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    enhanced-buzz-wide-27657-1327530091-32.jpg1. In the wake of the Hipster Ariel Meme, a whole slew of Hipster Disney Princesses.

    50f2fd5e176416b8111e9419e9d66c07.jpg2. Woman flossing subway pole with butt. [via College Humor]

    3. Watchin' Downton. "Wait, all the chauffeurs are cute."

    TuGkO.AuSt.79.jpg4. On Tuesday, a penguin named Paula pooped on the Kentucky senate floor. [via Fark]

    5. A behind the scenes look at Girls, Lena Dunham's new HBO show. "I apologize that you have genital warts."

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    Lehmann Maupin held a chic little gathering Tuesday night for artist Sandro Kopp's new show, "There You Are," on display at the gallery's Lower East Side location now through February 4th. Presented by Istanbul-based creative agency, Instanbul '74, the show features Kopp's "sitting portraits" taken during Skype sessions with pals including Ryan McGinley and Waris Ahluwalia, both of whom attended the opening. Kopp's main squeeze, Tilda Swinton, as well as Agyness DeynOlivier TheyskensTerence KohJim Jarmusch, and Elvis Perkins were also in the house. Check out Zac Sebastian's photos from the opening above.

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    The duo of OFWGKTA members Syd Tha Kid and Matt Martians, aka The Internet, release yet another single from their Purple Naked Ladies album. They stick with director Matt Alonzo and we're assuming that this is meant to be a prequel to their "Cocaine" clip since it ends at the same "carnival" location. Frank Ocean fans will enjoy the trip-hop vibe, but you'll have to get over the gratuitous violence and WTF plot.

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  • 01/26/12--11:05: Ask Mr. Mickey
  • Above: Mr. Mickey's Look of the Month features the many faces of Beck as seen in photographer Autumn De Wilde's new book, appropriately titled Beck (Chronicle).

    Dear Mr. Mickey, 
    My look is a little provocative, even in the workplace. I recently started dating a very straight-laced, Ivy Leaguer and I feel out of place when I'm with him and his friends. How can I get a "smarter" look without giving up my sexiness? 
    Slutty but Sweet 

    Dear SbutS
    There is only one way to assure you'll always look intellectual and respectable. Wear glasses.

    Dear Mr. Mickey, 
    So the other night I was hanging out at Sardi's, and in walks Harry Connick Jr. I went up to tell him how excited I was to see him in the new revival of On a Clear Day You Can See Forever. We got to talking, and he gave me his email. What do I do now? I'm envisioning us becoming immediate besties, but I don't want to seem like a stalker! 
    Stage Door Sally 

    Dear SDS, 
    Hmm. SDS... That sounds vaguely familiar -- like something radical. It also sounds like some newfangled disease like carpal tunnel or restless leg syndrome. Let's put on a fundraiser for it! And we can ask your boy Harry to be our celebrity co-chair! We'll make up some hoo-hah about how SDS stands for Sondheim Disassociation Syndrome, a virus that attacks the area in the brain that stores lyric memorization thus rendering its victims unable to remember Sondheim's complex lyrical structures. Local productions of Follies, Sweeney Todd and Pacific Overtures have been absolutely decimated by this disease. Harry will hop onboard in no time. We can bamboozle a hotel to give us their ballroom; wrangle a bunch of Broadway luminaries, socialites and hipsters to be on the host committee; and have amazing items up for grabs at a silent auction, like going to a yoga class with Bernadette Peters or a tap dance date with Hugh Jackman. Oh, it will be epic. On the evening of the fundraiser, you'll wear a borrowed dress from some major designer like Prabal Gurung. Something devastatingly chic but slightly slutty in a very high-class way. You'll visit Harry in his dressing room after the event and tell him you don't know how you'll ever thank him for all he's done to combat this evil blight SDS. We'll have Prabal fix the dress so it has Velcro closures and can be ripped off easily. Suddenly, whoosh, you're standing before Harry fully nude. "The only thing I have to offer as thanks... is my virtue," you'll say as you straddle him for a lap dance. How can he refuse your offer of gratitude? 

    Mr. Mickey knows what you're thinking. Isn't this a lot of work, not to mention deception, just to get into the underpants of a Broadway (and sometime TV) star? Well, Sally, if you want to bone the big stars, you gotta bring out the big guns. Now you get out there and make the magic happen! Do it for Sondheim! 

    Dear Mr. Mickey, 
    I still sleep with a teddy bear. Do you think this is a little strange? I don't want to give up my plushie bedmate but I'm worried a human one will be weirded out. 

