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    You know how everyone who went to Vassar is all, "one time, when Annie Hathaway and I were studying for our intro to lit theory final..." and you have to control yourself from punching them in the face? With that in mind we decided to ask our friends in high places to help us compile an insider's guide to celebrity nicknames, so you too can be "that guy" at a cocktail party (or Sundance premiere after-party?) going on about "how cute Katie Heigl looked in the trailer for One for the Money."  You're welcome.

    anne-hathaway-2011-hair-styles-8.jpgAnne Hathaway = Annie Hathaway

    Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 3.21.46 PM.png
    Kirsten Dunst = Kiki Dunst

    Robert-De-Niro_5.jpgRobert De Niro = Bobby De Niro

    Katherine Heigl = Katie Heigl

    Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 4.33.41 PM.pngJoseph Gordon-Levitt = Joe Gordon-Levitt

    Michael+Cera2.jpgMichael Cera = Mike Cera

    dave-franco-men-to-watch-2012.jpgDave Franco = Davey Franco

    julianne_moore_sarah_palin_hbo_pic_2011.jpgJulianne Moore = Julie Moore

    Johnny-Knoxville-Venice-Family-Clinic-Silver-Circle-Gala-2011-johnny-knoxville-19777873-396-594.jpgJohnny Knoxville = PJ [Ed. his real name]

    Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 4.54.28 PM.png

    Sandra Bullock = Sandy Bullock

    jennifer_aniston_getty_images.jpgJennifer Aniston = Jen Aniston

    Natalie Portman = Nat Portman

    Julianna-Margulies-2011-SAG-Awards.jpgJulianna Margulies = Jules Margulies

    seymourhoffman.jpgPhilip Seymour Hoffman = Phil Hoffman

    cn_image.size.ed-burns-qa.jpgEd Burns = Eddie Burns

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    taylor01.jpgPhoto Credit: Jiro Schneider

    In the midst of filming her new reality TV show, L.A. Style, stylist and Rachel Zoe alum, Taylor Jacobson, found time to give us the straight scoop on what it's actually like to work in this suddenly buzzy industry (hint: most stylists don't have meltdowns when their assistants decide to branch out on their own). Read on to learn more about Jacobson's show, what she thinks about nasty tweets and how she stays above the fray.

    What can you tell us about your new show, L.A. Style?
    It's another reality TV show [and] it's on the Oxygen network. It's going to premiere in [the] spring and it's basically going to portray different stylists -- more of the younger generation stylists. We're all very different in the types of styling and it shows the different dimensions of styling because there's red carpet stylists, editorial stylists, music video stylists, you know?  I'll have some of my clients on it, I'm going to Fashion Week and it will show where I am and what I've been doing for the last two years of my life.

    When did you guys start filming?
    Golden Globes. I literally started filming two weeks ago. I did the Peoples' Choice Awards, Golden Globes [and will do] New York Fashion Week. It's gonna show six months. Oscars. It changes so rapidly because things come up so last minute, like, "Oh, gotta go to Europe!" [Oxygen's] totally cool so they understand my schedule does not permit filming all the time.

    So talking about the younger generation of stylists, as someone who's a part of that group, what are some of the differences you see between these young Turks and the more established stylists?
    Younger stylists want to take more of a risk. They want to push the envelope. But I also think it's [about] the new generation of actors and actresses.  Elle Fanning is very young [but] she wears fashion-forward clothes on the red carpet. There's kind of a new, more fashion-focused/not-so-much-caring-about-what-is-traditional, like, "Oh, cocktail dress with a ring." I think that people are trying to push the envelope a little bit more.

    With the recent spate of reality TV shows, what are your thoughts on the sudden "trendiness" of being a stylist?
    I feel like everyone thinks they're a stylist but they're really not [laughs]. And I think that Rachel [Zoe] definitely did pave the way for a job that was often behind-the-scenes and made it front and center. It's weird 'cause I'm in it and I have mixed feelings. I think you should keep certain things behind-the-scenes, behind closed doors, like, no one wants to know the fact that the dress didn't show up until 1 o'clock in the morning and you're screaming and freaking out because the messenger actually lost the dress and the tailor fucked up the hem and the client is screaming at you like a maniac because she has to present. There are certain things that no one really wants to know about but then [at the same time] they do because it's interesting.  I'm a nosy person. I love to see how things operate. I love to see the mechanics and how people get from Point A to Point B. I'm actually kind of a reality TV show junkie.

