighth Launch Party.jpg
    WHAT: MADE x The Eighth Launch Party
    EXPECT: Luxury underwear -- or at least lucha libre wrestlers wearing it, because apparently that's the concept of the latest lookbook from newly launched brand The Eighth. MADE is helping kick off the high-end underwear line with performances from rap darling Travis Scott and DJ Jus Ske.
    WHERE: Church Street Boxing Gym, 25 Park Pl., Manhattan
    WHEN: Wednesday, July 15, 9:30pm-12:30am
    RSVP: Invite only

    Thursday, July 16th

    BFA_12063_1482136.jpg[Photo by Benjamin Lozovsky/BFA]

    WHAT: New York, New York NYFWM Closing Party
    EXPECT: Catch Travis Scott for the second time this week at NYNY's NYFWM closing bash along with fellow producer Metro Boomin -- and every 20-something's former teen dream, Joe Jonas.
    WHERE: Up & Down, 244 W. 14th St., Manhattan
    WHEN: Thursday, July 16, 11pm
    RSVP: Invite only

    BFA_11137_1358256.jpg[Photo by Billy Farrell/BFA]

    WHAT: Charlotte Tilbury Limited Edition Collection Launch Party
    EXPECT: Complimentary makeovers (in case you need to freshen up before hitting the party circuit later in the evening), champagne, and hors d'oeuvres at the launch of the British makeup artist's Norman Parkinson-inspired collection of bags and beauty products. If you're lucky, you might bump elbows with Tilbury herself as she works the floor to the sound of music from model and DJ Harley Viera-Newton.
    WHERE: Bergdorf Goodman, 754 5th Ave., Manhattan
    WHEN: Thursday, July 16, 6pm
    RSVP: Invite only

    Wilhelmina Brings Down the House V2.pngWHAT: Wilhelmina Brings Down the House at Marquee
    EXPECT: If you didn't get your fill of absurdly attractive folks over at IMG on Tuesday, Wilhelmina's got your back. Hobnob with models as they celebrate the end of NYFWM -- it'll never get crazier than when a whole bunch of professional gorgeous people know they don't have work the next day.
    WHERE: Marquee New York, 289 10th Ave., Manhattan
    WHEN: Thursday, July 16, 9:30pm-1:30am
    RSVP: Invite only

    John Varvatos Spring 2016 Afterparty.jpgWHAT: John Varvatos Spring 2016 Afterparty
    EXPECT: Varvatos closes out NYFWM with one of the most heavily hyped shows of the week -- and the afterparty will be just as spectacular. In keeping with the designer's grunge/rock sensibilities, you won't find any EDM or trendy lounge settings at this event -- it's all bars and guitars, courtesy of John Varvatos Records signee Andrew Watt.
    WHERE: Electric Room, 355 W. 16th St., Manhattan
    WHEN: Thursday, July 16, 9pm-12am
    RSVP: Invite only

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    Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 4.52.23 PM.png

    Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg is forever our favorite teen/cultural commentator -- and she continues to fight the good fight for considerate, conscious consumption, as her recent call out of Kylie Jenner's misguided cornrows proves.

    I woke up like disss

    A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

    Though it seems impossible that anyone with an internet connection in 2015 still thinks it's okay to co-opt pieces of important cultural currency sans context in the name of fashion, it still happens all of the time. Thankfully though, No B.S. Stenberg was quick to the draw, swiftly responding to the 'gram with some very valid concerns about Jenner's new "look." Especially since Jenner is a repeat offender who's gotten in hot water before for donning dreadlocks, blackface and grills -- all of which are not shows of her "grungy style."

    Oop!!! The shade is real !!! #KylieJenner vs #AmandlaStenberg !! #ClapBackSeason

    A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on

    Stenberg also followed up later, tweeting out an explanation about why this sort of fashion-baiting of traditionally black styles isn't okay, bringing up the fact that while black features are considered cool and beautiful, actual black women aren't valued to nearly the same extent, a problem that's rooted in the idea that fetishism often gets mixed up with appreciation.

    Jenner wound up looping in her friend/maybe-ex Jaden Smith, making a jab at the fact that Stenberg and Smith went to prom together earlier this year. Maybe it's time for Jenner to actually watch Stenberg's video about cultural appropriation and grow up a little. After all, while it's easy to chalk up Jenner's ignorance to her youth, keep in mind that she just got schooled by a 16-year-old. 

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    As famous for its views as it is for its exhausting incline, the Williamsburg Bridge is a symbol for much of New York's creative class  -- and now it has its very own soundtrack thanks to the Williamsburg Bridge Radio app.