    Dear UB,
    Have you ever read this column before? We just suggested that someone get Prabal Gurung to attach Velcro closures to a dress so that an oversexed Stage Door Sally can rip it off for Harry Connick Jr. Do you really think that we'll judge you for sleeping with a teddy bear? 

    The big question is: What kind of a teddy bear do you sleep with? Is it from Build-a-Bear workshop or the Annette Funicello Bear Company (an ol' favorite of MM's)? Is it an antique little number you picked up at the flea market in Budapest or Istanbul? 

    If you insist on sleeping with a stuffed animal, Mr. Mickey wants to be sure you're sleeping with the cutest most up-to-date little bugger you can find! It's fine for people to think you're a plushie (a person who likes to have sex with stuffed animals) or that you're into infantilism, but it's definitely not okay for people to think you have bad taste or are un-hip! 

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    Pat Sajak admitted in a recent interview that he hosted episodes of Wheel of Fortune buzzed after many a three-margarita lunch (forget Mad Men's three martinis, we wish we could have hung out with 80s-era Pat and Vanna!).   Naturally this got us thinking about the good 'ol days when on-the-job intoxication (even the televised variety) was, if not entirely acceptable, at least good-humoredly tolerated.  Nowadays, though, celebrities are usually put through the ringer (not to mention their publicists) after they throw back a few drinks and go on TV. Check out our six old-school picks for some of the seemingly booziest moments captured on TV followed by five of the weirdest greatest clips in recent memory. 


    1. Johnny Carson gets a kick out of sidekick Ed McMahon's apparent inebriation

    2. Beat icon Jack Kerouac appears drunk on Conservative icon William Buckley's show

    3. Orson Welles filming a wine commercial after having dipped into the supply

    4. Intoxicated Norman Mailer famously berates Gore Vidal on Dick Cavett Show

    5. Before Sajak's revelation, we had to content ourselves with Alex Trebek, who seems to be having a few issues in these clip mash-ups

    6. James Brown, apparently feeling reeeeally good on Sonia Live in L.A.


    These days it's an embarrassment of riches when it comes to drunk celebrity videos so we've chosen our five faves

    1. Mariah Carey: "Please forgive me because I'm a little bit...yeahh"

    2. Ben Affleck gets handsy during an interview with a Québécois TV reporter

    3. Danny Devito is still drunk the morning after partying with George Clooney

    4. Tracy Morgan looks glassy-eyed and goes topless in a Chicago interview

    5. Sharon Osbourne is feeling no pain on Xtra Factor (starts at 2:30)

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    beyonce-knowles-2011-glastonbury-music-festival-011.jpgKids these days! Rutgers University is currently offering a course called "Politicizing Beyoncé." Kevin Allred, a post-doc in the department of Women's and Gender studies, explains that he uses the singer's music, on-stage persona and personal life to examine race, gender and politics in Amerca. "She certainly pushes boundaries," Allred explained on the Rutgers news site. "While other artists are simply releasing music, she's creating a grand narrative around her life, her career, and her persona."

    We decided to help out the students enrolled in the course, and came up with some foolproof, potential final paper topics:

    "Decoding the Heteronormativity of Putting a Ring on It"

    "All Black Everything: Race, Ethnicity and the Child from the Child from Destiny's Child"

    "The Liminal Negotiation of Dancing in High-Heels"

    "Politics, Gender and the Struggle for Being Ready for This Jelly"

    "Power, Identity, and Thought in 'If I Were a Boy"

    "99 Problems with 99 Problems But a Bitch Ain't One."

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    Love these new ads from Stella McCartney shot by Mert&Marcus and featuring Natalia Vodianova looking very Charlotte Rampling/Jane Birkin-esque. Be sure to check out the accompanying video below showing Vodianova getting "flower bombed."



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    In addition to some truly outrageous and amazing clothing, eccentric German fashion designer Bernhard Willhem showed off his latest shoe collaboration with the folks at Camper (as part of their To&ether with Bernhard Willehlm line) over the weekend during Paris Fashion Week. The looks -- models with dip-dyed beards and paint-splattered faces, ripped up shirts and pants, lots of tigers -- were bananas both figuratively, and literally (there were actual bushels of bananas behind the models). The shoes, a combo of collage-y velcro sneakers and military boots, are available on the Camper website.

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    6a00d8341c630a53ef0133ece7d0d0970b-800wi.jpg1. A sex-toy company called Fleshlight is developing an iPad case you can... enjoy privately.