    What are you watching right now? Are you watching Brad's [Goreski] show [It's a Brad, Brad World]?
    I have not seen it but I completely support it and he's great. He has so much charisma and such great style. I heard it's fabulous but I have not yet watched it. And I fell really behind on the Kardashians. Or Kourtney and Kim -- whoever's in New York. And I missed Gossip Girl this week. I'm so upset..

    Did you see that Rachel re-tweeted something like "Brad's show will fail" during the premiere of Brad's show?
    Ugh, so desperado. I think everyone needs to stop hating and concentrate on their own lives and their own careers and where they're going. Or a child maybe? I don't know. I think if I had a baby, I'd be concentrating on my child rather than tweeting shit in the middle of the night but that's just me...

    So how competitive is the styling profession actually? Given what we see on TV and read in the news, how often are stylists actually trying to steal clients or horde dresses during awards season?
    I think that like any profession, it's really competitive in the entertainment business. I think in the fashion world people are catty -- it's a little bit more intense. I think that fashion designers, PR people, everyone's trying to outdo each other, steal each other's clients. I don't get caught up in it because I don't care. I love the girls that I work with. I think everyone should just concentrate on themselves and making themselves better and leave everyone's clients, everyone's jobs, all the shit-talking at home. It just becomes so toxic.

    Along those lines, on Rachel's show, it seemed like it was a huge deal when you and Brad decided to leave. Isn't that the whole idea of someone in the styling industry to ultimately establish your own business? How big of a deal is it actually when an assistant leaves to go out on their own?
     I think it's just that particular camp [Rachel Zoe's] that breeds that because if any of my assistants wanted to leave to pursue their own career, I'd support them. I'd help them in any possible way. And I'm friends with other assistants that assist very credible stylists and they've spoken to their bosses about branching out on their own.I think that's just [an] isolated [example]. I had worked with other stylists before I assisted [Zoe] for four years and it's not like that at any other camp. And it's definitely, I know, not like that at Brad's and it's not like that at mine.
    So lastly, any teasers or names you could drop that we'll be seeing on your show?
    [In silly voice] You gotta watch it! You have to tune in to Oxygen network!

    Taylor's show, L.A. Style is set to premiere in May.

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    1. What would happen if Celebrities Moved to Oklahoma. [above: The Beckhams and Britney Spears]

    2. Kramer driving and listening to Skrillex.

    3. Watch President Obama sing the first several lines of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" at last night's fundraiser at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. [via The Daily What]

    aaron-carter-shirtless-dj-01.jpg4. For some reason Aaron Carter took his shirt off last night as he DJ'd at East Village bar Angels & Kings. [via Just Jared]

    enhanced-buzz-31514-1327049758-21.jpg5. Terrifying prosthetic busts of Beavis and Butthead. [via BuzzFeed]

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  • 01/20/12--09:25: Etta James RIP

  • Just last week I was listening to Etta James because I was taken by a sample from Flo-Rida's "Good Feelings" (below) and wanted to know more about the amazing voice that carries the infectious hit single. Turns out it was Etta from "Something's Got a Hold On Me." That's how I ended up spending a whole afternoon rediscovering Ms. James and wondering why I hadn't spent more time listening to her music before. Indeed, my late discovery was  too bad for me as James was a huge talent with an epic, gorgeous voice. Her death is a major loss to music, but at least she left behind an amazing legacy.