    Created by creative agency Sid Lee in collaboration with designer/developer Eric Hu, WBBR turns on automatically once you're on the bridge -- playing a "hype-up" track for when you go up and a "cool down" for when you're on your descent. Musical curation comes courtesy of forward-thinking electronic label UNO NYC, who will broadcast new music from their roster of experimental artists à la Mykki Blanco, Dutch E Germ and Aquarian. Expect plenty premium party tracks and Gay Dog Food deep cuts.

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    Johanson_ConeyIslandConcertPoster_2015.112040.jpgThis Friday, the Mission School comes to Coney Island with a mixed art and music pop-up exhibition by Chris Johanson and Jeffrey Deitch. The event, which will take place at Surf Pavilion and kicks off at 8pm (doors at 7pm), features performances by LA punks No Age, psych rockers Sun Foot, and Devin, Gary and Ross (the musical side project of artists Devin Flynn, Gary Panter and Ross Goldstein), as well as artwork by the bands themselves. Tickets are available here.

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    happy damages1.jpgMiami rock band Jacuzzi Boys' video for "Happy Damage," shot over the course of a brief tour across California by Dustin Aksland capturing the group's live show and some of the people they encountered on tour. The corresponding Happy Damage EP represents the band's return to rock simplicity. "It sorta just happened naturally," says bassist Danny Gonzalez. "But I guess after experimenting quite a bit on the last record we felt like writing tunes built for a three piece to bang out." 

    It's also a coming-out party of sorts for the band's new record label, Mag Mag, which will put out not only their own music, but material from friends and collaborators as well. The band had been interested in starting a label for a while, Gonzalez says, and finally felt like it "made sense." Though a label gives them much more flexibility, it's still unclear exactly what kind of stuff will be released through Mag Mag. "We're gonna start with our own stuff and see how it goes," Gonzalez says. Watch the video for "Happy Damage" below.

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    Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.07.48 AM.png
    Say bye to the rest of your day, because there's a new version of Snake that is, of course, "Bitch Better Have My Money"-themed.

    Play Rih as she weaves her way through a minefield of ghost, scissor and lightning bolt emojis to nab all those well-deserved fat stacks and bags of gold, soundtracked by none-other than a loop of the BBHMM hook. Next up: how can we start a petition to actually get Queen RiRi on the $10 bill? 

    Fetter your Tuesday away here.

    [h/t Fader]

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    The home-recorded clip at the beginning of Lana Del Rey's newly released "Honeymoon" might seem like a throwback to her earliest work (see: "Video Games"), but the song itself certainly isn't. Lush with classical string arrangements and deftly layered vocal harmonies, the lead single off her upcoming third album gives us a gentler, softer Lana -- the kind of woman who pleads, "Say you want me too" -- than the steely-eyed alt-pop princess we saw in previous hits like "Born to Die." Keep your eyes (ears?) peeled for the full album, because if this track is any indication, we'll be hearing Del Rey at her romantic, noirish best.

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    Little Monsters, rejoice, for Gaga will be gracing the small screen, as confirmed by the teaser for the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Hotel. And while all we get to see for now is a gilded silver hand -- bejeweled sleeves, talon-esque nails and all -- it indeed belongs to the pop star herself, who will star in the much-anticipated fifth season. 

    According to show co-creator Ryan Murphy, who spoke to fans at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, "When you work with someone like her, you sign up for something that is larger than life." Elaborating that part of her role involves fashion, she apparently asked to play an "evil" character who may or may not be involved in a love triangle with Matt Bomer and Finn Wittrock's characters. Good lord, do you think the freaky fandom can handle it?

    Watch the trailer below.

    [h/t i-D]

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    Celebrate-Bastille-Day.jpgPhoto via Hôtel Americano

    Hôtel Americano Rooftop Party
    Want to spend your night splashing around la piscine? The rooftop of the Hôtel Americano has a lovely view of Chelsea and a pool where you can get your Bastille Day swim on. With music from house DJ Max Pask you can dance and celebrate the culture of cheese, wine and revolutions.
    Hôtel Americano, 518 W 27th St, 5pm, Reservation required.

    static1.squarespace.jpgPhoto via Bartabac

    Pétanque Tournament at Cercle Rouge
    For those who are looking for a more street fair-type event with games, food, live music and a French market, head to the Cercle Rouge in Tribeca. There'll be pétanque (French bocce ball), a raffle, and, we're assuming, all the vin et fromage you could hope for.
    Cercle Rouge, 241 W Broadway, 12pm.