    2. UPDATE: Disney has stopped selling their Joy Division "inspired" T-shirt.  Of course that means one is already going for $255 on eBay.

    3. Uggie, the 10-year-old dog star in the Academy Award-nominated film, The Artist, is retiring.

    4. Chose a reason (or make up your own): The New York Post claims Demi Moore was hospitalized because Ashton "acted like a teenage boy." While TMZ claims it was because she "inhaled too many whip-its."

    5. Registration is now open for the 2012 Homo Climbtastic Convention.  It's the largest LGBT climbing event in the world and takes place July 26 to 29 in Fayetteville, West Virginia.  Here's  all the details.

    6. It's on!  The search for the best street caricature artist in New York City kicks off with a call for entries by Mister ArtSee.  Judges already on-board include author James Frey, artist Dana Schutz and ArtNet's Walter Robinson (Be sure to read this Observer profile on Mr. Robinson).  The finals are scheduled for April, so go here to register.

    7. Sheik 'N' Beik celebrates "Fong's Birthday" on Saturday, January 28th at Tammany Hall (152 Orchard Street).  Dominican DJs Fong and Mr. O'Neil join Jeffrey Scott, Julio and Xander, upstairs and down.

    8. A graffiti artist had some fun with the Mad Men season 5 teaser poster.


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    Joseph Altuzarra has already been announced the winner of CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, but it doesn't make watching the six-part documentary less thrilling. The first episode of "The Fashion Fund" series, directed by Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg (who also helmed the amazing doc Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work)  is finally available on Hulu today and follows the 10 finalists as they compete for a cash prize and mentorship bigwigs in the fashion industry. Participants include jewelry designers Pamela Love and Fenton/Fallon's Dana Lorenz as well as menswear designer Carlos Campos, Creatures of the Wind, and the pattern-loving design duo SUNO. Tune in on Thursdays for new episodes -- we know we will.

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    It's been pretty mild here in New York City as of late, but there was tons of chic, wintry fun to be had at the Standard ice rink last night for Veuve Clicquot's Midwinter Night's Skate Party, hosted by model Coco Rocha and featuring routines from the dazzling ice-skaters Johnny Weir and Sasha Cohen. Mia Moretti provided tunes, Mr. Standard himself Andre Balazs stopped by to check out the fun, and it looks like it was a super fun time. Check out Zac Sesbastian's shot of all the hot toddies who showed up to watch Weir and Cohen do their thang on the ice.

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    Screen shot 2012-01-26 at 4.26.12 PM.png
    Check out this Dali-esque picture that combines twenty Internet memes...can you guess them all? (Click here to enlarge) But no, seriously, if you can, tell us in the comments below!  We hit a wall after Nyan Cat and Honey Badger.

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    Too soon? Nah. We think it's pretty cute. [Via]

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    The next time you find yourself raving to friends about that incredible fisherman's sweater you found online or that lusciously creamy pistachio gelato you tried at the new Italian food shop down the street, why not turn your recommendations into dollars for a cause? That's the idea behind, a curation-meets-social media-meets-e-commerce site that opened to the public on Monday.  

    Founder Amaryllis Fox explains:

    Mulu is a social platform for sharing the things you love while supporting your favorite cause. It's a bit like Twitter for recommendations, so you can curate your own personalized discovery stream by following the people, topics, and questions you find interesting...Every time someone snags one of your picks, a percentage of the purchase goes goes straight to your cause.

    After creating an account, users can choose a cause they wish to support before posting pictures of anything they like -- movies, books, clothes, restaurants, vacation destinations -- and, using a Mulu function, link to websites that sell those items. Users can browse Mulu looking at other peoples' picks (including those from celebrities and well-known tastemakers including Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, author Jonathan Franzen, artist Eric Fischl and actresses Busy Phillips and Amber Tamblyn) as well as ask for recommendations. If someone purchases an item via Mulu, a portion of the sale goes back to the site through an affiliate program with participating stores. In turn, the original Mulu member who posted the item receives 50% of that commission for their cause.  Ultimately "what's benefitting your cause is your curatorial eye," Fox explains.
    Since this might seem confusing (as is often the case with an innovative start-up), here's an  example of how it works: Let's say Mr. Mickey decides to create a Mulu page and chooses to support Doctors Without Borders.  He then posts a few of his favorite items like sequined pants from AG Jeans.  PAPER reader Betty, who's friends on Twitter with Mr. Mickey, sees the recommendation on his Mulu page and decides to buy a pair for herself. After she does, a percentage of the sale (anywhere from 3-15%) goes back to Mulu who, in turn, gives 50% of that amount to Doctors Without Borders.