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    Screen shot 2012-01-20 at 11.54.46 AM.pngIndochine's Jean-Marc Houmard sat down to talk at his warm and stylish new bistro Acme, totally transformed from its days as Acme Bar & Grill, a Southern roadhouse that lasted in NoHo for 25 years. His new chef, 34-year-old Mads Refslund, was a co-founder of Noma in Copenhagen, critically acclaimed as the best restaurant in the world. The new ownership and Nordic menu has caught a few of the old regulars by surprise.
    You've only been open three weeks and your reservationist said you're already turning people away, it's been so crazy.
    But not everybody knows it's the new Acme. We still have people every day coming in asking for the collard greens and fried catfish. It's funny. Big families will show up at six o'clock on a Sunday, not the typical crowd that would have read about what we're doing here now.
    Do they stay?
    Some stay but some don't get it. What we're doing is the opposite of the old Acme. Pretty much every one of Mads' dishes has a vegetable component that's mixed in with the fish or the meat. That's what he's known for, kind of mixing everything together. The old Acme was not about vegetables unless they were nuked or cooked for hours and there was a lot of fried stuff. I don't think we have one single fried dish on the menu. Except French fries. It was the one concession Mads had to make. He said absolutely not in the beginning but we convinced him to give in.
    No hamburger?
    That was another big fight. Some of the partners really wanted a burger, but no. We may have a burger when we open for late night, sometime in the spring. After we get our bearings we'll be open until two in the morning, and then maybe he'll come up with some interesting sliders, but that would only be after midnight.
    How did you end up taking over this space?
    A friend of a friend knew the owner and we were introduced. I was thinking of taking over the space 15 years ago when there was a transition of owners but it didn't go anywhere back then. It's funny. Fifteen years later it happened.
    When did you start construction?
    We took over the lease in April of last year and at first we thought the changes would be cosmetic. We started knocking things down and realized everything had to be replaced. We were hoping to open by last September's Fashion Week but at least now we are here for this Fashion Week [starting February 9th].
    Tell me about Mads Refslund. I'm hearing people are blown away by his food.
    I met him completely by chance. We were introduced by someone I work with. He was here on vacation, not thinking at all of moving to New York. It was his first trip here. We hit it off. I had coffee with him and invited him to Indochine for dinner. He thought it was kind of amazing that it was still so much fun after so many years. It was very different from what he had done in Copenhagen. After he left Noma -- he was only there the first year -- he had his own restaurant, MR. It was very serious, no music, all about the food, no ambiance. When he realized that our restaurant was not just about food, that it was a package, an overall experience, something kind of clicked in his mind. Somehow I convinced him that he should try to cook in New York, at a place that was more social, where the food would still be amazing but not as serious.
    It sounds like you were successful in loosening him up. Did you take him out partying?
    Yes, all summer long I showed him New York. He had to go back and forth to Denmark every week since he had signed on to be part of a TV series where he had to build a restaurant in a prison and train all the prisoners to be cooks or servers or restaurant managers. Filming was starting right when we were doing research and tastings so it was very challenging.
    It's actually a great idea for show.
    When he came back sometimes he was kind of upset because it was really real. There were murderers he was trying to teach to--
    Use knives?
    Yes. They actually had to chain the knives to the walls to be sure nothing would happen.
    There could have been a prison break.
    It was kind of eerie to hear the details. It was not just white-collar prisoners he was working with. They were the real deal.
    One of the big complaints of food critics last year was that too many restaurants were playing it safe, not doing anything experimental because of the economy.
    Some of the partners thought we should do more comfort food at Acme because we know so many people, we would be able to pack the restaurant no matter what. I wanted to do something where I would feel proud, something a bit more daring than roast chicken.
    Who are your partners?
    Jon Neidich of the Boom Boom Room and Evanly Schindler, the founder of Tar magazine and BlackBook, and our chef at Indochine, Huy Chi Le.
    Huy never considered cooking here before you found Mads?
    We didn't want to do another Asian restaurant [Houmard is also a partner in Kittichai, BondSt and Republic]. I needed to have a couple of meals a week that were not eaten with chopsticks. After 25 years I was kind of ready to use forks again.
    Can you tell me about the downstairs?
    The setting is a bit like a casual, old European café with booths and banquettes and tables. There is food but you can also just have drinks. We didn't feel the city needed another lounge with big couches and low tables. The hallway downstairs has doors to nowhere with peepholes where we're going to install some sexy art works.
    There was a rumor that it was going to be a dance club.
    I have no idea where that came from. That was completely made up.
    Did you envision yourself being a restaurateur in New York?
    It was by chance. I came here after graduating from law school in Geneva in 1986. I did an unpaid internship at a law firm for six months and worked as a waiter at night at Indochine.
    You decided you preferred working in a restaurant?
    I couldn't see myself making the law my life. I liked the people I worked with at Indochine so I stayed there. I became a maître d' and then the manager and in '92 I took over with my other partners.
    How did that go over with your family, choosing to be a waiter instead of a lawyer?
    They did not understand how glamorous it was to be a waiter at Indochine in 1986. No one in Switzerland thinks it's cool to be a waiter.
    Do you still have those recurring waiter nightmares?
    I haven't in a while but for many years I dreamed that the dining room was across the George Washington Bridge. I had to cross the bridge to my tables and walked really slow, really slow, and it took forever to get to my customers. It was horrible.
    9 Great Jones Street, 212-203-2121