    Live Jazz and Cocktail at Hotel Chantelle
    Looking to celebrate Bastille Day by learning about how the French like to drink? At Hotel Chantelle's Bastille Day soirée, you can sip on French 75 cocktails (gin, champagne, lemon juice) while listening to the live jazz of Dandy Wellington and his band.
    Hotel Chantelle, 92 Ludlow St

    Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 2.51.41 PM.png[Photo via Fada]

    Jazz at Fada
    Want even MORE Jazz? Williamsburg's Fada will be hosting a Bastille Day celebration with their French Provencal food and a performance by Baby Soda, a street jazz group inspired by  Southern gospel, 30's swing and New Orleans jazz.
    Fada, 530 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, 8pm.

    us-0714-729753-0-front.jpgPhoto via Resident Advisor

    Kitsuné Special Bastille Day at Le Bain
    If you're looking for a little pre-party head to Le Bain, who's teamed up with French record label and clothing line, Kitsuné, and creative agency, Matte, for festivities that include music by house DJs Chordashian, Antoine Karl and Hart and Air Zaire and, of course, Le Bain's trademark indoor pool, rooftop view of the Hudson, and crepe stand.
    Le Bain, 444 W. 13th St., 5pm-10pm

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    Let's be honest -- the word "basic" is gendered. Usually, "basic" is used to target women who prefer much-maligned millennial-Barbie accessories like the pumpkin spice latte and the Ugg boot. Countless thinkpieces have overexplained(and defended)the way yoga pants or bandage dresses serve as indicators of a certain lack of sartorial sophistication and complexity. But men can be basic, too.

    Today's man is caught between his desire to subvert expectations, the actual emotional consequences of doing so, and his simple need to fit in. This is the Petri dish of basicness: the breeding ground of unoriginal style. So men turn to easily identifiable looks to shout, "I'm alt! I'm masc! I'm wealthy!" and in some cases, "I'm so agreeable, I could fold myself into almost nothing at all! Like this shirt! See the fold lines!?

    I speak from experience. Menswear has the same sorts of conventional looks and basic pieces as women's -- some of which will be on display at New York Men's Fashion Week, and many of which I've worn or seriously wanted to wear in the recent past. So, as Lauryn Hill says, "don't think I haven't been through the same predicament". Fortunately, I have friends to sit me down and tell me to give my Amish hat a rest. But in case you aren't lucky enough to have friends with fashion compassion, here is brief a list of menswear basics that have met their end.

    bomber.jpgBomber jackets and "updated" letterman jackets
    These surfaced at about the time that every other blogger was heralding sporty inspiration and athleisure as the next big things in fashion. In fabrications as diverse as mesh and Kanye's heavy polyester satin, they've become a fixture in the menswear collections of countless designers, and the closets of every mildly style-conscious straight boy I know. I understand; your Meatpacking address, meticulous coiffure and burnished brass cuffs have thrown you into a bit of a metrosexual panic, but we get it. You're masculine. We have already awarded you the commensurate dude points.

    ami.jpg(Todd Snyder denim jacket)

    If you're looking for something with that sporty heritage feeling, try an over-washed denim jacket like Todd Snyder's or the dark rinse from French label, Ami. Either will make you feel just as cool, and give everyone around you a much needed break.

    oak.jpgTricky T-shirts
    Generally worn by that self-proclaimed alternative kid who makes a point of using words like "wavy", the best days of theseshirts are behind them. This category spans everything from those super long, caftan-esque hip-hop post-Margiela styles to the drapier, nipple-clinging, nearly see-through looks from OAK. I'm all for avant-garde, but that should be about what's fresh; something this look has not been for quite some time.

    bk circus.jpg(Brooklyn Circus T-shirt)

    For cooler T-shirt style, try something slimmer, in a more substantial fabric. I'm particularly drawn to the sort of sun-washed, vintage inspired offerings at Brooklyn Circus. In a world where it seems like each season the whole of fashion is searching for the newest in austere minimalism, it's refreshing to see something so unabashedly classic.

    Cristiano+Ronaldo_Hermes_Belt_silver_gold_buckle.jpgThat Hermes H belt and Louis Vuitton coin purse
    The sartorial equivalent of desperately screaming "I HAVE MONEY" at passersby. Ironically enough, over-sized logos clinched to the waist just don't make the tasteful splash people seem to think they might.

    bracelet.jpg(Builliony gold bracelet)

    Try a subtler take on status signaling -- maybe the beautiful and absolutely ridiculous Bulliony Gold Bar Bracelet. Though it costs 19.5 thousand dollars and is made of six solid 18K gold bars, they're knotted together with the same technique your sister used in her friendship bracelet phase for a look that is very understated and very chic. And if the bracelet alone is a bit too subdued for your taste, you could always flash your wrist while handing your AmEx to a barista and whisper, "I was an early investor in Uber so, y'know..."

    54d430ff518b7_-_esq-jcrew-gingham-shirt-instagram-082114-l33u8h-xl.jpgThat gingham shirt
    You know, that J.Crew, I-would-very-much-like-to-blend-in, please do NOT look at me, gingham shirt? Let it float away, awash in the same bland nothingness it conveyed each time you buttoned it up for a Zagat-recommended boozy brunch.

    Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 1.36.52 PM.png(J. Crew band-collar shirt)

    If you insist on staying true to that generic white boy aesthetic, try a mandarin collar shirt in off-white or pastel. Ironically enough, J. Crew, perhaps in the knowledge that it was time to spice it up, has debuted a whole band-collar collection that will do you well. When paired with the skinny khakis and white low-top Jack Purcell's you almost certainly already own, it'll make a fresh, significantly less basic, take on summer dressing. 

    Getting dressed can provide the escape from the adolescent (or post-adolescent) holding cell of basicness, and it takes so little time. Life can be distracting, with endless new products, work, activities, and Rihanna videos, but each day we are offered a chance to say something about who we are (and to learn a bit about ourselves in the process). So tomorrow, ditch those ironic baseball jerseys, let go of the ostentatious logos; leave the basics behind.

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    While fashion still has a long way to go with diversity on the runways and in campaigns, the recent men's shows in Europe presented a refreshing array of diverse faces and offered us some hope that things are changing. Meet seven break-outs and keep an eye out for them this week during NYFW: Men's.

    piero.jpgPiero Mendez (@piero_mendez)

    A Spanish-Croatian living on the Canary Islands, Piero Mendez closed for Valentino in Paris. The multi-national was a fitting choice because when asked about his collection, Valentino designer Maria Grazia Chiuri told, "Cultures become one culture -- that's what we find exciting... At the end there is no real reference. We love to go around with our mind and our inspiration to create."

    Jackson.jpgJackson Hale (@jacksonghale)

    A combination of Indian-Trinidadian-English descent, Jackson Hale was the exclusive for Burberry Prorsum this season at LCM. Not only was Burberry Creative Director Christopher Bailey'schoice of casting Hale an appropriate nod to Burberry's global male customers, but his garments echoed this emphasis on a more adventurous consumer, too, with highlights like formal lace intertwined with casual sweatpants.

    KIM_2914.jpgSang Woo Kim (@sangwo0)

    Korean-British model Sang Woo Kim closed the London brand Oliver Spencer's show during LCM. He is also one of the current faces of DKNY and one of the many diverse faces for Dolce & Gabbana's upcoming Fall/Winter 2016 campaign.

    Sol.jpgSol Goss (@sol_goss)

    A house that is based on the philosophy of travel, Louis Vuitton presented a collection inspired by journeys through Japan, Indonesia, and China. Showing clothes that gave a nod to Japan's appropriation of American workwear, Kim Jones' Spring/Summer 2016 is an ode to cultural identity, diversity, and unity. Who better to open this show's message than the striking show season star Sol Goss?

    Victor.jpgVictor Hansen (@victorshansen)
    Danish model Victor Hansen was also among the company of Jackson Hale to close Burbery Prorsum's collection -- the perfect embodiment of the multi-faceted Burberry man of the 21st century.

    _ARC0029.jpgMichael Lockley (@michael.lockley)

    From Brooklyn, New Yorker Michael Lockley has been the bright blond star of the Spring/Summer 2016 fashion tour. From London for Margaret Howell to Milan for Etro and Kenzo in Paris, Michael Lockley has seemingly walked everywhere this season.

    Tony.jpgTony Thornburg (@tonythornburg)

    The ponytailed, Hawaiian-born Tony Thornburger is a Japenese-Swedish model/actor living in Zurich. He's caught the fashion world's attention walking for Etro and Giorgio Armani in Milanand Yohji Yamamoto in Paris.

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    Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 4.44.02 PM.png

    Lena Dunham is dipping her toes into publishing again -- but this time it's with a fun, weekly feminist newsletter with Girls executive producer Jenni Konner dubbed Lenny. And it's apparently for "an army of like-minded intellectually curious women and the people who love them, who want to bring change," but also enjoy a good style round-up, you know? Best of all, it appears from the masthead and initial coverage that Dunham will be using this newsletter to elevate a more diverse set of women and create a kind of excellent, feminist publication applicable to all.

    Lenny will be headed up by ex-Jezebel/Double X editor Jessica Grose, as well as African-American writer (and author of the best damn thing ever written re. Rihanna) Doreen St. Félix and Puerto Rican writer Laia Garcia. It also seems from initial reports that the focus will be on the positive, more inclusive aspects of feminism that embraces all female-identifying individuals. It will mostly be focused on self-told stories and emphasize multiple experiences and points of view -- something that's key in helping give WOC a voice in what's often a media dominated by the white feminist perspective.

    Hopefully, this means that intersectional feminism will experience a rise in public consciousness and big ups to Dunham for apparently taking criticism for only portraying a very specific experience -- that of the white, privileged female -- to heart.  It's about time something like Lenny existed.

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