    Though the site debuted Monday, their "official launch" won't be until March when they unveil Mulu and the Mulu iPhone app at SXSW (which was also a launchpad for Twitter and Foursquare).  That said, in the spirit of Mulu's tastemakers and early adopters, don't wait until then to share your favorite'll make you feel like Oprah

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    Taxi Driver at the IFC Center 

    If you're in the market for something quintessentially "New York" to do tonight, grab a late dinner and some drinks with your sweetheart, and catch a midnight screening of Martin Scorcese's classic 1976 Robert DeNiro-starring thriller, Taxi Driver. And yes, we are talking to you.

    IFC Center, 323 Sixth Ave. midnight. $13.

    Aimee Mann at Music Hall of Williamsburg

    '80s pop star turned acclaimed singer-songwriter turned Portlandia guest star Aimee Mann stops by Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight, as part of her east coast tour, while taking a break from working on her forthcoming record, Charmer.

    Music Hall of Williamsburg, 66 N. 6th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 8 p.m. $35.

    Matthew Thurber and Elwyn Palmerton, "The Laughing Dough," Opens at Southfirst

    This two-person show (down the street from the Music Hall) features large-scale narrative scrolls by cartoonist Matthew Thurber (he of <em>1-800-MICE</em> fame) and abstract, improvisational drawings by Elwyn Palmerton. Tonight's opening will feature a performance by Thurber, which the artist has described as one part comic book, one part "nineteenth century music video."

    Southfirst Gallery, 60 N. 6th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 7 p.m. Exhibit runs through Feb. 26.

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    Consider today's oldie-but-goodie video an early Valentine from PAPER to you. "The Light" is actually an epic love song from the Grammy-winning hip-hop artist and actor, Common, that was meant for Erykah Badu (yes, that's her in the clip). It's from his album, Like Water For Chocolate, and was nominated for a Grammy in 2000. The chorus is a sample from a song by Bobby Caldwell called "Open You Eyes" that was released in 1980 and, if you've got a box of Kleenex handy, give it a listen here.

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    1. Last night's 30 Rock featured a fake trailer for a film "from the director of Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve": Martin Luther King Day. "It sounds like you... have a dream." Related: PAPERMAG's Five Suggestions for Garry Marshall's Next Movie.

    2. A Unicorn in a Unitard on a Unicycle.

    Screen shot 2012-01-27 at 11.32.23 AM.png
    3. Vintage McHale! Here's a funny clip of Joel McHale with Barry-Watson-from-Seventh-Heaven hair giving Christmas gift-giving advice in the '90s. [via Videogum]

    4. Eeeek: A man in Sweden withdrew a mouse from an ATM.

    5. Jon Daly as "Drunk English Rollerblading Pine Tree" is really really crazy and really really amazing. "I've sipped the finest booze with Penelope Cruz, and I've been huddled in a corner with Malcolm Jamal-Warner."

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    Jason Wu's hotly anticipated, insanely cute line for Target doesn't hit stores until February 5th,  but lucky ducks and celebrities including Chloe Moretz, Emmy Rossum, Blake Lively and French dance-pop star Yelle, who performed at the party, got a chance to get their hands on selected looks from the collection at a private launch party last night at Skylight Studio. The massive SoHo event space was transformed into a romantic Parisian street scene for the evening, with a litte cafe, an amazing fountain made entirely of flowers, and video projections of the line's feline mascot, Milu the Cat, slinking around the room. There was also a little shop, featuring models wearing the looks standing in the windows, which quickly filled up with various stylish young women going boonanas to get their mitts on the goods. (And we include ourselves in that bunch.) It was ah-mazing, and, fill disclosure, our sister company, Extra Extra, produced the event. They did such a fantastic job and we couldn't be prouder of them. Go guys!

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    1. Revol ceramic crumbled cups, $15 each, available here.

    Screen shot 2012-01-27 at 12.51.20 PM.png2. Dusen Dusen pillows exclusively for Of A Kind, $50, available here.

    3. MAPS by artist Paula Scheer, $31, available here.

    4. Scotch Naturals nail polish in "Loch Ness Mystery," $14.99, available here.

    stp10144_beltedtrouser_1.jpg5. Need Supply Belted Trouser, $47.99, available here.

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