    Photo courtesy of

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    1. Very sadly, Tom Hanks' dog Monty (pictured above) passed away yesterday. "Deep brown eyes, noble demeanor, finest dog ever. A sad day. Goodbye Big Boy. Hanx," Hanks tweeted. [via Oh No They Didn't!]

    JEN7-671632-890098.jpg2. Following the death of her beloved pup Norman (pictured above) last year, Jen Aniston is apparently getting a new dog. Sources close to the actress say that after visiting the Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, the actress "fell in love with a shepherd mix." [via Contact Music]


    3. Dog News Daily has announced the first ever Golden Collar Awards, to honor the best on-screen performances by dogs. Those up for the "best dog in a theatrical film" award include Cosmo (from Beginners), Denver (from 50/50) Hummer (from Young Adult) and of course, Uggie (from The Artist). [via The Washington Post]

    4. Golden Collar Awards are all well and good, but why can't Uggie, who totally steals The Artist, be nominated for an Oscar? Susan Orlean, who has a new book out about '50s canine movie star Rin Tin Tin, explains in a recent NPR interview: "The story was that [Rin Tin Tin] was in line to get the first Best Actor award. It was the first year the Oscars were being given out. It wouldn't have been unheard of. He was a huge box-office star. It wasn't a crazy idea. He was that popular and he was that seriously regarded as an actor. But the academy, according to the story, believed that this new idea of handing out these Oscars could possibly be damaged by the first Best Actor being a dog even though everyone loved Rin Tin Tin." Not fair!


    5. Jon Hamm and girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt got animated for the new PBS show Martha Speaks. And so did their German Shepherd mix, Cora!  [via USA Today]

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    Last fall Gramercy Tavern's chef-partner, Michael Anthony, had open-heart surgery to repair an aortic dissection, a tear in the wall of the aorta. We're happy to report he's back in the kitchen and feeling fine. Today we spoke over the phone about what happened.

    How are you feeling?
    Very excited to be back at work. I'm happy to be here, period.

    When did you start feeling like yourself again?
    The recovery has been a little slow because of the nature of the surgery. I've been back in the kitchen for the last two weeks and I'm starting to feel like I'm fully recovered. It's been gradual but I'm actively leading the kitchen again. I'm building my stamina and strength with cardio workouts that are monitored at the hospital by a cardiologist.

    When did you realize something was wrong?
    I had some noticeable chest pain, pain in my shoulders, something I'd never experienced before. I was light-headed and short of breath. I've shared this with my colleagues and told them it's okay to give it your all at work but there are moments when you have to realize something is wrong. I called my wife to let her know what was happening but didn't want to alarm her. No call to 911 is not an emergency.

    What was it like when you woke up from surgery?
    The doctors had explained it to me quickly, made sure I understood, so I knew what was happening. I received amazing care from the cardiac team at Beth Israel. Being in the restaurant business we want our customers to walk out with a warm feeling, and I walked out feeling both confident and amazingly well taken care of. It was interesting seeing how hospitality happens outside of a restaurant. As I was recovering I saw different layers of the hospital and was very impressed throughout.

    Have you had your surgeon and cardiologist in for dinner?
    Their schedules are as busy as mine but they will both come in for dinner. I'm looking forward to sitting down with them. My surgeon literally had my heart in his hands and saved my life.

    Do you have children?
    Three girls. They're 13, 10 and 2. They were on my mind the most. What I had was a rare condition. I think Richard Holbrooke and John Ritter had a similar condition. The good news is we've taken a very close look at my heart and everything is fine. It's been fixed. It's not something I'll pass on to my children.

    Has what happened to you changed the way you cook?
    I haven't come back to the restaurant to institute any changes. I've always been attentive to how much I season the food I cook with, but I am exploring the types of salt we use and the way we use it. It's an elemental ingredient for every one of our dishes and sodium definitely raises your blood pressure.

    Did you have high blood pressure?
    No. An interesting side of going through something like this is how it's opened another chapter in knowing more about our ingredients, how they're processed. What we eat is a very personal issue; our bodies all react differently to certain foods. I'm also glad I've been allowed to go back to work with the first graders at P.S. 41, as part of the Wellness in the Schools program. We're helping them with their food vocabulary, giving them hands-on activities in the kitchen. We're teaching them about beans and grains, making healthy choices without clobbering them over the head with it.

    How old are you?
    I'll be 44 on my next birthday. I'm definitely on the young side for something like this to happen. I was in good shape. I worked out, had no bad habits. I probably skipped too many meals. Oddly enough, in the restaurant business we find ourselves far away from sitting down and eating the way we like people to experience our food. I'm taking a look at that without overreacting. It's been an eye-opening experience, to just pay close attention to my lifestyle, having a healthy diet. I've always cooked with very little cream and butter. I tend to gravitate toward eating a lot of vegetables. The bottom line is what happened to me is: Sometimes things break. Now I've been given an opportunity to contemplate all the things I want to do and do them. It feels like an enormous gift. I walked away feeling that, while I never took things for granted in life, I don't know if I've ever been as tuned in and attentive as I am today.

    Photo by Ellen Silverman via chopsticksny.

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    Last night Max Levai, Jonah Freeman and Vera Neykov threw a little after-party for Marlborough Chelsea's huge new show Blind Cut (check out our preview, here) at new downtown-place to be, Super Linda. Of course there was a very pretty, very downtown turnout of movers, shakers and rump-shakers all up in it. Check out Zac Sebastian's shots from the party above!

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    Screen shot 2012-01-20 at 3.24.41 PM.png
    Good news, deep-pocketed Coachella-goers in need of a place to stay -- a new hotel is opening up in Palm Springs in time for the April music festival. The Sydell Group, who are also the developers of the Ace hotel in New York and Palm Springs, have re-vamped a three-story Holiday Inn as  The Saguaro Palm Springs. (For those unfamiliar with the cacti of the Southwest, that's pronounced "Suh-whar-oh." Do not say "Sag-ware-oh," or everyone will hate you!) It's opening February 1st and rooms are going for a cool $400-$566 a pop. Start saving those pennies now, kids.

     [Via the Jet Set Report]

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    Welcome to the UES, Bitch.png

    With news today that CW is officially moving forward with The Carrie Diaries -- Candace Bushnell's prequel to Sex and the City -- and that The O.C. and Gossip Girl's Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage would be behind it, we decided to imagine what a young Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte would be like after receiving the Schwartz/Savage treatment. The producing pair have famously been able to direct the zeitgeist with their shows (regardless of their actual ratings) -- didn't you feel like Orange County and L.A. were the centers of the universe in the mid-aughts, particularly with the eventual proliferation of all of those reality series (Laguna Beach, The Hills, Real Housewives of Orange County)? And, in the later aughts, when the duo set their sights on New York, it seemed that just like a 21st Century version of the Sun King, we all followed their gaze and focused on The Big Apple (Real Housewives of New York and New Jersey quickly eclipsed their OC counterpart and NYC Prep and The City also came on the airwaves).

    After years of closely watching Gossip Girl and The O.C., it's become apparent that Schwartz and Savage have their favorite archetypes. By now, fans of both series can recognize several parallels: Summer Roberts, the carefree, wealthy It Girl who dated a less popular boy (Seth Cohen) is a perfect match for another carefree, wealthy It Girl who dated a less popular boy, Serena van der Woodsen (despite the fact that when GG premiered, critics wanted to peg blonde Serena as the new, blonder Marissa Cooper)  With time it became obvious that Marissa's better counterpart was Blair, another rich girl with skeletons in her familial closet who also possesses a darker side behind those glossy tresses.  From that point on, the rest is more straightforward: Seth Cohen = Dan Humphrey, Sandy Cohen = Rufus Humphrey, Vanessa Abrams = Anna Stern and Julie Cooper = Lily van der Woodsen.

    This time around, however, Schwartz and Savage are taking on a project associated with characters already fully formed (though depending on how closely the two follow Bushnell's text, we'll probably see a whole hell of a lot of new characters from Carrie's teenage years).  That said, we're making our predictions anyway about which Schwartz/Savage archetypes (or combinations thereof) the young SATC ladies will come to resemble.

    CARRIE.pngSummer Roberts + Serena van der Woodsen + Vanessa Abrams =

    Carrie-Sex-And-The-City.jpgCarrie Bradshaw

    Carrie has the flightiness and "It Girl-ness" of Summer and Serena (she worked at Vogue and was always getting the hook-ups to those fabulous parties, after all) but her mix-and-match downtown style is more like that of Vanessa. Despite her flakiness, Carrie's also pretty cerebral (and neurotic), which seems to be a trait belonging to the sensitive Vanessa more so than either Serena or Summer.

    Bonus points: The Providence, RI native Schwartz seems to have a thing for Brown University. Summer attended the school, Serena got in (but ditched it to stay in NYC) and Bushnell's book also has Carrie accepted into the Ivy League institution.

    SAMANTHA.pngMarissa Cooper + Serena van der Woodsen =

    Samantha-Sex-and-the-city-2.jpgSamantha Jones

    Okay, so Marissa Cooper seems a lot more unhinged than Samantha but she is the daughter of Julie Cooper, whose voraciousness and cougar tendencies mimic those of Ms. Jones; perhaps this is a case of the proverbial apple not falling far from the tree.  Marissa also shares some of Samantha's "trisexual" appetites (both women had lesbian relationships at one point amidst a slew of other ill-suited hunks). Serena, meanwhile, possesses the kind of confidence we imagine a young Samantha Jones might have in addition to an uncanny knack for getting attention.

    Bonus points: If we were to flip-flop this equation, we can imagine a grown-up Serena or Marissa (if she lived) going into PR.

    MIRANDA.pngSeth Cohen + Blair Waldorf =

    d3870i82933h131425.jpgMiranda Hobbes

    Before you get mad that we associated the famously frumpy (until the SATC movies, that is!) Miranda with a dude, remember that both Miranda and Seth share a quick wit and a love of sarcasm. In their respective shows they could always be counted on to make a cynical barb in response to anything silly coming out of the mouths of one of their head-in-the-clouds friends (or love interests for that matter). As for the Blair-Miranda pairing, both ladies are incredibly ambitious Type As (though Miranda's non-Upper East Side roots -- earlier SATC episodes said she was from Philly -- mean she doesn't have any of Blair's stereotypical prep school spoiledness).

    Bonus points: All three characters like to be in control and hide their vulnerabilities (especially with romantic partners). In some cases they do this with humor (Miranda and Seth) or iciness (Miranda and Blair).

    CHARLOTTE.pngSummer Roberts + Blair Waldorf =

    Charlotte-Now.jpgCharlotte York

    Besides the obvious brunette-ness of all these ladies, they share more in common than a colorist. Charlotte has much of the same perpetual cheeriness as Summer combined with Blair's love of fantasy (particularly if they involve Prince Charming types and weddings).  Additionally, their WASP-y pedigrees and uptown style (okay folks in Orange County wore Uggs and Sevens in the mid-2000s but you get the point) translate into all of them being a little spoiled and sometimes endearingly out of touch.

    Bonus points: For all their WASPiness, both Charlotte and Summer ended up marrying Jews.  As for Blair?  Her future remains to be written -- Schwartz we're looking at you to make sure she ends up with a nice Jewish boy.

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    We've always liked this resurgent French duo whose anthemic new album came out this past fall.  Their newest video from an upcoming EP feels like a cross between Queen and 2001: A Space Odyssey and we think it's perfect for, ahem, spacing out on bean bag chairs (or else, you know, raving at a concert...your pick).

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    There's a lot of stuff going on this week with the Honey Badger, including a book coming out just days from now, new iPhone apps, and a TV show in the works. Ewwww! We hope we don't all get really sick of 2011's viral video sensation! Here's a breakdown:

    First Honey Badger video narrator "Randall," whose identity is unknown, but who Forbes surmises is most likely actor/comedian Christopher Gordon, has a new book out on the 24th. After perusing through a few preview pages of Randall's Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals on Amazon, we think it's pretty safe to say that you should be giving it to everyone you know as a birthday gift this year. They're welcome, stupid!  

    Next, there's a Honey Badger iPhone/android game out now in censored and uncensored versions. We don't like how Sega-character-from-1998 they made HB look, but, obviously, he don't care.

    Also, there are now Honey Badger ringtones and soundboards for your iPhone. If
    ''Whoa, watch out,' says that bird, 'your phone is ringing!'" isn't an offered ringtone, then we don't know what!

    Screen shot 2012-01-20 at 5.00.15 PM.pngFinally, the Honey Badger is probably coming to television. The Hollywood Reporter says that Honey Badger U will be an "animation/live action comedy hybrid" and follow an animated "professor Randall," who works at a wacky university. It's being pitched to networks this month.


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    Earlier this week we showed you looks from V&R's gothic Women's Collection and now here are the designs for the fellas. Like their womenswear, the collection also has a darker, steampunk quality to it coupled with luxurious fur accents and classic tailoring. A few pictures, however, remind of us the Mad Scientist in The Human Centipede (yikes!) and model #6 kinda has Steve Buscemi eyes. Aside from that, however, it's a handsome collection.

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    Rye Not at Joseph Leonard: Spunky rye, tamarind tea, fresh lemon, and Peychaud's bitters make a spicy partnership in this twist on a toddy.

    Irish Coffee at Vinegar Hill House: It's widely known that the best Irish coffee in the world is made at the Buena Vista in San Francisco. But if you want to fake a bit of the Bay Area's absurdly pretty, home-spun twang and drink the city's unofficial cocktail, Vinegar Hill House does a fine one with thick unsweetened whipped cream floating atop.

    The Breakfast Negroni at Brooklyn Star: One of the manliest cocktails by far, the Negroni may put hair on one's chest and a sway in one's step after half a dose. To lighten up the classic, the Star's variation loses the gin and adds lime and grapefruit for tang and brightness.

    The Furreal Bloody Mary at Mother's Ruin: On any given Sunday, Mother's Ruin may choose to throw pickled cauliflower, spicy green beans or simply stalks of celery into the piquant mix, but be assured that every time the bloody is for real.

    Rye Not photo via: Essential Luxuries.

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    [Ed note: This week, Papermag theater critics AndrewAndrew weigh in on Richard III and The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess. Find out if they were hits or misses in AA's insta-reviews below!]

    Richard III

    In what might be the funniest production of the corpse-heavy Richard III, currently playing at the BAM Harvey Theater, Kevin Spacey hams it up for the full three-hour running time. He plays the Machiavellian poster boy as a camped-out and over-the-top political monster devouring everyone and everything (at times even the scenery) to gain the throne and win over the audience. Along the way he twists and contorts the original Shakespearian text to emphasize the more comedic side of his character, with references from Marx, Bugs Bunny, and even Ab Fab. In the end, did this new take on Richard III work or did it just become the "Kevin Spacey Show? Watch our full insta-review to find out, but remember, "All the stage is for Kevin, we are merely the audience!"

    The Gershwin's Porgy and Bess

    We can just see the first development meeting of The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess...

    Although it has many well-known songs that are part of the repertory of modern pop music, this 77-year-old American opera is rarely preformed due to its four-hour running time. Also, most people who frequent Broadway shows are scared of the word "opera"

    Remove and remix major musical sections of the score, add more speaking parts to help clean up the narrative, save money by having a "minimal" set, hire top-notch musical-theater actors such as Audra McDonald, Norm Lewis, and David Alan Grier, and get rid of the goat cart.

    How did it pan out for them?
    Watch our insta-review to find out!

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    chairlift_something_cover_web.jpgChairlift Record Release Show at Bowery Ballroom 

    To celebrate their fabulous new album, Something, synth-pop trio-turned-duo Chairlift take over the Bowery Ballroom tonight. Lead singer Caroline Polachek's vocals are as captivating and haunting as ever, but their latest (out via Columbia Records) grooves a bit harder than their debut. Violens and DIVE open.

    Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey St. 7:30 p.m. $13 in advance, $15 at the door. 

    The Pruitt-Igoe Myth at the IFC Center

    Chad Freidrichs' new documentary tells the sad story of the Pruitt-Igoe housing projects in St. Louis (which were destroyed in a very public implosion on national television), as a way to explore the decline of public housing in America. 

    IFC Center, 323 Sixth Ave. Click here for showtimes and tickets.

    Writers on Film Presents Roy Blount Jr. at the Crosby Street Hotel

    As part of the Crosby Street Hotel's regular "Writers on Film" series, humorist Roy Blount Jr. will be introducing and then chatting about the classic Marx Brothers comedy Duck Soup. Stick around after the screening for a post-talk cocktail reception.

    The Crosby Street Hotel, 79 Crosby St. 7 p.m. $35.

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    Last month PAPERMAG shared photographer Richard Phibbs' lovely adoption glamour shots for Humane Society of New York with you, and guess what? We have more! Phibbs just sent over a new batch of photos showing off the adorable, whiskered faces up for adoption at the HSNY (and, yes, our heart almost exploded looking at them). Since research suggests that shelter animals with flattering photos are adopted quicker than those photographed in their cages with not-so-great cameras, Phibbs, an accomplished celebrity and fashion photographer, donates his services to HSNY to ensure these animals' inherent cuteness is done justice. All of the dogs and cats in this gallery are up for adoption, and if you're thinking about bringing a furry friend into your life, we think Petey, Roxy, Alvin, Little Blue and the rest of the crew in the gallery above would make fine additions to your household.

    You can go here to inquire about adopting any of these animals or other pets at the Humane Society of New York, or call (212) 752-4842.

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    Last month PAPERMAG shared photographer Richard Phibbslovely adoption glamour shots for Humane Society of New York with you, and guess what? We have more! Phibbs just sent over a new batch of photos showing off the adorable, whiskered faces up for adoption at the HSNY (and, yes, our heart almost exploded looking at them). Since research suggests that shelter animals with flattering photos are adopted quicker than those photographed in their cages with not-so-great cameras, Phibbs, an accomplished celebrity and fashion photographer, donates his services to HSNY to ensure these animals' inherent cuteness is done justice. All of the dogs and cats in this gallery are up for adoption, and if you're thinking about bringing a furry friend into your life, we think Petey, Roxy, Alvin, Little Blue and the rest of the crew in the gallery above would make fine additions to your household. 

    You can go here to inquire about adopting any of these animals or other pets at the Humane Society of New York, or call (212) 752-4842.

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    "Middle Finger" is the second single from Cobra Starship's Night Shades album, in which  they get a little help from Mac Miller -- though here he only appears on an iPad and as a big projection on a brick wall. (What, no Andrew Andrew and Zac Sebastian cameos this time around?) Anyway, the clip covers almost every situation where your most useful digit comes in handy: paying with pennies, riding in a taxi, destroying a basketball etc. It's happy, catchy and cute, yet somehow MTV decided to censor all those middle ingers. What do we say? Fuck off!

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    In the wake of the Affordable Art Fair and the Art Los Angeles Contemporary taking over L.A. this weekend, New York gallery The Hole staged an edgy bash in a Valley skate warehouse, featuring a live performance by Kreayshawn, DJs NguzuNguzu (whose set totally owned the night), Total Freedom and Wade Crescent, and installations organized by New Image Art, including a huge painted balloon by Anthony Lister. Check out these photos from the party.

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